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Effects of Adhi Yoga:

With Adhi yoga, a person will be polite and trust worthy, will have an enjoyable and happy life, surrounded by luxuries and affluence, will defeat competition and will be healthy in body and mind and live a long life.

It is simply a corollary that if a person qualifies for all the above, he must have reached, on his own merit, a very high position of much power and status in career and in society, and his opinions and views will be good for people and will enjoy much sway.


How the yoga forms & which houses are involved in your birth chart in its formation?

If benefic planets [Jupiter, Venus and unblemished Mercury] are situated in the 6th, 7th and 8th houses from Moon [while Moon is free from any affliction in the birth chart], the combination goes under the name of Adhi Yoga.

Even if these planets are present in two of these houses or even in only one house [instead of being in the three houses as mentioned above], Adhi Yoga is still valid but to a reduced degree.

In your birth chart, you have position of Mercury in the 6th house but nobodies in 7th or 8th houses from your Moon sign.

With this, Venus is also dispositor of Mercury and Mercury is dispositor of Venus which is having interchange of sign.

Hence Adhi Yoga is not very significant in your birth chart but it gives hidden support of benefactors or partner which would be supportive to access important position in your profession life.

Due to mediocre position of these planets hopes & results may possible through your own hard work and sincere approach due to unable to receive influence of Adhi-yoga.

Thus there is an average Adhi Yoga in your horoscope.

Effects of Adhi yoga will be primarily seen during the main or sub periods of the planets forming the yoga.


Principles on which Adhi-Yoga operates:

This yoga involves three of four natural benefic planets viz. Moon, Mercury and Venus combining with each other in such manners that’ why these planet’s influence & impact will be encouraging such chances for development along with having positive elevation of foundation as knowledge & skills in your horoscope.

The most basic rationale behind the configuration defined above is to further strengthen the Moon in emotional and attached.

The focal point of attention is to strengthen the Moon and the given position of the benefic planets will be able to achieve this task.

If any benefic planet present in the 7th house from Moon will obviously project his direct benefic aspect on Moon but in your chart any planet is not placed here.

Any benefic planet placed in the 6th house or in the 8th house from Moon will project his benefic aspect on the opposite houses i.e. on the 12th house or 2nd house from Moon as Mercury is posited in 6th from Moon sign which is making mutual aspect with 12th house.

Thus the houses immediately before or after Moon are also auspiciously strengthened.

This amounts to something much similar to a SubhaKartari Yoga around Moon while Moon herself has already been promoted by the planet Mercury from Moon.

As a result of promoting and protecting the Moon by benefic planet, the arrangement will further enhance the status of the entire horoscope.

However there is a salient hint of caution in the formation of this yoga [even when Moon is basically free from any affliction in the birth chart].

The caution is regarding the placement of Jupiter in either the 6th or in the 8th house from Moon, while Moon is placed in an angle from ascendant.

The caution in the above location of all these beneficial planets are well placed by position from Moon but Mercury is having strength due to position in his friendly sign along with conjunction of Rahu and Venus is posited in his debilitated sign who reduced the strength of these planet and unable to give natural influence in your chart as per good effects of Adhi Yoga.


How to best utilize Adhi-yoga for success :

Your natural intelligence and proficiency in any area of life is of high order.

But you may not get the full benefit of these or of the Adhi Yoga, if you do not develop more self control and avoid sudden anger and combative actions [Due to making inharmonious square aspect by Mars to Venus in birth chart].

There may be problems with older people or authority figures.

The rewards for your hard work are unlikely to be obvious right now.

Domestic affairs may be a little messy.

A feeling of being unsupported, alone, or too independent might grab hold of you for the time being.

Expressing your feelings or your need for others is hard to do at the moment.

You will also often find that you have changeable approach along with emotional imbalance [due to position of Ketu in 12th and Mars is 2nd house from Moon sign].

This unevenness of thoughts will adversely affect your observation, interpretation and speech and action in all matters or events of life.

This emotional imbalance has to be banished by your own free will or at least reduced to the extent possible.

You will also observe that you will frequently go to one extreme or the other of any issue, event or discussion and will refuse to remain on the middle of the road [this is lack of benefic planet at the center of the nodal axis].

This tendency will often bring you to face a wall and your desires and ambitions will be strongly opposed or even defeated while you will lose your popularity and good image.

Career will be the area that will be most affected if you are not in control of yourself.

Therefore such reactions need to be willfully curtailed or even banished wherever and whenever possible.

You will need to strike a balance between the two sets of extremes.

Cooperate to get cooperation and always follow the path of give and take, and tolerance.

Take regular small breaks in your work or your health can be affected and will thus slow down your overall progress.


Things to avoid for better success:

Avoid hasty speech and action.

Do not go for any arguments with seniors or colleagues.

Do not expect your level of commitment or hard work from your team members or subordinates as this will not happen.

Expecting less will give you more peace of mind and good health as frustration and anger will be avoided.

Avoid all varieties of controversies at all times.



Worship Lord Siva [for Moon] everyday and also chant “Om Namah Shivayeh” as frequently as possible.

