Dear ABC,
Please find below the Career Analysis report prepared for you, based on the details submitted by you This report covers the following aspects –

  • Areas of work suitable for success in career
  • Suitable Career Routes and their comparison
  • Career Overview for next 5 years
  • Year wise detailed reading for next 5 years.

[Given in decreasing order of preference]:

Careers related to the following areas or a suitable combination of them would be gainful to you:

  1. Financial services
  2. Hotel and hospitality industry
  3. Liaison work
  4. Advisory work
  5. Luxury goods industry
  6. Software for medical use
  7. Watch industry and other similar intricate products industries
  8. Medical equipment industry
  9. Software industry
  10. Jewelry industry
  11. Space science
  12. Aeronautics
  13. Accountancy
  14. Banking
  15. Company Law
  16. Commercial units
  17. Food grains and fruits
  18. Real estate



Your intelligence or initiative will be backed by necessary aptitude for business. Effective communication and administrative and leadership capabilities will be of great use for your success. You will not many suitable opportunities and necessary support from others. Despite many difficulties, fluctuations and slow growth rate that are expected in your career [any career] in general, the stability of a business career will be comparatively more assured and dependable.


Independent profession is a highly competitive field. Your skill sets will not enjoy automatic saleability or competitive edge needed for an independent career. Thus you cannot expect to develop and maintain a niche market for your ideas and concepts. Therefore making gains by working as an independent consultant for or as a provider of specialized service will not work out.


Your natural or acquired attributes do not match very well with a career in service. You are not the type who can take and carry out order obediently on a regular basis.
RECOMMENDATION: You should opt for "business" in the suggested field as as the only source of your income.

NOTE: The readings given below are based on the understanding that the guidelines given above are followed as well as the various time periods. Otherwise the readings MAY VARY WIDELY IN NATURE, DEGREE AND TIMING.


Career would remain restricted during 2008 and 2009, mainly due to personal mistakes and wrong attitude. Career will get much safer and better from 2010. Yet all obstructions will not end before Nov 2011. The phase 2012 to 2014 would be very good for growth. Early 2012 and early 2013 will bring good growth points. However all the above would be subject to what way you modify your attitude to people and work. Career would be better with business.


YEAR 2008: In case you are still looking for a job, chances of getting a modest job would be present between 19 Sep 08 to 13 Oct 08. However keeping this job will take a lot of doing. You will need to reverse your temperament overnight for this and this is not expected to be easily achieved. Thus chance of a quick loss of job or sudden resignation will be very high during Dec 08 or Jan 09. The balance of 2008 would not be suitable for starting any business either. You will need sufficient mental conditioning for this too.

YEAR 2009:

Getting a job or starting a business will not be likely during the first half of 2009. There would be major delays and obstructions to both. You will not be truly focused to do anything seriously. Lack of initiative and motivation will not allow you to be sufficiently enterprising. Opportunities during the second half of the year too will be very few and far between. You may assume that the delays are preordained and thus may not try harder. Further your anger will be much easier to develop at this stage and this will further affect your chances. You will need to put your intelligence and pragmatism to use and remain focused and active to start something even if nothing very encouraging is promised. 2010 can bring a positive turning point but you will need to lay the foundation for it from now.

YEAR 2010:

The lean period will get better from 2010. You will get opportunities for both job and business. You will need to select what you personally like to take up. The time is much better now and should not be wasted away. It is suggested that you go for business in a small scale with plans for expansion in future. The suitable areas for this have already been suggested above. You will need to select the one you prefer the most or you can combine them suitably. Obstructions and chances of failure will come down considerably. However these will not be eliminated altogether. Thus you will need more patience, self control and harder efforts. If you put your mind fully to pull up your career you will be able to make a good beginning now. But most of the success will depend on how effectively you alter your attitude and how hard and consistently you work for it.

YEAR 2011:

The difficulties in the occupation you choose will come down even further during this year. You will get many more opportunities and support from many sources. You will need to make use of this and build on what you already achieved during 2010. Much will depend on this step by step progress and any discontinuity in thought and action and any rationalizations to postpone things would be quite harmful. The most important factor you will need to take care of at this stage is your communication. Extra care in this area can save you from many misunderstandings and doubts and several situations of enemy action. Do not precipitate any event to degenerate into obstructions but be patient to turn all negative events to your advantage. Determination and self control would be in much demand now. If you can work along the above lines you will do quite well and achieve considerable success.

YEAR 2012:

During the phase starting from 2012 till 2014 you can expect to enjoy even better opportunities for growth and many more sources of support. Luck will be in your favor in a much higher degree and your attitude will improve to a great extent. You will act in more prudent and objective manner and will work harder too. Wasteful and meaningless arguments and differences will be put away. The focus would be on growth and progress and much hard work would be put in. There will be not much obstruction or delay and thus career [especially business career] can now develop very well. This success will encourage you sufficiently to maintain the good trend in your outlook and preferences. You will win over your enemies through tactful approach and diplomacy. On the whole career will go ahead smoothly and at a good speed. You will have many gains and opportunities for even more.

YEAR 2013 [TILL 30 SEP 2013]:

Early 2013 will certainly bring a growth point and this would be quite significant too. Such growth point will be possible in job or business. However this would be more assured and of higher gain value if you are in business. You will be expected to make the best of this opportunity and then will make very good progress during this year. Remember that the highly supportive phase will end by Nov 2014. Thus whatever you do now in your occupation should be done with a view to improve or at least maintain and continue what you achieve during 2013.