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Thank you very much for your clear cut understanding and submitting chronology of events. It has helped me a lot to analyze your past Aura and current conditions. Please note that, my reply is taking into consideration Vedic Astrology and Aura reading incorporating Auragraphy. 

To begin with please note that, past is Past and you are entering a new phase of life. Now you will enjoy friendship with good connections and benefit is scheduled to flow towards you. This will improve your Aura. You will have the pleasure of good home, vehicle, dresses and ornaments. Your physical health will improve and you will enjoy good health. You will enjoy all round prosperity. This way your Aura will improve. 

2018 brings a splendid period for you! With the transit of Saturn in the 11th house, you will enjoy many profitable gains. Health-wise, you will remain fit and fine without any serious health complaints. In fact, you will be cured of the chronic ailments that were bothering you in the past.

As per transit trends, Jupiter’s transit in the 9th house will bring several opportunities of growth and progress in the professional life. However, Rahu’s placement in the 6th house might cause your opponents to become more active, so be alert. You are born fighters and blessed with creative and adjustable qualities.

You will make quick progress by the dint of your creative talents. You may use latest technologies to increase the profit margin. There will be tremendous work pressure hence it is advised to lead a disciplined lifestyle comprising of good food, rest and exercise schedule. Try not to trust anyone blindly as it might lead to deadly consequences.

Although this year is marked with financial success and several achievements for you, yet it is better to be cautious while signing any legal document or making any investments. 

Between 18th April and 6th September while the sign lord Saturn remains retrograde, you may be afflicted from a seasonal disease. Your efficiency also may be affected during this period. Your Aura will diminish and you need to take care of your food and aroma improves your Aura. Be careful while driving any vehicle as any carelessness can bring negative consequences.

Professional life will be down with no productivity in work. During this phase you may also fail to achieve your work field targets. You may have to visit a medical centre due to the ill-health of a close relative. After 6th September, situation will improve.

The atmosphere in the family will remain quite happy and peaceful this year. Family members will cooperate with you. It is advised to cut down on unnecessary expenses else you can be hard-pressed for immediate cash during hour of need.


2018 will remain an auspicious year for you native in terms of your profession or service. You can start your business on your own or in partnership.  In September, you might be transferred to a new place and this will make you stay away from family. You will improve your position; receive perks and promotion from your organization.

With Saturn placed in 11th and Jupiter positioned at 9th and 10th house, all your envisaged career plans will get implemented in 2018.  You may take certain important decisions in career which will have a long term positive effect. Experimenting in new ideas will bring profits. You will travel a lot due to work and it will be quite fruitful.

Economical situation and finance

This year, you will display your ambitious personality. The latter half of the year will prove to be beneficial in gaining financial success. You may meet someone important related to the economic sector. During Saturn’s retrogression, you may be deceived by others and may end up losing some money. You may have to incur a loan for buying some property or a vehicle but you will be able to repay the loan on time. 

Love relationships

Love comes calling this year! However, it will be better if you are careful in love affairs. Any exposure of such relationships may taint your reputation. There might be conflicts with your beloved but will soon get resolved. At the beginning of the year, Mars placement in 9th house may create some kind of danger from friends so it is better to be cautious.

Period after 12-09-2019 will be little tough and tricky. Change will be necessitated in respect of your career and relationship. However, you will enter a good phase after 11-09-2020 and your period till 13-07-2023 will be good with fresh challenges. You are advised to take following remedial measures as advised to improve your Aura and continue to live in happiness against all odds and amidst negative spaces.

Aroma to be used in your space to improve physical Aura and Anahat Chakra. 

  • North East - Sandalwood or Lavender
  • East - Orange, Eucalyptus
  • South East - Peeparment
  • South West - Juniper 

Please use one Aroma at a time in your space. Do not use multiple Aromas. 
You are advised to keep a Moon Stone of 8 to 10 Carat always in your body. You may make a pendent in silver and wear it around your neck on a Monday around Sunset. This will improve your Aura.

Try to use all sets of Blue as color therapy to improve your Chakra. This will improve your Manipur or the Solar Plexus Chakra. This way your broken heart will get back in a new life. Your income will improve and your attempt to sale house will meet with success. You will get over the difficulties in concentration in school

Relationship with new boss will also improve. To improve relationship with your new boss I advise you to use Aqua Marine crystals, Blue Holley Agate and Blue Lace Agate. This will improve your Aura and chances of success will be much more.