Dear ABC,

Career Planner Report

In today's times, career has assumed much higher importance than any other aspect of life.
An idea about how to move ahead in planning one's career is of paramount importance in our times.
One comes across cases of exceptionally early success and on the other hand one sees people who leave cushy jobs to scale the heights of professional success late in life through entrepreneurship.
The success comes due to finding one's true calling at the destined time.
This report is tailor made to study your chart in detail and give you the best avenues and guidelines for maximum possible success in life.
The best method of making a living - a job or self employment as
a professional or running an enterprise, employing others:
Service career or job will be the best option for you to make a living.
Your chart has a Akaraka and Agocharastha [ineffective] Saturn and very low stellar influence of business planets.
Thus you may have occasional inclinations for business or may even start one but the success rate will be quite insufficient to meet your financial needs and only losses can mount.
Your skill sets do not appear to be enough to make you a professional consultant.
It is always better to depend on service career as the main source of your income and avoid inclination towards consultancy or business.
Presence of any special talents to make a living:
Your chart does not indicate any specific ability or special talent for earning your living as a sportsperson or an artist or a media personality or through public life etc.
Your natural and acquired abilities do not encourage or support any such mode of income.
Thus your inherent artistic inclinations can give you some musical ability or capacity to design objects of art like designer dresses or artificial jewelry.
But these will not be adequate to let you earn enough or steadily.
Possibility and desirability of dual career:
In your case, chance of having a dual career is 'indirectly' possible.
But you cannot do a job while you also go for business or consultancy.
However you can work for two employers at the same time, either in two part time jobs or in one full time job and the other a part time job.
Career location, in own country or abroad:
It is quite likely that you will not work in your own country.
You will work in any other country.
Possibility and desirability of a frequently traveling job:
Necessity of travel may be a requirement in your job.
However such travels will be infrequent and over short distances.
In effect this is good for you since long or frequent travels will tax your health more and will not be lucrative either.
Possibility of transferable jobs or jobs with several relocations:
Your employments will not directly transfer you from one place to another.
Relocations caused by employer or through employment conditions will be rare or non-existent.
Most relevant and profitable areas of education:
The following areas of education will be most useful and valuable for your career progress.
These are accountancy, finance, mathematics, commerce and public speaking.
These will directly or indirectly promote your career options.
Need for and possibility of study in other countries:
Planetary configurations of your chart do not suggest any particular need or possibility for taking your education in another country.
Good opportunities for the areas of education that are necessary or suitable for you are available in most countries.
Specific areas or industries to focus on for better success in career:
The most suitable areas are given in decreasing order of preference but you can use any appropriate combination of them.
Emphasis on routine work discipline, analytical skills and good memory will be a prerequisite.
Accountancy, banking industry, non banking financial institutions, post offices, journalism, press and publications, broadcasting, cotton textiles industry, travel industry, sales and marketing, medical clinics, liaison work, front office.
Periods of significance in life, for career success or pitfalls:
The following periods will bring growth points or gain in your occupation within the overall frame work of your chart.
You should try to keep fit during these periods so that you can work harder to utilize the support of planets at these stages.
However these periods may not give good effects steadily or always and some oscillations are expected.
Aug 2012 to Oct 2017 and 2022 to 2027 will give you good or better results in career.
However during 2022 to 2025, you will also face much persecution from your superiors though the period will be gainful otherwise.
The periods till Aug 2012, during 2020, 2021 and 2027 to 2030 will be quite lean periods for your career.
You may not gain anything except stability during these periods.
Expected type of employers or superiors and clues to handle them better:
Your superiors at work will be very sharp, somewhat hasty, sticklers for discipline and quality of routine work.
They will expect you to bring out any problems faced in your work before it is too late for correction.
However they will not like you to keep complaining over every small matter.
Thus you will need to be very regular, focused, well organized, neat, dedicated and loyal.
You will not need to adopt any special attitude or habit to keep them satisfied.
Special tips or remedies for greater career success:
Besides meeting your targets and working as per expected standards, you will do well to use the following remedies.
Install a Sri Chakra [yantra] in the N_E corner of your home.
Worship it and pray to it daily, morning and evening.
Keep fast or take only liquid food on all Saturdays, after sunset till sunrise of Sunday.