Dear ABC,

Career Report 20 Years

Your chart shows diverse abilities, suitable for both business and service [jobs] in a variety of areas.
Occupation in areas related to the following [given in decreasing order of preference] or a suitable combination of them will be good for you:
Advisory positions.
Executive positions.
Forest officer.
Occupation related to timber.
Small industry.
International trade.
Chemical industry.
Intoxicating liquids.
Health care services industry.
NBF industry.

An intelligent and analytical mind, managerial ability and capacity for sincere hard work are your strong points.
Business attitude and meaningful opportunity needed for success in business are also available to you.
But sufficient luck will not be consistently offered to you for continued success in business.
Independent Profession:
Independent profession is a highly competitive field.
Your current skill sets do not promise automatic salability or competitive edge needed for an independent career.
This point will be of specific importance in the current employment market scenario.
Your natural or acquired attributes generally support a career in service.
You are particularly suited to working in a senior executive position in organized and well managed sectors.
Stability of a career in service will be somewhat more dependable than business but this will be generally less growth oriented.   
In the suggested fields, you should opt for “service” if you want more stability and opt for business if you want more growth.
The readings given below are based on the understanding that the guidelines given above are followed.
Career Overview for next twenty years [till Mar 2032]:
Career will grow quite well but with some ups and downs.
There will be with many points of disturbances, obstructions, delays and stagnations.
2012-mixed results, 2013- growth, 2014- very good growth, 2015 to 2018-stable but no growth, 2019-negative, 2020-no growth, 2021-better but no growth, 2022 - very good and expansion, 2023 and 2024- very good and stable, 2025 and 2026-difficult, 2027-stable but no progress, 2028-difficult, 2029-stable and good, 2030-Better and 2031-much better.
Your horoscope has several negative planetary configurations that make your career progression disturbed and fluctuating.
All the readings given for your career should be understood and interpreted with the following points kept in view.
Venus, the lord of career house from your ascendant, is debilitated and 100% combust and is extremely inauspicious [only 6.2 out of 60 points] - very negative.
Jupiter, the career house lord from Moon sign, is strong as he is Vargottama [positive] but is basically quite inauspicious [only 26.6 out of 60 points].
Jupiter is placed at the center of the nodal axis in your birth chart [decisions and actions are always on one extreme or the other, never in the middle of the road].
Sun, the career house lord from Arudha lagna [Scorpio], is square to Saturn [very negative] and is extremely inauspicious [15.4 out of 60 points].
Badhaka planet Mars [planet of obstruction for your ascendant Capricorn] is very inauspiciously placed [6.1 out of 60 points] and aspects loss house, property house and house of initiative.
In D_9 chart, Jupiter, your career house lord from ascendant, is placed in the house of loss [negative and restrictive].
In D_9 chart, your career house from ascendant is occupied by Rahu [very negative - many major oscillations].
In career chart D_10, the career house is opposite to Saturn, and career house lord Sun is under aspect of Rahu [both negative and suddenly restrictive].
In career chart D_10, Rahu and Mercury are in the 3rd house from ascendant and Venus [with Gulika and Mandi], is in the 8th house from ascendant -- restrictive and negative during the periods of these planets or periods of planets associated with them.
Year wise detailed readings for next twenty years:
Year 2012:
This is a mixed year for career matters but more on the positive side.
Period till 13 May 2012 and period after 31 Aug 2012 will be significantly better than the intervening period from 14 May 2012 to 31 Aug 2012.
During the above negative part of the year, you will have major differences with the authorities.
The authorities will remain displeased with you and you will remain under a scanner.
During the better phase from after 31 Aug 2012, you will enjoy more cooperation and support and lesser obstructions from them.
You will do good work and you will also enjoy material benefit due to your inherent abilities and good and timely decisions.
Gain of more money through increased activity will be assured during the positive part of this year.
Take care of communication and personal investments.
Year 2013:
This will be an even better year but with some changes in your working plans.
