• Name: ABC
  • Dob : 17 Aug 1968
  • Btime : 11 Hrs.-00 Min.
  • Gender : Male
  • Bcity : Nasik
  • Bcountry : India
  • Name : XYZ,
  • Dob : 07 Jan 1977
  • Birth time : 14 Hrs.-25 Min.
  • Gender: Male
  • Birth city : Nasik
  • Birth country : India

Dear ABC and XYZ,


1. The overall compatibility:

  • The birth details of the two persons DO NOT indicate any chance of success for joint business now or later.
  • They are having differing natures through their ascendant location in movable sign and common sign.
  • Thus none of them can compensate for the various weaknesses in the chart of the other.
  • The Moon signs are placed opposite to each other and therefore individual thought processes, perceptions, aspirations and actions will be colliding with each other.
  • Individually none of the charts are suitable for partnership or mutual loyalty or complimentary or supplementary thoughts or actions.
  • Both of them are running unsuitable main periods for the coming several years.
  • These periods adversely affect individual and collectively success.
  • No mutual understanding, loyalty, cooperation or auspiciousness in partnership business will be expected.

2.Whether similar luck patterns would operate in the future to ensure that you would  be working together on a long-term basis:

  • Coming dasa periods of both charts should be seen in line with the basic potential of individual natal charts.
  • Lilaram will go through Rahu main period till Jun 2017 and will have to face Rahu’s Vish Shool on several occasions [he is going through Vish Shool even now].
  • Thereafter Lilaram will run Jupiter main period [the 3/6th lord’s period] while Jupiter is placed in the house of loss in natal chart.
  • Thus in another 23 years, he will run short of good luck in varying degrees for himself or for others.
  • Ravimohan is running the main period of Mercury [1/10th lords] till Aug 2018.
  • Thus from the point of view of lordship, this main period is good but his Mercury is extremely weak and does not promise any support to business or good results for himself or for others.
  • Next he will run the main period of Ketu [till Aug 2025] who is ill placed in his birth chart for the purpose of business partnership or general success.
  • Thus till another 15-16 years he will have poor run of luck.
  • Thus there is good similarity in the luck pattern of both charts but unsuitable for success singly or collectively.

3.Whether partnership business suits both or all partners at the same time:

  • The charts do not support partnership business between the two of you.
  • The chart of Ravimohan does not comply with the needs of basic partnership and does not vibe well with the chart of Lilaram.
  • Mutual auspiciousness, cooperation and compatibility will be missing throughout.
  • No harmonious and mutually gainful periods will be seen.

4.Temperament compatibility to each other:

  • One chart has common sign ascendant while the other has movable ascendant.
  • Thus fundamental approach to business and perception of problems and solutions will be entirely different.
  • The differences will be accentuated due to opposition of Moon sign in the two charts.
  • Thus compatibility of temperament will be absent at all times.

5. Instincts and reactions to various situations to ensure comfort level in the business:

  • Trinal position of Sun in fiery signs in the two charts will indicate authoritativeness for both but with a capacity to appreciate the view points of the other based on similar nature and character at the root level for both.
  • On this ground there will be some similarity of instincts and reactions during various situations but these will remain at the superficial level.

6. An analysis of personalities to decide which person should hold the stable parts and which person is good for promotional & interactive part of the business:

  • The natal chart of Lilaram indicates that he is very suitable for the stable parts of a business but he is quite weak in communication though his thoughts are basically very clear, objective and logical.
  • He will need support of another person to do the interactive part.
  • Natal charts of Ravimohan shows that he is too fussy about minor and small issues and matters.
  • Basically he is hasty and quite shallow and lacks patience for deeper thoughts or discussion and understanding of serious issues, whether these issues related to the stable part of a business or the interactive parts.
  • However since the two charts do not basically agree for partnership business, individual capacities or the lack of it do not really matter.

7.Whether partnership business suits both the persons:

  • Together with each other, partnership business does not suit you.
  • Independently, partnership business is only fairly suitable for Lilaram whereas it is not at all suitable for Ravimohan.
  • Additionally Ravimohan is not suitable as a partner of Lilaram at any time.


  • It is advised that mutual partnership business should be avoided as such business will not be beneficial to either one of you now or later.