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Suitable Area of Activity:

[This applies to next two years.]

For Service:
[Given in decreasing order of preference]:
Position in the following areas in decreasing order of preference or a suitable combination of them.
Financial management.
NBF industry.
Marine products.
Chemical industry.
Luxury goods industry.
Hospitality industry.
Entertainment industry.
Public works industry.
Health care services industry.
Building industry.
Cottage industry.
Food grains industry.

For Business:
Health care services industry.
Hospitality industry.
Marine products.
Chemical industry.
Public works industry.
Cottage industry.

For Self-employment or Independent profession:



You do possess necessary initiative, skills and intelligence.
However your luck will not support you sufficiently to get steady or significant success in business and therefore much more effort and patience will be required.

Self employment or Independent Profession:
Independent profession must have special, rare or unique skill sets.
You do not have such skills as to develop a steady or niche market for yourself.

Your natural or acquired attributes basically agree with a career in service.
Though not the most lucrative, it is the safest and most reliable route for you to earn money through.

As your primary source of income, you should opt for “service as your first choice and business as your supplementary or second choice” but only in the suggested fields.

Style of business:

First choice:
Supply of materials of regular consumption to hospitals, hotels and to Entertainment companies.

Second choice:
Supply of manpower to areas given under first choice.

Third choice:
Supply of materials and equipments to any suitable industry given above.

Golden period/ Maximum growth in business:

Within the various constraints of your horoscope, the period from May 2022 to Mar 2025 will be the best for you.

The readings given below are based on the understanding that the guidelines given above are followed.
Otherwise the readings may vary WIDELY in Nature, degree and timing.

Overview of business over the next two years [Oct 2014-Oct 2016]:
Per se business is not recommended for you at any time.
Business may not progress well or start or resume till 14 Jul 2015.
Progress will be better from after 14 Jul 2015 when you may get more and better opportunities.
Even if you can continue in business without incurring any loss, your growth rate will remain slow and fluctuating.
You may start peaking during 2022 to 2025.
Later you will see growth but in restricted and fluctuating manners.
You will need to maintain patience and must not take any hurried decision.

Prediction on business career during next two years [Oct 2014-Oct 2016]:
You may have some modest and quite unsteady opportunities for making progress in income through business.
All such events will move in fluctuating and obstructive manner.
Progress will be uneven and will bring many ups and downs.
You will need to align yourself with this situation always as this parameter will not change.
To achieve the best possible gains, progress and peace at work you will need to tone down your attitude and improve your communication.
Professionally gainful start of new business or expansion or change of any existing business or resumption of a failed business, if applicable, will not be possible till after 14 Jul 2015.
Such progress will be quite possible after this date but will remain much lesser than what is possible through a job career.
You will need to work very hard to establish yourself really well in business and for this you will need time and patience always but specially till 14 Jul 2015.
After this date transit Jupiter will very favorably aspect your natal Saturn, the yoga karaka planet and lord of fortune house and career house from Moon.
Transit Saturn too will be in your gain house from ascendant from after 02 Nov 2014.
Thus the period after 14 Jul 2015 [though basically a lesser phase] will promote a business endeavor [more improvement of career is possible till 14 Jul 2015 if you are in a job].
Your health will have some common ailments that will reduce your energy level and may not support much hard or continuous work.
You may also have a quite severely affected equation with the authorities and competitors related to your business.
Your attitude will be combative and adamant and you may act and speak in unreasonable and inflexible ways and will frequently enter into fruitless arguments with them.
These will lead you to many controversies and will cause significant unhappiness and displeasure about you in the minds of all associated with you in business.
For better and smooth running and good growth of business, you will need to take care of these points always.
If you can handle these well, you will get a fair degree of progress and growth but in fluctuating manner.
Such progress in business will be slow till 14 Jul 2015 but better progress is possible after 14 Jul 2015.

Things to do:
Remain calm and speak in controlled manner, especially with authorities and with those who give you orders.
Take all business decisions after due deliberation and without haste.
As far as possible, do not invest borrowed money into your business.
Keep away a part of your profit strictly for emergencies.
Expand your business only during the suggested good periods.

Things to avoid:

Do not get angry or carried away by emotion when taking business decisions.
Never invest all your available money.
Pay all government dues in time.
Avoid short cuts in all areas having any legal implication.

Chant "Om Durgaoii Namah" everyday and as frequently as possible, the more the better.
Even silent chanting will do.
This is very important.
In case you are unable to chant the mantra or your religious beliefs do not permit chanting of Hindu religion prayers you can follow the below mentioned suggestions & ask for specific astrological remedies at the Indastro website.
Donate to poor or needy people, personally.
Opt for pilgrimage whenever possible.

Donate milk and sugar to any Devi [Goddess Lakshmi or Goddess Durga] temple on all Fridays.
This is very important.