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We have been providing astrology consultation and advice on true vedic principles on the internet since 2000 and serviced over a million customers with our free and premium services. We have prepared Amala Yoga analysis with 20 years Scan:

1.Effects of Amala Yoga:

Amala Yoga occurs when a natural benefic planet - Venus, Mercury or Jupiter is placed in the 10th house from the ascendant or from the Moon.

These are the three noble planets which being in this position, bestow positivity in actions, and promote good deeds and practices in all spheres of life and good gains arising out of such actions.

These effects will further translate into a long successful life, many achievements and much popularity and honor for a native and will also offer benefits to all who are associated to the holder of this great yoga.

Thus the person having this yoga in his chart will do a lot of good deeds for welfare of others in the society.

2. How the yoga forms & which house are involved in your birth chart in its formation:

In your birth chart, Mercury is placed in the 10th house in Leo from your Moon sign Scoprio.

Thus a valid Amala yoga is formed.

Moon, the dispositor of natural benefic planet Venus, and Mercury is dispositor of Jupiter in your astrological chart [very positive]. Mercury is quite strong in overall strength while her dispositor planet Jupiter is even stronger due to having conjunction of friendly planet Mars & Sun.

Thus your yoga has good formation and reliability for doing well.

3. Principles on which Amala Yoga operates:

The tenth house in any horoscope, refers to, among many other matters, one’s activities, occupation, temporal honors, travel to other countries, self respect, knowledge and dignity and means of livelihood.

Out of all these, the most important point is the sense of dignity [quite different from self importance or ego] and therefore this is the most important house in a birth chart and is considered to be its backbone.

Any good or bad planet, placed in this house, will much influence the trends and quality of actions that the native will go for and also the results of such actions. Thus benefic planets placed in this house will guide an individual to good and societal actions that are inclusive in nature and directed at benefits for the native as well for others.

The planets Jupiter, Venus and Mercury are the three natural benefic planets and they cause Amala yoga when placed in this house.

Jupiter is positioned in 7th house from Ascendant and favorably aspects the 5th, 7th and the 9th houses from his position in the 7th house, benefits will accrue to the 11th the house of hopes & sources of income, 1st the house of Ascendant and 3rd the house of courage & immediate environment along with conjunction aspect to natal Sun & Mars in your birth chart.

Since Mercury favorably aspects the 4th house only from his position in the 10th house, benefits will be there related to 4th, the house of happiness, pleasure, property & home in your birth chart.

Thus location of Mercury in the 10th house from Moon sign which will offer quite positive results, provided Mercury is not in debilitation or otherwise afflicted.

4. How to best utilize Amala Yoga for success:

  • It is always the best, to NOT depend on any good yoga but to utilize its supports for maximum benefit when you get the chance.
  • This will imply that you must work hard to earn better and hold on to the money that you earn, while you help others to grow and stay on the right path always to achieve good success in life and maintain a good image for yourself.
  • Your natural intelligence and proficiency in any area of life is of high order.
  • In order to get the full benefit of your Amala Yoga, you will need to develop more self control and avoid sudden emotive actions during major decisions. Otherwise it may incline you towards wrong direction [Jupiter is combust due to close conjunct with Sun along with having inharmonious quincunx aspect with nodes].
  • Any possible inclination for restlessness to reach your ambitions or any tendency to keep your needs ahead of others’ should be avoided with care. Otherwise this may adversely affect your attitude about various actions and speech, your emotional approach will also make your personal image but it can disturb your physical vitality that is necessary for sustained concentrations towards your studies & objectives.
  • You will also often find that at certain times you have some diversions in your educational life along with feeling of insecurity & instability with weakness of health [Moon is getting position in his debilitated sign].
  • Such unevenness of feelings and thoughts can adversely affect your observation, perception, interpretation, speech and action in all matters or events of life and can ruin the good image that you want and also deserve.
  • This emotional imbalance has to be removed by your own free will or at least reduced to the extent possible. Otherwise these can bring you to face a wall and your desires and ambitions can be strongly opposed as you may lose your opportunities for growth due to expected challenges [house of profession is having aspect of all malefic planets like Mars, Saturn Sun & Rahu in D10 career chart] and also lose some important designation during starting of your professional activities.
  • Career, income and personal image can be the areas that can be most easily affected if you are not in full control of yourself at the right time.Therefore your reactions need to be willfully moderated wherever and whenever possible.
  • Only ethical and above board actions will give you good results.
  • Discussion with family members will always be beneficial for you and your ultimate decision.

