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Period from now till 31/08/2018:

Your lagna is Pisces. Mercury - Venus will operate during this period. Mercury has occupied the 8thhouse which is not very good and Venus has occupied the 9th house along with Mars and Ketu. Both the planets are not well connected from each other but placement of Venus is good.

Therefore this period will help you to some extent to regain your financial position. Although you will remain under constant strain and stress and your problems will not be resolved in this period, although some relief will be there.

This is the period when a lot of opportunities and challenges both will come together. Somewhere you will do very well and in certain situation you may be still struggling to get desired results. It is not a bad period but may not be very satisfactory at the same time. Lot of hard work and patience is required.

During this period you will also notice that your intuitive wisdom is also increasing.