Chant or listen to Sundarkand of Ram Charit Manas daily at morning [for reducing negative influence of Mars].

Perform Rahu-Ketu Shanti [propitiation] for pleasing the negative influence of Nodes.


Times in life when Adhi-yoga effects would manifest :

The next ten years [till 25 May 2026] you will see the main period of Saturn which indicates gradual & slow growth point that’ why sometimes you may feel stress & troubles in your life.

Thus yoga effects will not be directly discernible for any meaningful sub period of Saturn but it will work positively during sub period of Mercury and Venus.

Also till 27 Oct 2017, transit Saturn will be negatively placed in 7:7 locations from the yoga point in Scorpio which creates troubles & hurdles in your unplanned work that’ why you may unable to make decisions in hasty under this period due to unfavorable effects of this yoga.

You may not see much specific progress in career or in other areas of life till this date because this yoga will unable to guide you to take righteous decisions in all areas of your life.

Earlier period would be continued as usual up to 12nd Oct 2016, so keep your position with optimistic approach.

The good support of superiors would be missing now.

Your powers and freedom of action would be restricted.

Position would be better now along with attaining new project in same organization with Oct 2016.

You will attain it by your own hard work so you should keep it positively & sincerely.

Work may also be delayed due to frequent problems in your regular life in remaining period of 2016.

With this during 1st half of 2017 you should not incline towards any new changes in your career because hasty action may against your hopes.

Pressure of work will be increasing more with May 2017 so you will have to do work in organized manner.

Some dispute may again possible with colleagues now in 2nd half of 2017.

But it may remove to keep positive vision and attitude towards working partners and associates.

So you should do your work in very organized or managed way, otherwise there would be disappointment to reach at your expected targets.

This working environment would be continued up to Oct 2017, so keep patience and regular efforts.

Now sources of income would be stable and enhance gradually.

But you will have to do regular efforts to control your expenditures because it may out of control.

You should take care while lending money to others.

Wastage of money on enjoyment and speculative activities too will not alter.

It may become strong phase for personal and professional relation if you make balance with it.

You will receive the support of near and dear ones but you will have to initiate.

Period would not be positive for marital life.

You will have such usual differences but will be ready to give enough space to each other.

To overcome these troubles you should do open communication with him.

Some little health problem related to cold-cough and allergic will be there.

You can overcome it only by regular exercise and precautions.

On the other hand, during period after 27 Oct 2017, transit Saturn will be in Sagittarius due to transit in 18th house as dhayya of Saturn which may give stress and restrictions too due to active hidden enemies which may affect your personal & professional relationship and it would be continued frequently till 20 Jan 2020.

With Nov 2017 your seniors will be supporting due to influence of your positive attitude and dedication towards work.

Your professional relations will also improve and get positive support through your colleagues.

Professional targets will fulfill in 1st half of 2018 and period would be decent for your professional growth.

But post 18th Jun 2018 some hidden issue may create problems in regular life which may obstruct your professional path.

Up to Nov 2018 you should conscious about it and should not argue with any professional person.

Otherwise there will again such possibilities for such confusion with your working partners or colleagues.

Post Dec 2018 you will finish such earlier projects, which will give good rewards and good name along with financial growth in career.

Positive support would be there by your seniors and authorities in 1st quarter of 2019.

Then there would be right path of many achievements and success in professional life.

But post 25 Apr 2019 onwards pressure of work will be increasing and you may feel much stress in working life.

Such professional disputes may make place with your colleagues or working associates.

Although working environment is indicating resistance and restriction under this period so you should continue your positive approach to maintain your concentration & discipline.

You should manage your work with carefully and try to finish tasks in organized way before end of 2019.

So there would be need for careful and organized work.

Otherwise such hindrances may there in your professional environment.

Existing conditions would be continued up to 20th Jan 2020 that’ why sometimes this phase will demand concerned approach and discipline in working life.

Regular enhancement may occur by professional performance.

With end of 2017 your income will be enhanced and get decent package.

You will enjoy all material pleasure.

During 2nd half of 2018 you will unable to control your expenditures.

Extravagance on physical pleasure also.

Some expenses on beneficial travels.

Such relationships will be formed recently.

Your working position will be improved also.

But you will have to changes in your attitude towards working partners as colleagues, sub-ordinates.

You should be serious with home pleasure.

Maintain the love and harmony.

Period would be average of health.

Headache or eyes problems would be continued as earlier.

Some gastric or stomach problems may also develop by Jan 2018.

At this stage [from after 24 Jan 2020] transit Saturn will be in Capricorn sign which would be in 9th house from Moon sign which would be quite favorable aspect too with his yoga and keep your position along with profile in working environment but you will have to maintain systematic and disciplined approach till 17 Jan 2023.

This period would be fortunate for retrieval the benefits by your previous hard work and devotion to work.

In Apr-May 2020 you will get the new obligation in career with change the designation.

Working environment will also support you.

Get the success after completion of running work in remaining period of 2020.

Hopes and wishes from work will also fulfill under this period.

