• Name: ABC
  • Date of Birth: 9th August 1975
  • Place: New Delhi
  • Gender: Male
  • Time: 01:01 AM
  • Report: Career Analysis Report with 10 Years Forecast




[Given in decreasing order of preference]:

Careers related to the following areas in the given order of preference or a suitable combination of them would be gainful for you:

  1. Law and all related area
  2. Medicine and all related areas
  3. Technical and scientific services
  4. Space science
  5. Communication engineering
  6. Software programming
  7. Journalism
  8. Press and publications
  9. Finance
  10. Banking
  11. Accountancy
  12. Import-export
  13. Administration
  14. Planning
  15. Hotel and hospitality industry
  16. Agro products industry
  17. Stone/marble industry



  • Your intelligence, courage or initiative will not be backed by necessary luck for business.
  • Afflicted communication, lack of patience, hasty actions and mismatch with authorities or superiors will affect your success.
  • You will not get suitable opportunities either or necessary support from others.

Independent Profession:

  • Independent profession is a highly competitive field.
  • Your skills are not likely to be particularly exceptional or special.
  • These may not enjoy automatic salability or competitive edge needed for an independent career.
  • Thus you cannot be certain to develop and maintain a niche market for your ideas and concepts.
  • Therefore making gains through working as an independent consultant or a provider of specialized service will not work out well enough.


  • Your natural or acquired attributes basically match with a career in service.
  • Despite many difficulties and fluctuations in career in general, the stability will be comparatively more assured and dependable in service.


  • You should opt for "service" in the suggested fields as the only source of your income.
  • Note: The readings given below are based on the understanding that the guidelines given above are followed.


  • The period would be quite fluctuating, difficult and often quite challenging.
  • No significant continuity of success is expected despite your best efforts.
  • Many obstructions and enmities would be present frequently at your work place.
  • Health too would be a major obstruction to the growth of your career during these years.
  • The period till 2011 will much fluctuating and will have chance to cause loss of career too during 2009.
  • The periods from 2012 to 2018 would be fairly successful and you will enjoy quite a number of growth points.
  • But many problems too will be present off and on.


Year 2008:

  • You will have poor relationships at work, especially with your superiors.
  • Unfortunately you will not take much care to set this right.
  • Most often you will be very proud, rude and adamant.
  • This expression of pride too will take many colors and change with time.
  • You will be too argumentative and combative during 23 Jun 08 to 09 Aug 08 and very hasty in uttering wrong speech especially from 10 Aug to 06 Oct 08.
  • Your superiors will mortify your pride every time yet they will still remain highly displeased.
  • You may take recourse to mean actions in self defense but this will not work out.
  • The situation will turn progressively worse till the end of the year 2008.
  • At this stage you may suddenly decide to leave the job under compulsive situations.
  • But there would also be strong chances of your loosing the job.
  • But another job will not be ready at hand to make a shift.

Year 2009:

  • After you loose or leave your job during late 2008 or early 2009, you will start looking for another suitable job.
  • But such a job would not be available to you till Apr 09.
  • Thereafter you can get only minor jobs till Dec 09.
  • No level of effort or good contacts will be able to relieve this situation.
  • You will need to wait till the next year to properly revive your career.

Year 2010:

  • Career will revive well during this year.
  • You will get a good break in career at the start of 2010.
  • This would be a better job compared to what you lost.
  • You will enjoy much better treatment from superiors in the new job.
  • They will extend more support and encouragement.
  • But your impertinent attitude of will not improve.
  • Professional communication will go down much and you will be often misunderstood.
  • You will not think it necessary to look inside you and see what you can do to make some positive contribution from your side.
  • Thus peace will not develop at work and at the same time the demands on you from your employer would increase considerably.
  • You will not consider these demands important or necessary and will not really try to meet them whole heartedly.

Year 2011:

  • At this stage you would be forced by circumstances to try and meet the targets set for you, however much unreasonable they may appear to you.
  • The support and encouragement will however continue from your superiors and this will help you well.
  • However your outlook will not change and you may fail to meet the demands put on you.
  • You will try much better during the year but this would not be enough as the internal push would be missing.
  • At the same time your unconvincing communication and many occasions of needles arguments will lower your image and employability.
  • Thus your career in the current job will not look up at all.
  • Due to your wrong attitude, no material gains can develop now from the hard work that you put in or the supports that you get.
  • You will remain more or less stuck and stagnant.
  • You will not correct your attitude but you will choose to look for a change of job very actively, with the intention of putting it on a faster track.
  • You will get many interview calls and will talk with many of the prospective employer too.
  • However these efforts will not develop into firm offers.
  • You will reject a few offers that will not meet your requirements.
  • This frustrating situation will continue till the end of 2011.

