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Career Fortune & Karma Reading - for 2 years

Career in areas related to the following [given in decreasing order of preference] or a suitable combination of them will be good for you:
Advisory roles.
Liaison and coordination roles for planning.
Medicine and all allied areas.
Legal service.
Quality Assurance.
Quality Audit.
Quality Certification.
NBF industry.
Software engineering industry.
Statistical Analysis.
Iron and steel industry.
Transport industry.
Textiles industry.
Polymer industry.
Sophisticated arts.

An intelligent and analytical mind and good administrative ability and capacity for sincere hard work are your strong points.
However the luck and attitude needed for success in business is absent.
Independent Profession:
Independent profession is a highly competitive field.
Your skill sets are good but do not promise automatic salability or competitive edge needed for an independent career.
This point will be of specific importance in the current market scenario.
All of your natural or acquired attributes support a career in service.
You are particularly suited to working in organized and well managed sectors dealing with matters of intellectual application of the mind.
Stability of a career in service will be more assured, dependable and growth oriented than in other two areas.
You should opt for “service” in the suggested fields as the only source of your income.
Business would be quite risky and independent profession not possible to set up.
The readings given below are based on the understanding that the guidelines given above are followed.
Career Overview for next two years [till 30 Apr 30 Apr 2016]:
Progress in career during 2014 is possible through a good change of job or change of role in current job.
You will do very good work but you will face various obstructions, challenges and restrictions from colleagues and superiors.
2015 will be much more difficult than 2014.
You must act with much patience, tact and tolerance.
Otherwise both colleagues and superiors, especially seniors will give you a very hard time.
Maintain professional peace and stability.
Try and maintain patience, tolerance and balance with sufficient tact.
Take focused care to avoid communication failure.
Year wise detailed readings for next two years:
Year 2014:
The main period lord Saturn ruling these two years and beyond is strong but has nearly ZERO directional strength.
Sub period of Moon rules till 10 Aug 2015 and then sub period of Mars rules the balance of these two years and beyond.
Moon is basically quite inauspicious but favorable for career.
Mars is favorable for career but will encourage and trigger quarrels with superiors.
Thus the ruling periods, taken together, give mixed results.
Thus you will need to depend on the support of transits of planets for progress during the two years.
Moon as lord of career house from Moon sign in birth chart, is very well placed.
Saturn, yoga Karaka planet for your Moon sign, is exalted on the Moon sign and placed with Rahu and very favorably aspects the career house from Moon sign.
Transit Jupiter is very well placed in Gemini in the 9th house of fortune from Moon till 20 Jun 2014 and very favorably the combination of transit Saturn and Rahu very favorably and also aspects Sun, the lord of career house from ascendant.
Even after 20 Jun 2014 transit Saturn will remain in Libra while transit Jupiter will become exalted in your 10th house of career from Moon sign and in the 9th house of fortune from ascendant and will favorably aspect your ascendant, the wealth house from Moon sign.
You can get fairly good progress in career during 2014.
The activities for progress in career matters will start in the first half of 2014 but will take effect in the second half.
The progress may come in the form of a change to a higher paying job or a change of role or project in the current job with more responsibility and better pay.
In case you are not working now and are looking for a position, the same will arrive along the same timeline.
At work in any job or role, current or new, you will face major obstructions from colleagues and many restrictions and criticisms from superiors.
Many situations of differences and even controversies will develop.
These will be harmful for you and you will need to maintain a very calm and flexible posture.  
Year 2015 [till 30 Apr 2016]:
This year will retain some of the good effects of 2014 but overall the time at work will be negative.
You will start the worst part of your Sade sati from 03 Nov 2014 when transit Saturn will enter Scorpio, the 2nd house from your Libra Moon.
You will work very hard and with all honesty.
Superiors will be more aggressive and restrictive.
You may not be allowed to take independent actions or decisions
You will have to work under various constraints and many imposed boundaries.
You will need to act in much observant and tactful manner and impress others through your hard work under all situations.
Your observations, analysis, judgment of various matters and your communication will remain much weak and afflicted throughout during 2014 to 2017, and this will cause many difficult and awkward situations for you.
However the year 2015 will bring a good hike in pay despite the various issues at work.
Karma is your actions in the past and present, and you can improve their effects by suitably altering your actions.
Things you should do for better success in career:

Be tolerant and patient.
Focus on team work and attain good working relationship with all.
Be helpful to get help.
Respect seniors adequately and at all times.
Things to avoid for better success:

You have a strong tendency to go to either extreme of any issue or situation.
You will refuse to remain on the middle of the road and take the ration golden path.
This attitude must be changed.
You must avoid being combative when simple dialogue and quiet listening can sort out problems.
Avoid being selfish or difficult at work.