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Question: I have moved to Dubai since Jan 2017. I have got a transfer from the company that I used to work in India. There is no contract as such and I can work as long as I have the job. I want to know how long I will be able to live and work in Dubai. Will I be able to work at least for the next 5 years in Dubai?

Answer: Your lagna is Virgo. Right now Jupiter – Moon are operating till November 2018 then another one year sub of Mars dasa will be there. If you are keen to continue in Dubai then you can do so for the next two years.

Question: Will there be any job loss situations in the next 5 years?

Answer: You will remain abroad but change the company.

Question: I want to start a Rice Mill (Poha) after 5 years. My dad used to do it before and has good experience. I want to start the business with his help. Will I be successful in this business or any other business? Other business I want to look at is steel/Iron selling. Will I be successful in business or at least will I be able to earn my livelihood

Answer: Rice mill will be a good idea but wait for two more years before you get into it.