All of transit Saturn, Jupiter and Rahu will be quite supportive and they will guide and help you to make timely and gainful changes in your activities.
Your mind will remain focused in a mature manner and no hasty decisions will be taken.
Most decisions will be rather sudden [not hasty] and will bring more favorable results.
Growth of business and gain through it will be very satisfactory and encouraging.
However you will need to be consistently careful till 02 Nov 2014 about your communication, both written and oral, with all parties that you deal with.
Additionally many of your 'personal' investments [not in business] can be wrong and may bring some losses.
These must be handled with much care and caution.
Year 2014:
Benign support of transit Jupiter will continue into this year too.
Transit Saturn [ascendant lord] too will give the support due his position in your career house.
Career will become quite tension free and peaceful and also much growth oriented in a very stable manner.
From 03 Nov 2014 transit Saturn will enter your Arudha Lagna and gain house from ascendant.
Thus all the good effects will operate steadily till 02 Nov 2014 and thereafter your career scene will become further encouraging and positive.
From this date onwards the projection of your own personality in occupation related matters will be very important.
Avoid over confidence and hasty speech since transit Saturn will now be in Scorpio sign and can bring sudden adverse results and fall in professional equations in business.
Avoid new business associations and partnerships, if any, from 2015.
Year 2015:
This year will bring much negativity in professional relationships in career matters [transit Saturn in Arudha lagna].
There will be significant restrictions from the authorities [transit Saturn square to natal Jupiter] in matters of your operations, licenses, permits, expansions and other related issues.
Your bankers may not cooperate with you either, when needed.
All of them, the authorities and bankers, will not look at you with much trust and your attitude too will be quite combative.
Your inflows and payments from your clients will become slow.
To handle these, you will need to remain very shrewd, calm, well poised, and confident in a balanced manner, and ready to negotiate with them patiently.
Lie low at all times and do not get into even small arguments or controversies.
This year is a time of enormous frustration, very hard work and totally disciplined use of your energy.
This year will hold your occupation at a nearly fixed level and no significant progress will occur.
Year 2016:
During this year, you should not make any far reaching changes in your working style or in your priorities at work.
Make short plans and achieve them one after another.
Do not do anything that you want or expect to bring fruit during 2018 onwards.
In fact this year [2016] and the next [2017] must be used for ONLY consolidation of your position and NOT for any new growth or expansion.
Though some of the people in authority over you will be favorable to you at times [transit Saturn in sextile to natal Sun], majority of them will be quite opposing & restrictive [transit Saturn square to natal Jupiter, the 3rd and 12th lord from ascendant].
They will try to harm your interests or will at least obstruct you in your endeavors and cause delay to them.
Do not get angry by their actions.
This is a very delicate period and accidental mistakes and hurting acts or speeches are quite possible from your side out of pressure of situations.
Your analytical power and communication will suffer.
Stay alert to avoid these from happening.
Under the prevailing situations, you will not get any growth point.
Holding on to your current position will be more than enough.
Year 2017:
This year will move more or less on the same lines as during 2016.
Your patience level will be quite low and you will look for immediate growth and progress.
However this year can be gainful provided you are ready to accept slow and lesser growth.
Transit Jupiter however will be very positive and supportive and will allow current projects to go through without much hindrance.
But plans for any future or actions for doing something larger in future will remain obstructed.
You will have many jealous enemies around you at this time.
Prepare your ground in advance now for handling the phase from 2018 to 2021 as that will be very difficult and highly obstructive.
Year 2018:
This is a year of infamy and contempt.
You will be quite proud, prodigal, very ambitious, revengeful and even quite insolent towards the authorities.
Yet you will not be truly courageous.
Critical developments like major conflicts and challenges will surely occur.
Superiors and the authorities will be extremely difficult to deal with.
There will be many other additional restrictions at work and several limitations to your growth opportunities and expansion avenues.
Your ambitions will remain quite unsuccessful.
You will try to make changes in your occupation but your efforts will remain unsuccessful.
