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The coming months will see the transit effects of several important planets.
These effects will influence and modify the overall effects of your birth horoscope.
The most potent and important transits now are of Saturn, Jupiter and Mars.
On short term, the effects of transit Mars in Virgo will be the most prominent, much challenging, often quite sudden and very important.
These situations can be quite difficult to handle without advance knowledge and preparation.
Presently Mars will remain in direct motion in Virgo till 14 Jul 2014.
Mars is NEVER comfortable in Virgo in any house, either in birth chart [Mars is in Virgo in your birth chart] or in transit chart.
Thus this location of transit Mars in Virgo can cause many issues and restrictions.
These restrictions were quite strong till 19 May 2014 due to retrogression of Mars but it is moderated now.
Yet these restrictions will be present till 14 July 2014 when Mars enters Libra.
Since the period of Mars's transit in Virgo is a difficult phase, it is necessary to avoid acting in a hurry and to introspect and review your goals and target dates while you remain focused on deeper planning.
This approach will allow you to act more effectively after Mars enters Libra on 15 Jul 14.
Then you can start any new work or continue your work as per plans and expect better and quicker results.
The details of effects given below along with the suggested remedies will let you achieve maximum gain from this period while you can cut down on the intensity of most of your problems.

Detailed readings:

Astrological trends running now:
Dasa [planetary periods]:
Your current main and sub period lord is Jupiter.


Despite Jupiter in your chart is extremely weak [only 73.9% of the minimum strength required], highly inauspicious [only 25.2 units out of 60 units], has very poor directional [only 16.4 units out of 60 units] and residential strength [only 27%].
Further Jupiter is placed at the center of the nodal axis and suffers from Papa Kartari Yoga between the nodes.
Thus all positive effects of Jupiter will be much reduced while all negative effects will be promoted.
You will have a good position at work particularly in employment], possess religious merits and will be humanitarian.
You will have a good natured and religious minded spouse and your luck will rise after marriage.
You will prosper more in a foreign land.
On the flip side you will always stick to one extreme or the other in any matter and will never be on the middle of the road.
This inclination can cause various obstructions in life and career, decline in overall good luck and lack of adequate growth in career.


Saturn and Rahu:
Exalted transit Saturn is in the 5th house of judgment, creativity, investments, love and progeny and is moving over Mercury.
Transit Saturn is in the house of wealth, family life and speech from Moon/Sun sign.
In D_10 career chart, transit Saturn is square to Jupiter, Sun, and Mars and to the nodes.

These are not good or favorable positions for transit Saturn in your horoscope.
This position will cause various obstructions and even some failures in the given areas.
Most of the events in your occupation will move in a destined manner and none of your own plans, views and actions will work out at all or well.
You will face some major obstructions from authorities and competitors [or colleagues] to your progress.
Much harder effort, major adjustments and total patience will have to be put in to develop your business/job and your income through it.
These problems will be much more if you are in business since business is not supported in your horoscope.
You will get into many severely controversial situations with your authorities and/or the government.
Both the authorities and your competitors will obstruct or restrict you in your work while your attitude will remain much negative and egoistic.
Your efforts and professional dealings will not be up to the expected mark.
Your communication [both oral and written] and handling of money too will remain much affected and quite inadequate.
You must take care of communication, both oral and written and also work much harder and also maintain total calm and avoid loss of temper in any situation.
Take special care of your funds and how you deploy them.
Strictly avoid controversies with all.
Lie low and stay patient and tolerant while you speak, and take all actions very tactfully.
Take care to avoid overloading your health.

In your birth chart transit Jupiter is moving through 2nd house [of wealth] from ascendant and through the gain house from Moon/Sun sign.
Jupiter favorably aspects the job house and occupation house from ascendant and the houses of initiative, courage and professional relationships from Moon/Sun.

This will augment and reinforce the good effects of Saturn and Rahu and will also enhance your progress in business/job [much less support to business], increase in income [much less in business], overall material growth and good luck, provided you have full control over your attitude and principles and on all the rules and regulations applicable to your business or to you employment and also take good care of your personal image.

