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Effects of Adhi Yoga:
With Adhi yoga, a person will be polite and trust worthy, will have an enjoyable and happy life, surrounded by luxuries and affluence, will defeat competition and will be healthy in body and mind and live a long life.
It is simply a corollary that if a person qualifies for all the above, he must have reached, on his own merit, a very high position of much power and status in career and in society, and his opinions and views will be good for people and will enjoy much sway.

How the yoga forms & which houses are involved in your birth chart in its formation?
If benefic planets [Jupiter, Venus and unblemished Mercury] are situated in the 6th, 7th and 8th houses from Moon [while Moon is free from any affliction in the birth chart], the combination goes under the name of Adhi Yoga.
Even if these planets are present in two of these houses or even in only one house [instead of being in the three houses as mentioned above], Adhi Yoga is still valid but to a reduced degree.
In your birth chart, you have Mercury and Venus in the 6th house from your Moon sign, while Jupiter is in the 7th house from Moon.

Jupiter is in his exaltation sign.
Mercury is in his own sign Gemini.
Thus a very clear and strong Adhi Yoga is formed in your horoscope.
Effects of Adhi yoga will be primarily seen during the main or sub periods of the planets forming the yoga.

Principles on which Adhi-Yoga operates:
This yoga involves all the four natural benefic planets viz. Moon, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter combining with each other in such manners that Mercury, Venus and Jupiter protect and promote Moon and thus strengthen and elevate the foundation of the horoscope.
The most basic rationale behind the configuration defined above is to further strengthen the Moon in a comprehensive and intricate manner.
The focal point of attention is to strengthen the Moon and the given position of the benefic planets will be able to achieve this task.

Any benefic planet present in the 7th house from Moon will obviously project his direct benefic aspect on Moon.
Any benefic planet placed in the 6th house or in the 8th house from Moon will project his benefic aspect on the opposite houses ie on the 12th house or 2nd house from Moon.
Thus the houses immediately before or after Moon are also auspiciously strengthened.
This amounts to something much similar to a Subha Kartari Yoga around Moon while Moon herself has already been promoted by the planet in the 7th house from Moon.
As a result of promoting and protecting the Moon by three benefic planets, the arrangement will further enhance the status of the entire horoscope.

However there is a salient hint of caution in the formation of this yoga [even when Moon is basically free from any affliction in the birth chart].
The caution is regarding the placement of Jupiter in either the 6th or in the 8th house from Moon, while Moon is not placed in an angle from ascendant.
The caution in the above location of Jupiter is related to the formation of Sakata Yoga between Jupiter and Moon, since Sakata yoga can minimize or even nullify the good effects of Adhi Yoga.

How to best utilize Adhi-yoga for success:
Your natural intelligence and proficiency in any area of life is of high order.
But you may not get the full benefit of these or of the Adhi Yoga, if you do not develop more self control and avoid sudden anger and combative actions [Saturn and Mars are in opposition in birth chart].
The basic aggressive or combative trend of your nature must be curtailed if not entirely avoided.
Otherwise this will continue to affect your patience too easily and will also disturb your physical vitality that is necessary for sustained hard work, good performance and happiness in life.
You will also often find that you have some duality and emotional imbalance [Moon is placed at the center of the nodal axis].

This unevenness of thoughts will adversely affect your observation, interpretation and speech and action in all matters or events of life.
This emotional imbalance has to be banished by your own free will or at least reduced to the extent possible.
You will also observe that you will frequently go to one extreme or the other of any issue, event or discussion and will refuse to remain on the middle of the road [this is due to location of Jupiter at the center of the nodal axis].
This tendency will often bring you to face a wall and your desires and ambitions will be strongly opposed or even defeated while you will lose your popularity and good image.
Career will be the area that will be most affected if you are not in control of yourself.
Therefore such reactions need to be willfully curtailed or even banished wherever and whenever possible.
You will need to strike a balance between the two sets of extremes.
Cooperate to get cooperation and always follow the path of give and take, and tolerance.
Take regular small breaks in your work or your health can be affected and will thus slow down your overall progress.

Things to avoid for better success:
Avoid hasty speech and action.
Do not go for any arguments with seniors or colleagues.
Do not expect your level of commitment or hard work from your team members or subordinates as this will not happen.
Expecting less will give you more peace of mind and good health as frustration and anger will be avoided.
Avoid all varieties of controversies at all times.

Worship Lord Siva [for Moon] everyday and also chant “OM Namah Sivaya” as frequently as possible.
Chant or listen to Sri Vishnu Sahashranama daily morning and evening [for Jupiter].
Perform Rahu-Ketu Shanti [propitiation] for pleasing the nodes.

Times in life when Adhi-yoga effects would manifest:
The next two years [till 15 May 2018] will see the main period of Saturn and only small parts of sub period of Venus [contributing planet, rules up to 01 Oct 2016] and of Moon [from 14 Sep 2017 to 15 May 2018 and beyond].
Thus yoga effects will be not directly discernible for only 12 months in two parts but in broken manner that may not be very meaningful.
Till 27 Oct 2017, transit Saturn will be in the 4th house from ascendant [quite negative] and in 6:8 locations from Venus-Mercury combination [very negative].
But during the same period transit Saturn will remain well placed in the 11th house from Moon [very positive] and trine to Yoga planet Jupiter [positive].

Thus till 27 Oct 2017 you will get mixed results from the yoga.
You will see some specific progress in career and income till this date while the yoga planets will guide you with sharpness of mind and right attitude to positively deal with all areas of your life.
Your work will be appreciated and you will show good judgment.
After 14 Aug 2016, the good effects will be much more and you will get a good hike in your pay.
But on the finance front you will need to spend much on your home or residence or on domestic matters.
Thus accumulation will not develop well.

Both social and marital life will remain disturbed through various differences.
On the other hand, during period after 27 Oct 2017, transit Saturn will become very unfavorable in the 12th house of loss from Moon and in the 5th house of judgment, investment, love and progeny from ascendant.
At the same time transit Saturn will directly oppose two yoga planets, Venus and Mercury while he will be in 6:8 configurations with respect to the third yoga planet Jupiter.
Thus taken together they will greatly obstruct your good luck, especially in the area of progress in occupation and the resultant issues will last till 20 Jan 2020.
You will not get any opportunities to advance your career through any change of job or through a better and more extended role in current job.

You will have many issues of differences with seniors and colleagues.
Due anxiety related to these events, your performance will not remain as good as before and you will be much criticized and even restricted.
Your income may not increase at this stage or may increase only quite modestly.
Savings and investments will come down as various unplanned expenses and wrong investment decisions will occur.

Social life will not be much active or encouraging during or before this part of the two year period.
There will be no love or romance or happiness in these areas.
Marital life and matters of children will remain disturbed and will need more attention.
Your health will remain normal throughout except for minor seasonal ailments.