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We have been providing Astrology Consultation and advice on true Vedic principles since the year 2000. Over two million customers have benefited with our free and premium services till date. We have prepared Chandra Mangal Yoga 2years Scan:

What is Chandra-Mangal Yoga?
Chandra-Mangal Yoga is a life-modifying and success-giving Yoga that is formed when Moon and Mars come together in a birth horoscope.

Effects of Chandra-Mangal Yoga:
Chandra-Mangal yoga makes one enterprising, highly intelligent, hard working, wealthy and successful in life.
It brings out all the positivity of one’s mental and physical energy to the fullest extent and allows use of these energies to be applied onto one’s observations, perceptions, thoughts, speech and actions in such manner that one attains much initiative, courage, various skills, a sharp intellect, finely discerning ability, much courage and confidence, and also all material comforts and happiness but all these will happen under the overall quality of the horoscope.

How the Chandra-Mangal yoga forms & which houses are involved in your birth chart in its formation:
In your horoscope, Chandra-Mangal combination forms in Gemini sign in the 3rd house from your ascendant Aries.
The yoga planets together suffer from strong Papa Kartari yoga between Ketu and Saturn [very negative for the fructification of the yoga].
They also suffer from malefic aspect of Rahu but this affliction is more effective on Moon.
Individually Mars has very poor digbala [hence ineffective for offering good results].
Mercury, the dispositor planet of Moon-Mars combination, is very weak and extremely inauspicious and also gets the adverse aspect of Rahu.

In D_9 and D_10 charts Moon and Mars are in mutually 6:8 locations.
The above points will seriously undermine the positivity of Moon and Mars in the areas of personal health, attitude, immediate environment, marital life, home life, material and financial gains, good judgment, creative ability and quality of investments and also all matters related to your parents.
Therefore Moon conjunct Mars will offer very low to low level of yoga results.
The formation of the yoga on the 3rd house from ascendant can give some indirect good results with respect to overall luck for success [provided you can avoid the hasty and argumentative attitude developing due to afflictions to the yoga as given above].

Principles on which Chandra-Mangal Yoga operates:
Chandra-Mangal Yoga operates on the principle of combining the mutually beneficial effects of Moon and Mars in a birth chart.
Mars, a major source of energy and Moon, a planet of intellect, together combine to make a yoga that makes the native an intelligent, discerning, brave, and hard working individual, and thus a socially well known, prosperous and praiseworthy person.
Obvious that such combination of these two planets – Moon and Mars - is extremely lucky to have as it brings success, status, financial well being, power and respect in the society.

However the extent and quality of the good effects of this yoga will depend on the quality and trend of the entire horoscope along with the individual and collective strength and auspiciousness of Moon and Mars and also the nature of their lordships and their placement in any horoscope.
For best results both Moon and Mars should be in strong and favorable signs and houses, while none of them should be in debilitation signs or should not get any malefic association or aspect.
Further the current Mahadasa and sub dasa should be friendly with these two planets and also favorable for the specific ascendant of the native.

How to best Harness Chandra-Mangal Yoga:
For effectively utilizing any yoga, you will need to show respect to and follow the preferences and inclinations of the planets forming the yoga.
Moon rules mind, sensitivity, fairness, consistency, regularity within variations, mental power, sobriety and fairness while she demands honesty, generosity, discipline, obedience and hard work.
As the lord of your 4h house from ascendant, Moon rules education, mother, home life, marital life, property and happiness and comfort in life.
Mars rules courage, initiative, intelligence, analytical power, and also haste and anger.
Mars rules your ascendant [all areas of life] and the 8th house of sudden and unexpected effects results [but occasionally legacy may be possible in some cases.

Thus to look after well your life and health and to develop your home life, marital life, career, financial status and property along with happiness in life, you must practice a controlled and disciplined life style, good listening habit, appropriate speech, obedience to seniors, avoidance of arguments and differences with seniors, control over expenses and avoidance of speculative and hasty investments and control over social life and indulgences through it.
If you take the above actions, you will benefit from the yoga even though only a small part [01 Sep 2017 to 31 May 2018 - only nine months] of the next two years will see direct and specific operation of this yoga in your case.

Suggestions on what to avoid:
Avoid over anger, excitement, impatience, haste and indulgence in any area of life and also avoid all negative thoughts.
Stay on the right side of rules and principles.
Avoid all shortcuts, optimizations and rationalizations as these may look very smart and appear quite tempting, but are basically capable of harming you acutely and at the most inconvenient time.
Take care to avoid projecting unsolicited ideas and suggestions, especially to seniors at home or at work.
DO NOT invest in speculative areas.
Stay careful to choose your associations as chance of fraud by them can be strong.

Please Moon by worshipping Lord Siva, in a temple, everyday.
Chant “Om Namah Sivaya” during worship.
Read or listen to Sri Lalitha Sahashranama Stotra daily [for Mars].

Times in life when Chandra-Mangal Yoga effects would manifest:
During the next two years [till 31 Mar 2018] you will go through the main period of Mercury and sub periods of Venus [till 23 Oct 2016], of Sun [till 01 Sep 2017] and of Moon [till 31 May 2018 and beyond].
Therefore the Yoga effects will be specifically available to you only during 01 Sep 2017 to 31 May 2018 [only nine months].

Yet your Chandra-Mangal Yoga will help you till 27 Oct 2017 as transit Saturn will be in the 6th from it.
Thus gainful change of job or role may be possible [role change is more likely.
At this stage transit Jupiter will also support the good effects of the yoga.
Your income and finance may improve till 27 Oct 2017.

Social/love life will try to become quite active but will fail entirely.
The area of your marital life will need your personal attention and initiative throughout but especially after 27 Oct 2017.
After 27 Oct 2017 the yoga will see transit Saturn in the 7th house from it.
This is a very demanding phase for career and of income through it.
Though transit Saturn will cause a much difficult and challenging period in career through differences with and obstructions from peers, but the yoga will guide you with enough intelligence and good judgment to maintain stability in all areas and avoid negative relationship with others.

Once again at this stage transit Jupiter will join hands with the yoga to help you in making precise observation, accurate analysis, improved communication and right decisions.
However the area of love life, social life and marital life will not improve while the yoga will give you the good sense to act diplomatically and to not make any undue commitments anywhere.