5. Remedies:

The following remedies can help to promote and protect the yoga effects:

  • Avoid any wrong or unworthy or unfair action.
  • Stay grounded always.
  • Avoid shortcuts and optimizations.
  • Chant or listen to “Sri Vishnu Sahashranama” or Om Namo Bhagvatyeh Vasudevayeh Namah everyday.
  • Even silent chanting will do.
6. Times in life when Amala Yoga effects would manifest:

A yoga operates during the main or sub periods of the yoga planets.

Thus in your case, the main or sub period of Mercury & Jupiter will give the good results of the yoga.

The next twenty years will be ruled by the main period of Mercury till 30 Mar 2018, then the main period of Ketu during 30 Mar 2018 to 30 Mar 2025 and then main period of Venus till 20 Jun 2036.

Thus, the yoga effects within the next two years will be directly visible due to having influence of Mercury but then remaining eighteen year you will be unable to have long period of Mercury or Venus.

After 14 Aug 2016 transit, Jupiter will move through Virgo sign [the house of hopes & expectations from Moon] which would be supportive and strengthening your mental approach by having conjunction aspect with natal Jupiter in Virgo sign at same house from Moon.

This position of transit Jupiter is quite progressive and beneficial for getting expected results in reference of your studies and getting more knowledge till the middle of Aug 2017.

Thus transit Jupiter able to help your positive changes in your immediate environment but it will enhance your intellectual activities.

During the period till 27 Oct 2017, transit Saturn will remain in Scorpio in the 9th house from ascendant and in the 1st house from Moon which indicates main phase of Sade Sati of Saturn which may give multiple ideas in your mind and developing stage of confusion to decide right approach related to your objectives.

You should keep your focus on schedule life and avoid diversions in remaining period of 2016.

Concentration and discipline must be required under this period, and so you should do your studies in organized way.

Post Aug 2016 you will have excessive energies in educational aspect.

You have potential and basically you are very intelligent and luck is looking quite favorable in this regard.

As a whole this complete period is looking good for learning and mental growth.

Your action and efforts will make major impact in your future growth as you will learn things very fast.

You will get all positive support by family members.

You will enjoy all available pleasures around you.

This period would be average for your health.

During this period health troubles would be continued related to infections.

But problems will not be acute before 27th Oct 2017.

On the other hand, during period after 27 Oct 2017, transit Saturn will be in Sagittarius due to transit in 10th house from Ascendant and 2nd house from Moon sign as last phase of Sade Sati of Saturn which will able to reduce earlier problems and may give such positive changes than earlier till 20 Jan 2020.

This phase would be more progressive period for educational activities in remaining period of 2017 and 2018.

Education will be running in a smooth way without any obstacle.

Decent observing capacity may develop along with increasing intellectual capability during 2019.

This period would be supportive period for getting significant position in studies and its environment.

You will also be able to get such achievement and prize before Jan 2020.

Your fate will more favorable for position of father.

This period will again supportive to attain new and better professional prospects and growth.

You will be having all pleasures around you.

Health would be fine during this period.

But parents should conscious about your eyes ailments also.

At this stage [from after 24 Jan 2020] transit Saturn will be in Capricorn sign in 11th from Ascendant and 3rd house from Moon sign which would be having mutual aspect with natal Saturn & Venus which in unable to give results as per your expectations and it affect your routine progress so you will have to maintain systematic and disciplined approach till 17 Jan 2023.

This period would be average for concentration towards study.

Regular changes may possible in your immediate mind and thinking processes.

This period indicates multiple obstacles in your studies.

You will continue your studies without much interest but will be generally diligent.

Lack of focus or sudden illnesses will frequently obstruct your progress in studies.

But if you adopt professional or practical courses in spite of theoretical subjects then you can do much better in your study and future.

Fortunate would be much supportive to parents.

You will get the all pleasures by them.

You will get the lot of love by family members.

Period will also average for your health.

