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We have been providing astrology consultation and advice on true vedic principles on the internet since 2000 and serviced over a million customers with our free and premium services. We have prepared Career Fortune & Karma 5years report:

Career in the following areas [in the given descending order of preference] or suitable combinations of some of them will be right for you.
Intellectual career involving much mental activity.
Advisory roles.
Liaison and coordination roles.
Medicine and related areas.
Health Career Services industry.
NBF Industry.
Statistical analysis.
Financial analysis.
Legal services and allied areas.
Quality assurance.
Quality audit.
Quality control.
Facility services industry.
Hospitality industry.
Press and publications industry.
Broadcasting industry.
Communication industry.
Communication technology.
Polymer industry.
Transport industry.
Explosives industry.
Liquids and other chemicals industry.


Sharp intelligence and analytical ability needed for business are present.
But adequate luck for success in business will not be available to you at any time.

Independent Profession:
Independent profession is a highly competitive field.
Your current skill sets are not sufficient to develop a significant or steady or a niche market for yourself.

Your natural or acquired attributes generally agree with a career in service.
Though not the most lucrative, it is the most reliable and the safest route for you to earn money through.

You should opt for “only serviceâ€Â in the suggested fields.

The readings given below are based on the understanding that the guidelines given above are followed.
Otherwise the readings may vary WIDELY in Nature, degree and timing.

Career Overview for next five years [till 10 May 2019]:
Career can grow well during 2014 and 2015 but will be quite disturbed almost throughout despite being quite safe and stable.
Your career will not be on very firm ground so that you can feel relaxed or enthusiastic.
Problems with superiors and colleagues, individually or severally, will take turn to trouble you.
But no untoward event like loss of job will be possible and you will get pay hikes in most of the years.
Try and avoid mistakes in communication at work at all times during these five years.

Year wise detailed readings for next five years [till 10 May 2019]:

Balance of Year 2014:
Somewhat destined flow of events will occur in career during 2014.
Though main period lord Saturn and sub period lord Moon do not support growth of career now, the transit chart of the year is very favorable.
Yoga Karaka Saturn is exalted in transit in ascendant and gets very favorable aspect of transit Jupiter from Moon sign while Jupiter is the career house lord from Moon.
This can offer you some fairly good progress in career, through a change of job or a change of role in a current job.
Responsibilities can increase along with financial benefit.
These can happen during the second part of 2014.
In case you are not working now and are looking for a position, the same can happen during the same time line.
On the flip side, you will have a quite negative equation with your superiors.
Your observation, analysis and judgment of various events and tasks and people at work will be significantly afflicted.
This will pull down further your relationship with seniors.
Thus displeasures of superiors will escalate.
You will need to tolerate this and somehow pass the year without allowing any decline in work situation.
Your good luck due to transit Jupiter in fortune house from ascendant will support you much but you must act right to retain the good luck.
The destined nature of things will cease from after 02 Nov 2014.

Year 2015:
Irrespective of the events of 2014, a very good job change may be possible during the middle of 2015.
Both transit Saturn and transit Jupiter will be supportive for this.
The change will come rather suddenly and unexpectedly.
Your new position will be somewhat higher and compensation will be quite better.
At work relation with superiors will be only moderate [transit Saturn moving over natal Sun in D_10 career chart].
But relationship with colleagues will not be helpful or encouraging though no direct clash is expected.
But there will be clear signs, of struggle for power though both will try to hide it.
This will affect your performance.
But once again transit Jupiter will help you and no major untoward event is expected.
You will need to remain calm, grounded and practical and avoid all situations of controversy.
Your observation, analysis, perception, actions and above all your communication will be quite weak and often inappropriate [transit Saturn opposite to natal Mercury in D_10 career chart].
Thus your strong points will not be highlighted.
There will be much increase in your responsibilities without any adequate infrastructural support.
Relation with seniors and colleagues will not remain very stable or balanced through the years 2015 to 2017.
Only a modest hike in pay is expected within this year.

