Astro Cartography or Relocational Astrology

A)    General strength of planets:
B)    Indications of success – where?
C)    Benefits from which direction?
D)    Whether there is need to relocate or not?
E)    When to relocate?

It is mostly observed that a person does well in a certain place. The destiny of a person flourishes at a specific place. The magnetic waves of a place boost up the potential of a person that influences him and makes him successful. To know which place is better suitable for you and where your stars could shine can be assessed by the planetary relocational chart or better known as Astrography chart.
In this report is clearly stated whether you need to relocate or not? Which direction will produce better benefit to you- which place or country will provide you support to flourish.

A. General strength of Birth Chart:

Lagna [average] :Lagna in Sagittarius. It shows that you are an intellect type of a person. You are a born warrior who does not like injustice and never afraid to speak your mind. You welcome new fields and want to work with a definite importance.  You are usually of an enthusiastic, affectionate disposition and sometimes you may also become very demonstrative that you become impulsive and combative. You would not like to compromise anything in your life at the cost of your freedom and independence. Presence of Sun in Lagna makes you self made person. Due to the drive for your hard work you will reach the top.  Sagittarius governs East.

Its ruler is Jupiter is in Virgo – the tenth house of the birth chart. It gives professional expertise. Good at handling chemicals. Fame in the professional sphere. Self made man with self made wealth. Virgo governs North direction.

The tenth house governs career and it is important pillar of the birth. It is in Virgo and ruled by Mercury. Mercury is in the twelfth house. It makes you to follow the principle "Economy is Prudence". Income may be related to textiles. Likely to reside abroad or away from native land. Jupiter is in the tenth house makes you famous with comforts, vehicles and children. Aspect of Jupiter to the second house strengthen it by increasing the funds.

The yogas that supports success abroad.

1.    Durudhara yoga formed by Buddha and Shani- a person goes from country to country to earn money.
2.    Dushkriti yoga- a person will be wanderer and unhappy.
3.    Duryoga Yoga – formed when lord of tenth will be in any trik house. a person may be selfish, remains away from home and constantly lives abroad.
4.    The fourth house aspected by malefic Saturn and Mars and its own ruler Jupiter is in anaretic indicates living away from homeland.

The yogas that support success in own country

1.    Gaja Kesari yoga – when moon is conjunct or in Kendra from Jupiter- ensures success in own country. However, there may be change of place in own country for success.
2.    Jupiter aspecting its own house.

Overall the birth chart is strong and indicates success in own country but away from the birth place.

B. Indications of success – where?

The planets here indicate direction South to the birth place.
According to Ashtakvarga the tenth house and its ruler Mercury both attains high points.
The tenth house is in Virgo -  North
Mercury, the ruler of the tenth house is in Scorpio--  South
The eleventh house in Libra—West.
Venus, the ruler of the eleventh house is in Scorpio- South.
Fall of Jupiter on the tenth house also ensures success in own place. Though it is placed in the sign Virgo – the earthy and practical sign gives success in the southern direction from the birth place of own country.
Thus the south direction is favorable for success.

C. Benefits from which direction?

The eleventh house governs source of income. The eleventh house falls in Libra whose ruler is Venus is placed in the twelfth house. It indicates connection of source of money through distant lands. Here the presence of yogas indicates benefit through abroad/distant lands.
Libra rules west direction so the benefits through places in the west direction.

The Koorma Chakra Says:

The ninth house is destiny and it is placed with two malefics – Mars and Ketu indicates change in place due to dissatisfaction in the birth place. You will explore different places in search of materialistic success.
The ninth house that governs destiny is in Leo and its ruler is Sun is in Moola Nakshatra falls in the West direction.

The tenth house that governs career and stand in the society is in Virgo whose ruler is Mercury is in Jyeshtha that falls in the West direction.
The eleventh house is in Libra whose ruler is Venus is in Anuradha Nakshatra falls in the south west direction of the birth chart.

The places of the own country represented by these directions are : Goa, Maharashtra, Gujarat and Maharashtra, Gujarat, respectively.
Out of these Maharashtra and Gujarat are common in these two sets in own country.

The cities that will give financially benefits are: Rome, Philadelphia, Prague, Portsmouth, Chicago, Damascus, Bristol, Ravenna, Bombay, Lancashire, Los Angeles, Brindisi, Bury, Todmorden, Nottingham, Delhi. Fez, New Orlelans.

D. Whether there is need to relocate or not?

The beneficial place to relocate are Maharashtra and Gujarat. Since the person is born in Gujarat therefore the best place to relocate for more benefits are from Maharashtra. Though he would be able to earn  from his birth place Gujarat also. He will be able to incur money worldwide but operate through his own country.

E. When to relocate?

The best time to relocate is in the dasha of Mars that starts from April 1957 and the minor period of Rahu that will start from 22nd September 1957 to 11th October 1958.

Conclusion: You can work through own place and may have connections with distant lands. May visit abroad frequently. There is need to relocate in own country for expanding the horizon. The southern direction to the birth place that is Maharashtra is best to relocate.