Fevers, constipation and other infectious problems will be there.

Parents must be careful during year of 2021 and 2022.

Hygienic food and fresh water must be required for good health.

At this stage [from after 17 Jan 2023] transit Saturn will be in Aquarius sign in 12th house from Ascendant and 4th house from Moon sign that’ why circumstances would be quite hard and tough, due to this there would be tough things to attain your perspectives but results may occur by your sincere & regular approach before 29 Mar 2025.

Curiosity and awareness will be increasing and having good command on communication and languages.

Period would be favorable to make focus and concentration towards study.

Up to April 2024 your intellect would be progressive and then your creativity & new developments will be increasing.

Friends and teachers would be supportive and encouraging.

The period post Apr 2024 would be very deciding and turning point for your study.

Due to this there would be such confusion to decide your right direction.

Financial needs will be taking care by parents and you will be getting quite good support.

You will have complacency and enjoyments with the help of others.

This period is not showing own earnings though period will be full of gains.

The level of love and harmony is looking very good.

Good support of friends and other people around you.

Good for health.

Earlier problems will also remove but you should be careful about your vision or eye’s ailments.

At this stage [from after 29 Mar 2025] transit Saturn will be in Pisces sign which would be in 1st from Ascendant and 5th house from Moon sign that’s why it will be harmonious for having support of your fate which will give opportunities in your career before 23 Feb 2028.

Now you will get right track in your study along with getting expected results in professional life.

Your educational activities will be very precious which would be supportive to attain your prospects in professional life.

The support of friends and teachers would be encouraging and strengthening your perspective and results.

You will focused with your study and able to get great results of your efforts.

Career will start taking shape with Jan 2027; you will be very much sure you field you would like to choose as profession.

You will start your career with a very moderate job.

But you should not hesitate to accept your position and attain this position without any term & conditions.

That would be fruitful for your future prospects and professional developments.

Professional life would be continued as usual without any positive or negative changes in remaining period of 2027.

Overall till Mar 2028 existing professional experience will be very much supportive to get higher position.

Average income to moderate income would be the scenario.

Personal expenses will be increasing.

Need for control it, so you should conscious about this.

Period would be good for relationship with family member and friends.

Your personal love life will be increasing.

For making new relation you should wait for good period after Mar 2026.

Before accept this relation you should know consciously about his nature.

Otherwise such problems may be occurring frequently in your life.

Health will be good and growing.

But during May 2027 to Nov 2027 you should drive the vehicle very consciously.

Otherwise some little injury may possible.

At this stage [from after 23 Feb 2028] transit Saturn will be in Aries sign which would be in 2nd house form Ascendant and 6th house from Moon sign a that’ why circumstances would be quite better but you will unable to get support of your fortune along with such unexpected journeys & expenses.

Professional prospect will run in regular way during this period.

Running period would be continued as usual and professional surroundings would be balanced till Jul 2028.

Post Aug 2028 onwards there would be good period for professional activities which would be supportive to get better working profile.

This opportunity may materialize before 7th Oct 2028, so you should very conscious to attain it.

This chance will give positional enhancement along with healthy environment.

In remaining period of 2028 and 2029 you will able to reach at your targets, which will give good strength in your working environment.

This period would be very fortunate and you will complete your earlier projects.

Due to this your earlier problems will be gradually removed and able to again the positive support of your environment.

Period will indicate gradual enhancement with two growth points.

During Jul-Aug 2029 there would be a better change in professional life.

Expense would be more at pleasurable things along with regular saving in remaining.

Many new friends may there just for variety.

Steadier relationship with an old friend revived recently.

But there would be chance of break in relationship during 1st half of 2029 due to conflict of emotions.

If you want to save this relation, then you should speak the voice of your soul, not heart.

Health status will be average.

Some little problems will be continued in whole period.

You should very conscious about your diet and food system.

At this stage [from after 8th Aug 2029] transit Saturn will be Taurus sign in 3rd house from Ascendant and 7th house from Moon sign that’s why things would be more stable and progressive than earlier along with control on unusual things of your life. These planetary positions in transit would be supportive and encouraging your professional pursuits along with giving results as per your own.

Professional life will run in very smooth way with increasing your contacts.

