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  • This year indicates struggle in career life.
  • If you work hard you can expect to retain a special position.
  • You will have to take real efforts and work hard. That is the only thing which will get you ahead in life.
  • It is only with team that you can expect to succeed.
  • You may find yourself in some unfavorable circumstance.


8 SEP 2009 TO 8 OCT 2009:

  • This month there is lot of activity on the career front. You may find that there are plenty of right opportunities coming your way.
  • But you will have to control your aggressive attitude.
  • You may find yourself moving often, and this may affect your temper.
  • Be careful what you put in writing as this may cause you much problems in job.
  • It is not a difficult period but just a less fortunate period.
  • You need to guard against annoying juniors who can spread wrong words about you.
  • There can be overall delays in getting what you desire.

8 OCT 2009 TO 8 NOV 2009:

  • This is a period when you may find yourself lacking support and getting depressed.
  • It is a period when you will get a support from someone senior to you, or some experts from your field.
  • There will be gains from work.
  • But overall it is a period when things will be difficult for you.
  • You will feel helpless, but you can rely on certain close friends and seniors.
  • Networking will really help you.
  • Your mind will want to take some decision regarding changing.
  • It is better to evaluate and weigh all the opportunities well without taking a decision.

8 NOV 2009 TO 8 DEC 2009:

  • This is a period when you may find yourself making more expenses. Your mind will look for innovative ways to handle the current situation.
  • Working with foreigners or in a foreign land is sure to give you success in this period.
  • You will be aligned with a better role in society through your efforts in the right direction.
  • Your mind will be confused and you will often not be sure of what exactly you want.
  • Your intelligent efforts can take you to new heights in this period.

8 DEC 2009 TO 8 JAN 2010 :

  • A period of absolute gains. There will be lot of activity going on in your life.
  • You can find extra income coming your way through your own hard work.
  • However there seems to be quite some resistance and increase in expenses also.
  • See that your efforts are not going in the wrong direction.
  • You will need to know where you should try more and where you need to give up for the moment.
  • Engage in group efforts in your activities and get benefited from it.

8 JAN 2010 TO 8 FEB 2010 :

  • This period can be positive if you are taking it in the right spirit.
  • Cultivate an attitude of forgiveness and let go. Else you will have to really struggle for the next one year.
  • There will be increase in competition at work place.
  • Enemies will cause much disturbance in your life.
  • You need to ensure that you don't break any laws at work.
  • Avoid gloominess and vindictiveness.

8 FEB 2010 TO 8 MAR 2010 :

  • This month intelligent work will pay. You will have to be careful of deceptive offers.
  • Try not to trust anyone who offers you something which cannot be easily accepted.
  • Seniors will support you well and you can expect to gain something in this month.
  • Financial condition may suffer.
  • Time to be self critical and avoid being stubborn.

8 MAR 2010 TO 8 APR 2010 :

  • A period when colleagues will support you.
  • Although you are in a very difficult condition, yet with the support of colleagues you will be able to move ahead well in life.
  • You can expect quite some resistance to your ideas but you will be able to get ahead with the support of your group.
  • Optimistic attitude will help you.
  • However there are many things going against you and only a little luck to support you, so be careful.
  • Expenses will be at an all time high but they will be positively supported with a lucrative income.

8 APR 2010 TO 8 MAY 2010 :

  • This period you need to be careful to ensure that you are stable in your job.Try not to take unnecessary enmity with people around.
  • You will have a high passion for everything.
  • You will have power and authority with you, and others will envy you, but you know very well what is the cost you are bearing for it.
  • This is the right time to become more enterprising and build up the temp of harder work.
  • Career life will undergo a lot of stress and you will find that in general this is a difficult period.
  • It is a sensitive period and will need to be handled with more care than you may care to take.

8 MAY 2010 TO 8 JUN 2010:

  • This is a very positive period. Although there are delays, there are no disappointments. You can expect to travel and rise in life.
  • You will gain through positive leadership.
  • Travel and partnership, new assignments will be the focus.
  • Struggle is definitely there but there are chances of betterment because your efforts will bring in results.

8 JUN 2010 TO 8 JULY 2010:

  • A period when income is really boosted.
  • There are gains from everywhere, and perhaps there is some female friend or superior who will stand by you.
  • There are struggles and changes in job, but luck is favoring you so you can afford to take some risk.
  • It will be now that your original sharpness of intellect will come to focus and get the due appreciation.
  • You will have a desire to learn something new and be more employable.
  • You can expect some appreciation from your partner or contractor also.

8 JULY 2010 TO 8 AUG 2010 :

  • You have a positive support from all in job.
  • Seniors will be there for you.
  • Travel may be beneficial.
  • There are positive gains indicated if you can match your intelligence with efforts.
  • Your 6th lord Venus transits in the 9th house, causing you delays in the fulfillment of your dreams.
  • Much self control would therefore be needed but you may fail to bring yourself to this style of function.
  • It will be best to learn to exercise patience, but don't hesitate in putting in the best effort.

8 AUG 2010 TO 8 SEP 2010 :

  • The 8th lord is transiting through the 10th house causing you much tensions in the job.
  • Things will not go as you please. There seems to be some issue with some female member which can cause you much harm in the job. There can be increase in misunderstanding. Try to control your attitude. Do not jump for the first thing that you see.
  • You need to take weigh your option well.