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We have been providing astrology consultation and advice on true vedic principles on the internet since 2000 and serviced over a million customers with our free and premium services. We have prepared Career Fortune & Karma 10years report:

Career in areas related to the following [given in decreasing order of preference] or a suitable combination of them will be good for you:
Leadership roles.
Executive authority.
Facility services industry.
Hospitality industry.
Health care services industry.
Scientific and technical services.
Explosives industry.
Liquids and chemicals industry.
Shipping industry.
Milk and milk products industry.
Dockyard industry.


An intelligent and analytical mind, executive ability and capacity for sincere hard work are your strong points.
However the luck and attitude needed for success in business are absent.

Independent Profession:
Independent profession is a highly competitive field.
Your current skill sets do not promise sustained automatic salability or competitive edge needed for an independent career.
This point will be of specific importance in the current market scenario.

All of your natural or acquired attributes support a career in service.
You are particularly suited to working in organized and well managed sectors.
Stability of a career in service will be more assured, dependable and growth oriented than in other two areas.

You should opt for “serviceâ€Â in the suggested fields as the only source of your income.

The readings given below are based on the understanding that the guidelines given above are followed.
Otherwise the readings may vary WIDELY in Nature, degree and timing.

Career Overview for next ten years [till 15 Apr 2024]:
Analysis of career potential and of the ruling periods:
Your horoscope is not strong in the area of career.
All the reference points like Ascendant, Moon, Sun and Arudha Lagna are much afflicted.
The lords of career houses from all these reference points are also much afflicted.
Venus, the main period lord covering the next ten years and beyond, has extremely poor directional strength [only 12.3 units out of 60 units] and is placed in the 7th [Naidhana] star from the birth star.
The sub period lords Sun, Moon, Mars, Rahu and Jupiter are also variously afflicted in significant degrees.
Thus none of the applicable planets can give encouraging results for your career.
Thus any good event in career will basically depend on the auspiciousness and strength of the applicable transits of planets at any point of time during these ten years.
All readings given below are to be understood and used in the light of the above points.

B. Overview of ten year career profile:
Business or consultancy is not suitable for you at any time.
You will achieve at least two important growth points [one through a change of job and another through promotion.
But you are capable of many more.
You will get pay hikes during most of the years.
Job career will remain generally stable despite many situations of obstructions, restrictions and loss of face due to wrong attitude at work and even occasional possible challenges to your position.
Attitude and health, especially attitude, will need much and urgent improvement for peace and satisfaction at work and also for better progress in career.

Year wise detailed readings for next ten years:

Balance of Year 2014:
The favorable transit positions of Saturn, Rahu and Jupiter will remain unutilized due to lack of proper handling of your job situations.
Your ways of handling your career will not be very appropriate or impressive.
You may not judge things and people very well or in time.
Your communication will be falling short of requirements and will be quite unconvincing.
You will face major obstructions and even challenges from both seniors and colleagues.
Your powers and professional freedom may be restricted.
These will keep you too preoccupied to properly attend to your regular work.
Thus your performance will certainly not come up to the expected levels.
Change of job will have very thin chance within this year.
If you can correct these weaknesses, you may gain in the coming 2-3 years.

Year 2015:
If you can change your attitude and professional approach adequately, your career will see changes, mostly positively during period from 2015 to 2017.
It is quite possible that you may achieve a very good growth point through a change of job.
This is quite likely to happen during the second half of 2015 but may spill over to 2016 too.
This new job may not involve any relocation.
Your position and role will be higher than what you have presently and your compensation in the new job will be more encouraging.
However you will still face many oppositions and restrictions from the top and you will need to remain flexible to accommodate these.
Chance of conflict with superiors will be prominent and these must be anticipated and avoided.

Year 2016:
You will see your career progressing through a change of job in case this did not happen in 2015.
This new job will put more responsibility on you and you may not get adequate infrastructural support.
Yet you will have to deliver results in time.
You will work quite hard and will try to do your best.
However you will face many major issues with your seniors.
At work you will not stop yourself from arguments and conflicts with seniors.
This will make your position weak and you will miss out on making a good impression on your new superiors.
This is a situation that is quite common in any work place yet you cannot afford to fall prey to this.
You will need to take care and build up rapport with seniors to keep your job stable and safe
No further progress or opportunity is seen in this year.

Year 2017:
The negative trends of the last year will flow into this year too.
Unwittingly you will act too proud, prodigal, and even insolent with your superiors.
Yet you will not be truly courageous to handle them face to face or effectively or shrewdly.
Critical developments like regular conflicts and challenges will occur at work with both colleagues and superiors.
Your working will be made highly restricted from all sides.
You will feel very unfortunate, discouraged and disappointed.
Yet your own power and authority will work negatively and these will not allow you to think straight and will generate adverse effects for you anyway.
Your health will remain affected frequently.
However your superiors will basically understand your value as a good professional and will not be intrinsically against you.
They will only expect you to be more toned down, sober and practical and to come up to their expected level of performance and professional attitude through intelligent actions.
You will need to realize this positive aspect of this.
If you can lie low, stay grounded and act intelligently, the situation can gradually improve and you can perform much better.
You may earn a good hike in your pay this year that will show you the real intentions of your seniors.