Transit Mars will remain in Virgo till 05 Sep 2014.
Mars will travel through the Moon/Sun sign and through the 4th from ascendant.


Through the 4th house from ascendant:
For homely bliss, you must handle others with tact.
You will be able to bring them to agree to your views.
Often you may behave compulsively and inappropriately and this will bring negative result and must be avoided.
Dispute over property, opposition in occupation will block your efforts.
You may experience family disputes, occupational problems, sorrow through relatives and opponents and domestic unhappiness.

Through the Moon/Sun sign:
It is a time to make impression on others through much activity and hard work.
All forms of relationships will be quite difficult.
Many obstacles are expected.
Health may be disturbed.

Changes that would come due to retrogression of Saturn:

Retrograde Saturn:

Saturn remains retrograde in Libra till 19 Jul 14.
This will cover the 10th house [of career from ascendant] and the 4th house of gain from Moon and in the 8th house of sudden negative effects from Sun.
Retrogression of Saturn will primarily slow down the natal effects of Saturn and thus the benefits and gains suggested in birth chart may happen to a lesser degree or speed.
However the negative effects of transit Saturn in the 8th house from Sun will not reduce but will exacerbate.
At this stage your retrograde Saturn will induce hastily made decisions not based on wisdom or analysis but based on intolerance and impatience.
These can even lead to some major complications through inimical actions from others [often caused by your own attitude and action].
You may be in a somewhat confused, tense and anxious state of suspended animation of mind.
This will make any task difficult whether it is work or handling various relationships or handling personal finance.
But things will be much easier to handle if you are relaxed.
Determination to win conclusively, without caring for the speed of achieving such win, will make all your tasks much easier and will give you more assurance of success.

Things that will happen irrespective of anything (Karmic):

Most events in occupation will be preordained and you will have to accept them with strict discipline.
All limitations in occupation will be doubly significant [this will be more acute for business] if you try to go against or try to reverse the natural flow of events.
You will often feel lonely and helpless.
You will always stick to one extreme or the other in any matter and will never be on the middle of the road.
This inclination can make you quite biased and lopsided in your views, judgments and actions in much wrong and harmful manner and degree and can cause various obstructions in life and occupation [more so in business], decline in overall good luck and lack of adequate growth in occupation.

Things we can do or avoid for better result or avoiding damage [Free will]:

Rise early and take to bed early.
You should stop spending or investing without sufficient forethought, self control and discretion.
Plan your targets for each of your days and act as per your plan but remain within limits of righteousness and sufficient humility.
At the same time remain ready to make on course corrections as per situations and the dictates of time.
Avoid being over confident or looking for too much gain too early.
Honor your labor and whatever results you get from them as this will give you much peace of mind and better health.
Maintain good relationship with all but especially with your seniors at your job or to business authorities and to your colleagues at work or competitors in business.
Offer cooperation to get cooperation.
Honor superiors or elders, at home, at business and in society.
Control all desires to within healthy or achievable limits since many of your desires may face obstructions.

Other advice or remedies:

Offer water to Sun God every morning.
Sleep with your head pointing towards south.
Perform some social work or community service voluntarily.
Keep fast during evenings and nights of all Saturdays.

Advice for doing business:

Saturn in your birth chart is Akaraka and Agocharstha and is placed in ascendant.
You have only two planets between the 7th and 12th house and none of these are Purna Paramatmamsa planets.
Majority of the planets are placed in earthy or watery signs.
There is no favorable link of Saturn with Moon.
All these are quite against business as your main occupation and will create major obstructions and can even possible failures.
Additionally, Jupiter [planet of growth, lord of your occupation house from ascendant and the lord of your current main period] will is highly afflicted and weak and will independently create significant challenges and possible failures in any occupation including business.
Thus is better to avoid business and opt for a serving career.
If you still choose to remain in business, much care and caution will be required at all times in any business.
Even if you take good care and caution, achieving success in business as the primary occupation may not be possible since it is not basically or sufficiently supported.
Therefore you will need to put in much harder effort and avoid stepping out of the legal boundaries, intentionally or otherwise, at all times.