• Name: ABC
  • Date of Birth: 9th August 1975
  • Place: New Delhi
  • Gender: Male
  • Time: 01:01 AM
  • Report: Career Transit Report for 3 Months


We have been providing astrology consultation and advice on true Vedic principles on the internet since 2000 and serviced over a million customers with our free and premium services. We have prepared Career transit report for you.


  • This year the focus is on career activities.
  • There are changes indicated and they will be in relation to career. You may change your job. You may even get an opportunity to travel.
  • Work will be related to foreign affairs and foreign institution.
  • There is a constant flow of income, however you need to be careful when you speak with others.
  • There may not be gain in status, but better flow of wealth, so instead of aiming for higher position, it is better to aim for higher pay.
  • Mind will be very happy.


08 JUNE 2009 TO 8 JULY 2009 :

This period seems to be a period of nervousness and tension. You may not be very happy. There will be things going against your will in this period. You will have to work very hard for achieving what you want. It will be better to be in touch with your social circle and higher authorities. They can be of some help when you need. It seems there is some female member around who seems to be very positive and willing to help you. If you get an opportunity to travel it will be good. There will be delays in you getting what you want.

Flow of income will be good, but there can be heavy fluctuations.

However it seems that you will have a good job, so if you can make adjustments you will be able to go ahead well.

8 JULY 2009 TO 8 AUGUST 2009 :

This month you will get the opportunity to prove your intelligence. There may be some gains and additional income. Your efforts will be blessed. There can be lot of oppositions to your ideas. However your enemies will not be able to overcome you. You will have a positive stand in office. It seems there is some heavy tension weighing on your mind regarding your job, and it is advisable to change your attitude and be flexible and make the best contribution. Your career image may take a hit and you may have to really work hard to work at things and express yourself. However since Jupiter is transiting through the 3rd house in your natal chart, it is a positive placement and even if there is some obstacle you will be able to overcome it positively.

8 AUGUST 2009 TO 8 SEPTEMBER 2009 :

The period till 26th August will not see any changes. However after that there can be a sudden change in job, or place of work. You will make positive gains in career life. However income will not be so good. There will be fluctuations in income. However you will have to work at a place different from your place. You may get an opportunity to travel which you may not be very happy with.

Your career area may also go a change, and there are chances that you may change into a different area of work.

If you have some good friends to rely on, it will be best to associate with them to get a better position.