Year 2018:
Period from 2018-2019 will be much better and you must make full use of this good time.
During 2018 you may get a major hike in pay with a change of role.
You will work very hard but you will once again fail to handle your colleagues and seniors with due intelligence or prudence.
You will clash with both of them and thus make your own working much difficult.
It is necessary that you change your approach quickly as the time is ripe for a promotion soon.
Only good work will not do.
It is possible that you will work hard to do this end and will improve your professional image.
You will do well to this end and will be able to impress all with your new approach to things and to people.

Year 2019:
2019 will be even better than 2018 for growth and will bring a promotion with a change of location.
But at the same time the negative trends of the last year will flow into this year too.
You will have several avoidable differences and disagreements with seniors and colleagues.
At the same your judgment and communication will be much below par.
Thus you will face many obstructions from them and this will affect your work very adversely.
This will happen at a time when you need to put up a good image and prove that you really deserve your promotion.
However your superiors will basically understand the real value of your caliber and will not be basically against you.
They will know what you can deliver yet they too will have their own constraints.
They will not be able to accommodate you for too long.
You will need to realize this positive aspect of their attitude and make amends suitably.
Gradually the situation will get better and you will perform much better too.
You will earn opportunities for new and better projects or areas.

Year 2020:
Status quo in career will remain till 25 Jan 2020.
From Feb 2020 till Apr 2022 you will go through a destined phase in career.
None of your own plans or views will work out during this phase.
You will need to accept this natural trend or you will get doubly negative results.
Transit Saturn in Capricorn will be square to natal Mercury and Jupiter in birth chart D_1 and square to Mars and at the center of the nodal axis in career chart D_10.
Major restrictions from and differences with superiors will start.
You will have similar experience from your colleagues.
Your communication will be very unconvincing and ineffective and will not help you establish your points at any time during this year and the next.
This situation will be further promoted by transit Saturn being in the career house of in D_10 career chart and placed at the center of the nodal axis.
Transit Saturn will thus tend to bring radical changes in your attitude and in career.
You will try to break away from the current situation through a change of job but this may not be possible during this year due to the following reason.
From Apr 2020 even Jupiter, your fortune house lord, will get debilitated.
The above two transits will start a very discouraging and difficult period for you.
Your will argue with your superiors too much and on too many occasions, most often without any plan or purpose or direction.
Your attitude of conceit will make you take wrong actions anyway and in a very cock eyed manner.
Thus your career will now enter a very risky and difficult phase.
But you will not lose your job though you will not get any hike in your pay.

Year 2021:
This above negative situation will continue till Apr 2021.
Situation will somewhat improve from May 2021 due to a better position of transit Jupiter on your Moon sign in D_1 chart, in the gain house in D_10 career chart.
This will significantly improve your luck and you will get more opportunities for success or for avoiding harmful situations.
But your attitude problems at work will not change or improve or reduce.
You will not recognize why things are going wrong with you and will not make any meaningful effort to correct them.
Continued poor relation with superiors will not allow any improvement of the situation.
The above will be difficult to handle due to health issues too.
Superiors will be basically very unhappy with you but by sheer good luck you will be able to meet most of your targets in time despite adverse situations and ill health.
Thus they will not be able to take any action against your attitude issues.
There can be only a moderate hike in your pay this year while your job will remain safe.

Year 2022:
Status quo will be maintained till Apr 2022.
From 01 May 2022 transit Saturn will enter Aquarius, your Moon sign and the 8th house of sudden negative effects from your ascendant.
From May 2022 till the end of this 10 year period and even beyond, your career will start facing many sudden and unexpected problems at work.
Your health will decline quickly too.
Lack of support from all sources and problems of failure of observation, analysis, judgment and poor communication and poor relationship with colleagues will be very prominent [transit Saturn square to natal Mars and opposite to natal Mercury in D_9 chart].
Your health will remain really bad at this stage.
You will need to be ready for such situations from well in advance so that you can do justice to your work and your image and keep both of them intact.
You will be inclined to change your job but that will not be possible or even helpful even if it is possible.

Year 2023 [till 15 May 2024]:
You must improve your health, attitude and image now as period till 30 Mar 2025 will be a highly negative period.
Workload will become very high while your health will decline sharply.
You will need support and understanding at work place but both of these will be absent.
You will get no support from anyone and will have to depend on your own resources only.
Performance will suffer and you will become very frustrated.
However all the negatives being present, it will not be easy to handle things as required for recovery
However transit Jupiter, your fortune house lord, will be present in the fortune house and will then enter your career house from ascendant.
This will keep your job but there cannot be ny chance of making any progress whatsoever.

Karma is your actions in the past and present, and you can improve their effects by suitably altering your actions.

Things you should do for better success in career:
Be anticipative, intuitive, tolerant and patient.
Focus on tactical obedience and attain good working relationship with all.
Cooperate to get cooperation.
Respect seniors adequately and at all times.
Maintain good communication with everyone, especially with seniors and also with colleagues.

Things to avoid for better success:
Do not lose heart or your composure under pressure of various situations.
Avoid anger and do not act in combative manner with anyone.
Never neglect continuity of clear and honest communication.
Acceptance and adjustments will bring good results but otherwise not.