Year 2016:
Problems in communication and indifferent relation with seniors and colleagues will continue.
Your functioning will be criticized and disturbed [but not really obstructed] by negative actions from inimical colleagues and restrictive seniors.
Your attitude will be somewhat easily angered and volatile with all.
You will not act tactfully but will be argumentative, stubborn and even combative at times.
The situation of power struggle will continue.
Your performance may suffer due to wrong judgment of people and events or wrong priorities at work.
You will tend to pay more attention to the activities of your peers.
This will take away your focus and concentration from real day to day work.
Superiors will restrict you even more than before and may even censor some of your actions.
But the situation will be a quite safeguarded because transit Jupiter will be very favorable.
But this support will be effective and fruitful provided you handle the year with sufficient care and caution, and be able to take full advantage of the support of transit Jupiter.
Otherwise enmity from others will increase further.
This is not a time for great ideas or suggestions from your side.
The year demands much flexibility, total obedience and tolerance.
However your job will remain safe and stable and you will get a moderate hike too.

Year 2017:
This year will continue repetition of the various events of 2016.
More restrictions on your freedom to take decisions may occur.
Some of your colleagues will clearly match you in combative postures but some others will remain neutral.
You will prefer to use your full powers.
But restrictions and some challenges from superiors will be maintained as before.
Thus you will fail to get the privilege of your due powers while your responsibility will increase but infrastructure will not develop.
Occasionally you will feel much discouraged by these developments and this will certainly affect your performance, at least on some areas and occasions.
Avoid all bold actions and do not take any risk in any matter related to career.
Your work will progress in ordinary manner and you may not be able to meet all your targets.
Yet your job will remain stable and safe but you will never feel that you are very soundly placed.
The above situation will start improving, though in a restricted way, from after 27 Oct 2017.
No hike or any other form of progress is expected.

Year 2018 [till 10 May 2019]:
Some of your superiors [not all of them] will become somewhat cooperative as transit Saturn moves into Sagittarius.
But this will not be a steady or dependable situation since transit Saturn will now be square to natal Saturn [major conflict with and censor from seniors] and opposite to natal Jupiter, Moon and Mars [major clash with peers and restrictions by seniors].
Clash with and obstructions from peers and seniors will come out in the open now and will be quite vigorous.
Remain VERY careful about avoiding conflicts with colleagues because the period from 28 Oct 2017 to 25 Jan 2020 will cause and encourage many significant controversies while most of your seniors at this stage will be only happy to use these against you.
These [2018 and 2019] are years to swallow your pride, remain calm, act shrewd and buy time.
Most of your good work will bring results very slowly and will thus lose much of the due or expected significance.
Transit Jupiter will help but he himself will not be very strong now.
Thus you will be entirely on your own and at such stages only prudence and self control can help.
No increase of income will be possible now.

Karma is your actions in the past and present, and you can improve their effects by suitably altering your actions.

Things you should do for better success in career:
Be anticipative, intuitive, tolerant and patient.
Focus on tactical obedience and attain good working relationship with all.
Cooperate to get cooperation.
Respect seniors adequately and at all times.
Maintain good communication with everyone, especially with seniors.

Things to avoid for better success:
Take urgent care of the following to avoid difficulties and obstructions.
You will often appear to be aloof even when you are not so in reality.
But your speech, looks, body language will make others feel that you are quite distant.
You will have a tendency to find fault with others, often to the point of exaggeration.
You will need to communicate more freely.
But most often than not, you will be unable to do so for no apparent reason.
Precise judgment in most matters [especially those that demand more intellectual application of mind] will remain affected frequently and at unsuitable times.
Deliberately trying to go against the flow of events will bring only negative results and you will often feel very lonely.
Refrain from offering unsolicited ideas, views, suggestions or comments or opinions at all times.