You will enjoy this precious time of professional life with positive environment to do better in professional life.

Till Oct 2020 you will get much reward and recognition by authorities.

After getting this responsibility you may face some opposition during Nov 2020 to Jul 2021.

During this period you should more conscious about work.

With Aug 2021 there would be such strong chances for place change but it would be favorable for professional and personal life.

In remaining period of 2021 professional contacts will be increasing along with reputation and recognition in professional work.

You will dominate at your foes through success of your work.

Increase your social recognition through some other good deeds of life which have not correlation with professional work in period of 2021.

But with Jan 2022 you will have to make yourself as per requirement of your professional environment because this period will demand more hard work and labour.

With this, it would not be favorable for any professional change.

However working environment is indicating resistance and restriction till Aug 2022 so you should maintain your concentration & discipline in existing organization.

Post Aug 2022 period is giving indication for professional diversion but it would not be suggestible.

Consistency in existing organization would be favorable to make positive working environment in remaining sub period of Ketu.

You should manage your work with carefully and try to finish tasks in organized way.

Up to Jan 2023 you should not consider about opponent’s behavior and do work systematically.

Period would be precious for your financial enhancement by two growth points during Apr 2020 and in Aug 2021.

Some losses through sub-ordinates or more extravagance on built up the resources during Oct 2020 to Mar 2021.

In spite of, expenses may there on top enjoyments and luxury.

Expenses will be very high for your expensive style, medical measures and increased outlay on the home front.

This period will be well for savings and new investments in other work also.

The 2nd half of 2021 will be beneficial for investment in property and related things.

But in 2022 financial conditions would be continued as usual with any major change.

With this you should not incline towards any rapid approach in reference monetary transitions.

The area of love will be slightly positive.

A few new relationships can develop.

Some of these may involve you emotionally after a long time.

However while you relish them, you will do well to take note that these relationships will have very short life.

Martial relationship will get boost.

During this period her intimate support will encourage you.

Overall satisfy with your life partner.

Your health will be improve and would be under controlled by your optimistic efforts.

But such unexpected health problems may occur now so you should be alert for any injuries or accidents especially in period of 2023.

At this stage [from after 17 Jan 2023] transit Saturn will be in Aquarius sign which would be in 10th house from Moon sign and making square aspect with Moon that’s why frequent challenges would be part of your professional objectives and indicates average phase of life under this period. in this you should very alert to decide important issues, otherwise major troubles may take place.
This period will start quite difficult phase which may obstruct earlier growth point post Feb 2023.

The existing differences at professional person will suddenly escalate from after Aug 2023.

In remaining period of 2023 and 1st three quarter of 2024 many major differences will lead to controversies.

Opponents may dominate at you and creates regular obstacles in your running projects.

You should not consider about opponent’s behavior and do work systematically.

You should not involve in any issue which will be against of your position.

Otherwise you should prepare to face this critical situation.

However you will be able to somehow handle them without taking any rebellious action.

This period will keep threatening you with loss of work but finally nothing will happen up to Aug 2024 you will get a break to polish yourself.

During this period you should read and write motivational and inspiring matters.

Done the work by you will not recognize during this period.

With Sep 2024 such things will better by expected results of earlier projects.

But you will have to adjust in existing working environment.

Till Mar 2025 period would be good to put efforts to get expected results in professional life.

There would not be any new developments or growth points in your stable income.

All expenses will keep rising despite your best efforts.

Further, many wrong and hasty decisions will bring down the possibility of good savings.

Loss through speculation must be avoided.

So you should not hasty to earn by short term and continued regular savings.

Some obstacles may occur due to work.

It would be very critical period for professional relationships.

But physical enjoyments will continue smoothly.

Just give and take.

Positive communication must be required to make harmony in life.

Such pleasurable journeys may also be there, which would be profitable to overcome professional pressure.

Indifferent health.

Professional stress will increase such health problems.

If you will not conscious about it then will have to face such serious infectious ailments during 1st half of 2024.

At this stage [from after 29 Mar 2025] transit Saturn will be in Pisces sign which would be in 11th house from Moon sign along with trine aspect with natal Saturn. These planetary positions in transit would be supportive and encouraging your professional pursuits along with giving results as per your own.
The period by Apr 2025 onwards would be progressive by reducing previous troubles & hindrances.

Earlier problems will be removing gradually and professional progress would be positive for expected results and targets of career.

In remaining period of 2025 colleagues & seniors would be more supportive now and you will be enjoying your professional life.

So you will enjoy this precious time of professional life with positive environment to do better in professional life.

Your professional activities would be increasing day by day along with such growth pints in career during Apr-May 2026.

With this you will have to more expenses to fulfillment the liabilities of life during this period.

Income will rise very handsomely but in spurts.

Saving will be better than earlier period but extravagance will be continued.

You would be liberal in your family life.

Improvement would be there in your relationship.

There would be fulfillment of your expectation and desires till 25th May 2026.

A more reasonable and sober phase in conjugal life.

Earlier problems would be under controlled and you will be enjoying your decent life.

But you should conscious about your diet system and keep control on weight gain.