All these put together will obviously torment and excite you and make you less cautious but continuous alertness will be called for.
Only patience and perseverance will take you out of such situations.
This year will not give you anything positive but will not cause any immediate loss in occupation either.
No increase in income will occur now, though no losses are seen either.
Year 2019:
In this year, you will face quite a different kind of obstructions from your authorities, associates and competitors.
Transit Saturn will be opposite to your natal Saturn.
You will work very well, much better than before and will achieve more significant successes despite various obstructions.
However in your enthusiasm to do better you will be hasty and you will make some significant mistakes in your business or may bypass or ignore some rules or regulations.
These mistakes will cause many major difficulties for you and you will try to redeem them, though quite late.
However you will not be successful in correcting your mistakes due to obstructions from your authorities.
Thus the year will turn out to be quite negative and nothing will really go well in this year for your career related matters.
Year 2020:
The events of 2019 will continue in full measure into this year as well.
You will take note of your past mistakes and will continue to try to correct them.
But all your efforts will be blocked by your competitors as well as you’re the authorities or their representative.
They will criticize even the most genuine efforts made by you.
Such reaction from them will confuse you and will put you in despair.
You will lose your determination and will suffer from much self doubt.
You will need to ignore the attitudes and actions of others and try to continue to work very hard and with focused mind.
The support of transit Jupiter moving in loss house or in debilitation in ascendant will not help you at all.
No peace, progress or gains are expected in this year.
Status quo will be maintained in career till Sep 2020.
But transit Jupiter [very weak in natal chart] will be debilitated in transit now.
Thus your luck and analytical ability will decline much.
Under all the prevailing conditions of negative planetary placements all efforts will remain a fruitless.
No form of progress will be possible but your business will remain stable.
Year 2021:
Till Jan 2021, you will not see any change in your working atmosphere.
From Feb 2021, the obstructions from competitors and the authorities will end.
You will be free from all the worries caused by them till now.
This will be a favorable year and you will be able to work as you think right.
But you should stay very orthodox in your actions and do not attempt to adopt any over confident work style as debilitated Jupiter will then bring in unexpected problems.
Focus on regular and routine things and work very hard.
Gradually you will see better results coming in but very slowly.
No material progress will be possible including any new gains or expansion.
Year 2022:
Overall results will be very positive in this year.
You will successfully expand your business after May 2022.
This new area of your work will be for much better income and greater expansion.
Your financial inflow will be very handsome and encouraging.
Your health will remain weak but you will continue to press forward very hard.
Your efforts will be appreciated and more opportunities will be available to you.
You will perform in much intelligent manner and will be quite successful in attracting the attention of many more clients.
They will be quite happy with you and will reward you with more good orders.
Year 2023:
This will be a predestined year and sudden decline in your health will slightly slow down your efforts but you will still continue to perform well enough.
Things will move slowly but basically positively for you.
You will be successful in your judgment of priorities and pay due attention to the relevant areas of your work.
At this stage you will need to make right use of the good time to develop new bridges with your competitors so that you can get mutual cooperation during later years.
Maintain and develop new and good equation with all around you and above you, especially with your competitors.
Involving them or at least some of them with your plans will make things easier for you.
Year 2024:
This is a much better year.
All of your projects and braches will functional very well at optimum levels.
Transit Jupiter will be in your 4th and 5th houses and will directly aspect your career and gain houses.
Transit Saturn will be in his Mool Trikona sign.
There will be marginal restrictions [transit Saturn over natal Jupiter] from the authorities but these will not last over time.
On the whole this year will be quite smooth, trouble free and gainful.
But no expansions are expected.
Avoid forcing things to happen and just continue with the what opportunities you get at this stage.
Year 2025:
Till Mar 2025 there will not be any change in your career scene.
From Apr 2025, you will enter a very difficult and negative phase once again.
Your health will start declining and there will be much direct opposition from some new persons in the authorities.
Through the events till the end of 2027, you will face a very difficult and challenging phase.