With Sep 2029, you will have to handle new professional responsibilities at same designation.

You should utilize your professional skills in managed way then you will be able to finish your work in expected period.

New ways will open for new attainments and growth in your professional field.

Your professional conditions will be reforming day by day post this period.

You will get retain positive environment in career.

A suitable change would be accepted during Mar-Apr 2031, but this may change of your working place too.

This offer will come very unexpectedly and without any effort whatsoever.

The position will be a coveted one with much better pay and perks.
So you should do the work with full devotion and responsibility.

Post Mar 2031 you will get financial betterment with better pay and perks.

And period will also fruitful to give better results in new saving and investments.

Your saving will be better and earlier debts will be materialized.

In remaining period you can also take the profits by short term and long term plans.

Immediate luck will support you.

Before this period you will also get profits through earlier investments.

Good period for personal and professional relation.

You will link with new relations.

Earlier dispute and differences would also be removed.

Good relation with friends and near & dear.

This period would be fortunate for your marital life.

Marriage will be possible during Apr 2031 to Dec 2031 with known person.

But horoscope match-making will be required.

Proper communication and frankness would be important about life plans.

Spatial gap may possible in future due to work.

Health status will be average.

Some little problems of stomach and digestion will continue in whole period.

You should very conscious about your diet and food system.

At this stage [from after 30th May 2032] transit Saturn will be Gemini sign at 4th house from Ascendant and 8th house from Moon sign that’s why existing things may develop such troubles in our routine professional life and discourages for major actions.

This period would be average for professional and personal enhancement.

With starting of this period you will have to prepare to much physical labor than mental.

Earlier position would be continued as usual in remaining period of 2032.

Some work might be delayed or stop, but you should not leave your confidence and continue work patiently.

This period will be tuff for expected results and there would not be any new developments in your career.

In period of 2033 you may lose support of your working partners and colleagues.

Due to this you should be very conscious and careful about work and relations with them.

In spite of you should not involve in any financial matters, otherwise such losses may there till Jun 2034.

Working environment will not brace you in remaining period.

You may not able to save money under this period.’

You should very careful and conscious about your investment, otherwise losses would be there.

Lending money will also be avoided during this period.

Losses may there through speculation, enjoyments and several indulgences.

Some expense on medical issues for you.

This may appear develop meaningfully but not fundamentally.

But don’t hurry in your usual way.

Time will not help relationships yet.

However the year of 2033 would be beneficial for getting pleasure of child.

But some difficulties will be there during pregnancy.

Period would also be average for health.

During progeny you should very careful and conscious about your health, otherwise you may face such serious problems in your health.

So you should continue regular precautions along with medicines.

At this stage [from after 12th Jul 2034] transit Saturn will be Cancer sign in 9th house from Moon sign and 5th house from Ascendant which would be important for your professional & personal attainments.

During Aug-Sep 2034 you will again involve in new and important projects.

Working environment would be very positive and compatible as per your expectation in remaining period of 2034.

Pressure of work will be increasing in period of 2035 so you will have to do work in very calculative mind.

Now you should do your work with sincerity and disciplined way, otherwise there would be disappointment to reach at your expected targets.

This working environment would be continued up to Oct 2035, so keep patience and regular efforts.

With Jan 2036 your seniors will be quite supportive due to influence of your positive attitude and dedication towards work.

Some hidden issue may create problems in regular life which may obstruct your professional path.

You should conscious about it and should not argue with any professional person in remaining period of 2036.

Otherwise there will again such possibilities for such confusion with your working partners or colleagues.

Existing financial position would be continued as usual up to Dec 2034.

Gradual growth would be there in financial condition in a regular way with Jan 2035.

But in remaining period of 2035 you may not able to save expected money due to major expenses.

Expense would be more at pleasurable and required things.

During 1st half of 2036 saving will be better than earlier period but extravagance will be continued.

You would be liberal in your family life.

Improvement would be there in your relationship.

A more reasonable and sober phase in conjugal life.

Earlier problems would be under controlled and you will be enjoying your decent life.

Health would be average.

There may be pain in backache and cervical during 2nd half of 2035.

Precaution must be taken about your sitting posture.

Otherwise rest would be advisable by doctor.