Year 2012:

  • You will get a good break in early 2012 and will decide to move to that job.
  • The position would be better and your powers would be much more too.
  • You will achieve a very commendable compensation too.
  • But you will neglect the root cause of problems and will not care to correct your attitude.
  • Thus satisfaction or happiness would be still missing from this job too.
  • Your pride and ambition to go up will irk others and your good efforts would be obstructed.
  • You will have no way to stop such obstruction from colleagues and superiors if you do not soften or at least moderate your attitude.
  • Colleagues or superiors would not cooperate at all and will make you struggle at every stage of your efforts.
  • There would be many differences and your continued pompous arrogance will make matters worse for you.
  • Your powers would be of no value to you under such obstructions.
  • You will not be happy with only higher pay.
  • You may at times repent the change of job that you made.

Year 2013:

  • This is a time of enormous frustration, excessive hard work and disciplined use of energy.
  • All the difficulties faced by you in the past year will continue into this year too.
  • You will be prone to get angered very easily but you must control this inclination now.
  • This year will not favor your working with freedom.
  • You would have to face too many restrictions and enemy actions.
  • No success is expected during this phase despite your best efforts.
  • Many obstructions would be present and your afflicted health too will cause many situations of major difficulty.
  • You would be forced to think in terms of changing your job again.
  • You will make very serious and relentless efforts to achieve a really good change that will not produce problems for you any more.
  • However such efforts would not bring any conclusive results either way within this year.
  • Yet there would be reasons to be hopeful for a good change occurring soon.

Year 2014:

  • Very superior change of job would become possible after prolonged efforts till the end of 2013.
  • The offer for this encouraging change will finally come during early 2014.
  • The position would be a very coveted one of high status and excellent financial promise.
  • This appointment will match very well with your aspirations of power, freedom and compensation.
  • You will be happy with the offer and will put in very hard and well planned efforts into this job.
  • Bt very unfortunately the troubles from colleagues and superiors will not leave you even now.
  • Once again you will fail to have a chance to enjoy a problem free tenure.
  • You will remain stubbornly determined to avoid getting into any controversy created by the people around you.
  • You will do quite well in your work through such hard efforts and a rare tolerance that you will show at this stage, Yet such effort would be very stressful and your health will not support you steadily and you will thus become thoroughly drained out.
  • However through much sustained efforts and rare patience, you will force your superiors to appreciate you.
  • You will expect some reward for your good work and this expectation would be fulfilled soon but not in this year.

Year 2015:

  • This year would be very well oriented to give you an assured growth point.
  • For your excellent contributions during the last year you will be rewarded with a promotion during the start of 2015.
  • The level of this promotion would be higher than what you would expect.
  • Position, power, status and income will increase tremendously.
  • His power will have its adverse effects any way.
  • This adverse effect added to your natural attitude of ego, anger and impatience will make a very explosive mixture.
  • Chance of loosing your balance at any time would be very high.
  • You may be too over confident and may not believe that there can be anything or anybody that can harm you.
  • Delusions of invincibility will be your weakest point at this stage.
  • That you have achieved this promotion despite many odds present at this time will cloud your mind and you would become careless.
  • It will make you very proud and you would be quite blind to the possibilities of making mistakes at work and many potential dangers from your enemies to your work.
  • Remember that you go the position over the head of many other aspirants and any mistakes by you at this stage will give them an easy option to denigrate you and thus cause harm to you.
  • Your enemies will not be limited to your colleagues alone but will include many superiors too who will join hands to make you suffer.

Year 2016:

  • The entire period of 2016 will be full of many troubles, challenges and controversies that will bother you without any break.
  • Yet this year and the next year would be better when compared to 2015 as far as working atmosphere is considered.
  • However whatever happens now would be much preordained and fated.
  • Good or bad, you will have to honor and accept all changes that occur in career.
  • If you do this, you will stand to gain much but any negative action will produce doubly negative results.
  • Thus you will need to be very careful and control your inclination for pride, arguments and intolerance.
  • It is expected that you will need this entire year to get adjusted to this new change in your fate but your efforts would be generally positive and proactive.

Year 2017 [till 30 Jun 2018]:

  • Many of your efforts to adjust with the present situation might have been slow and not very vigorous during 2016.
  • This will change for the better now and you will come forward very well to move with the demands of the time.
  • You will be flexible and compliant or firm and determined to meet the various situations that will develop now.
  • Thus you will be able to remove your natural handicaps and will function quite effectively.
  • When posing problems against you will not be successful your enemies will change their approach.
  • They will see to it that your responsibilities are made to increase abnormally.
  • This will happen from 2018 and it will be very difficult for you to meet the targets set for you.
  • Many of the targets would be quite unreasonable and given to you intentionally to obstruct your functioning.
  • This will have chance to irritate you and you may get onto a collision course once again.
  • This has to be avoided at any cost as you should actually make yourself ready for another promotion during 2019.
  • You must cool down and do your best to meet the targets.
  • It is quite likely that you will not be very confident about acting in this way but you will finally be able to meet the targets quite well.
  • There is really no cause for worry about this.