This is a critical period of many tests, tensions and crises of confidence and fear of taking wrong actions and decision while working.
You will make significant mistakes of annoying the authorities and will realize these very late.
You will see your competitors teaming up against you while your authorities will be entirely opposed to you.
Your capacity for hard work will come down gradually due to health issues.
Thus your position will become vulnerable yet you will not see any material loss.
Stay calm, keep good health and work hard.
Do not over extend yourself to do better as you will be grossly misunderstood by authorities.
Year 2026:
This is a more difficult and challenging year for career in many ways.
Others will create major difficulties for you in your professional matters.
Superiors and all persons in authority over you will be very much against you and will not be ready to listen to anything.
Most of the professional relationships will suddenly crumble.
You will be kept under a scanner and each and every action taken by you or anything spoken by you will be analyzed very critically.
All your actions will be seen with a doubtful view.
Handling the authorities will be the most difficult task and they will persecute you relentlessly.
You will need to remain very calm and act very carefully and only when unavoidable.
Just focus on keeping physically fit and on working hard.
No progress or peace of mind will be possible.
Year 2027:
This year will be equally difficult but on the positive side your transit Jupiter will be in your relationship house with respect to your Arudha lagna.
Thus your professional relationships and image will become high despite the basic weakness of your Jupiter in your chart.
But due to the continued presence of transit Saturn opposite to your natal Sun, you will continue to suffer humiliation and even persecution at the hands of authorities and their officers, though you might not have done anything wrong.
Only total patience and extreme level of tolerance and endurance can save you from defeat at this stage.
Cross questions, criticisms and mudslinging will continue.
But no loss of any kind is expected for you.
No progress in career and no expansion of job will be possible now.
Year 2028:
Till Feb 2028 your career will suffer as given for 2027.
From Mar 2028, enmity at work through authorities and competitors will stop nearly altogether.
However your communication will suffer a distinct fall now.
This will create many difficult situations and lack of understanding at all levels of your working.
Due to this all professional relationships will suffer in varying degrees and your own employees too will go occasionally against you.
Since debilitated transit Saturn will be opposite to your Mercury [lord of luck house], you will need to depend on your intelligence, maturity and hard work only.
No support from luck will be available to you.
It is expected that with your natural abilities and determination, you will be able to face and cross the current situation. 
Year 2029:
A very positive thing to happen at this stage will be that your communication will get much better and more convincing than before due to transit of Jupiter moving now over Mercury in your house of career.
Through your good intellect you will judge situations well and will take creative decisions.
You will be able to have very clear idea of what your actions should be.
You will be doing your work with great discipline and concentration.
Thus on the whole things will start looking up for you though quite slowly.
No progress or expansion of your business will be possible but the current business will move on unharmed.
But on the flip side, your health will be way below normal and your mind will be over stressed due to this.
Year 2030:
Till Apr 2030 there will be further continuation of difficulties that you have been facing till now.
However your luck for material gains will be better however.
Thus you will be earning much more now though you will not expand your business.
Many pending inflows will come to your hand now.
You will be able to pump in new investments into your current operations.
From after Apr 2030, you will have many creative ideas to expand your business and all these ideas will get the support of potential tie ups with others.
But since your health will not remain good at this stage, you will not be able to immediately finalize anything for expanding your business.
Year 2031 [till 31 Mar 2032]:
This will be a much better year and the start of a much better phase for growth of your occupation.
Your ascendant lord Saturn will be in your 5th house of business while transit Jupiter will be right opposite in your gain house.
You will enjoy total cooperation and support from the authorities and other people in your line of business.
These factors will bring in many new opportunities for tie ups with other businesses.
Support from the authorities and competitors will be very solid now and you will be much interested for expansion of business.
Yet it is suggested that you do not execute any expansion plans till you cross 05 Jul 2032 so that you can bypass the negative sub period of Rahu and get an even better placed Saturn.
Any expansion plan from this stage will develop quite well provided you handle these slowly and with patience.