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During the period 7th and 14th March, a rare 5 planet combination is forming in the sign of Aquarius in our charts when the planets including Sun, Venus, Mercury and Ketu, the dragon’s tail come together in one sign of Aquarius.

During 08 and 09 Mar 2016, even Moon will join these planets in Aquarius.
This is a rare & very important occurrence and its effects will be further energized and made complicated due to clubbing together of 5 planets including the powerful phenomenon of Solar Eclipse occurring on 8th March 2016.
This period [7th and 14th March 2016] is therefore going to be very significant when abundant energies of highly varying results and a very charged up scenario is going to be witnessed by most people while restrictions on over determined actions and imposed stagnancy of desired results will also appear.
Additionally the Solar Eclipse [on 08/09 Mar 2016] will naturally bring in a further dose of infinite amount of energy on its own.
While it depresses those areas in a birth chart which it transits, it also is a generator of a tremendous planetary combination for wealth (Dhana Yoga).

Cumulative effects of the 5 Planet Combinations:
Ketu and Sun are already in Aquarius, while Sun will leave this sign on 14 Mar 2016.
On March 1, Mercury leaves Capricorn and moves into Aquarius, joining Sun and Ketu in the fixed sign Aquarius that is co-ruled by Saturn and Rahu.
This puts the energetic and change-loving Mercury into an interesting yet confusing environment for the first half of March.
Venus moving in to Aquarius on 8th Mar 2016 completes the transition of 5 important planets into Aquarius.
It is very important to note at this stage that all the 9 planets will be positioned in fixed signs indicating highly pronounced degree of fixity of events, good or bad [Moon leaves this cluster of 10 Mar due to her movement into Pisces].

This 5 planet combination is occurring in a fixed sign Aquarius and is in trine to another important combination of Saturn and Mars, also in a fixed sign Scorpio which is also trine to the third important combination of Jupiter and Rahu in still another fixed sign Leo.
Due to Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury and Ketu together in Aquarius, you will have one week of stuck energy, from March 7-14, with the Moon being the only planet that will later traverse to different signs after participating in the total solar eclipse on March 8-9.)

Thus March 2016 is a big month for Aquarius [and also for Scorpio] since Aquarius is co-ruled by Saturn and Rahu, while Scorpio is co-ruled by Mars and Ketu.
All these will enrich the complexity you may face in interpreting the behavior of 5 planets in Aquarius and as they interact with the other two fixed signs.
The 5 planet combination will gather quite a bit of planetary charge into the nodal axis, which will cause a total solar eclipse on March 8-9.
Within this combination, Venus' role is to connect and harmonize, bringing together different entities through acceptance, entertainment and diplomacy.
Mercury, a natural friend of Venus, should be helpful toward these ends as the planets move through Aquarius.

Aquarius, ruled by Saturn and Rahu, can be a rather rough and weird ride for these planets.
The detached nature of Aquarius comes through strongly in its air sign.
Ketu brings a smoky, obscuring presence to Aquarius, which results in questioning of definitions and challenge of boundaries.
By this strange combination of challenging planets influencing the sign Aquarius, you will be offered a lens that shows you this truth: all are equal in that all are unique.
This Aquarian humanitarianism will be the backdrop for the solar eclipse.
Venus joining the scene brings compassion, grace and love into the mix.
While you will see all of the 9 planets in transit of fixed signs, where things may not move as quickly as we desire, Venus helps us to see the beauty, the delicate artistry of the moments as we sit transfixed and observing.

General effects of the solar eclipse:
During the important transits of 5 planets through vital areas of your horoscope, you will also need to appropriately handle the effects of solar eclipse occurring on 08-09 Mar 2016.
The effects of solar eclipse will occur not only on this date but will also extend to six months from the date.

In your birth chart, the solar eclipse will occur in the 8th house [of sudden effects, generally negative] from your ascendant and in the 11th house [gain] from Moon sign and these houses will remain specially activated and sensitized during these six months.
The eclipse can make many changes that can influence the above areas.
The need for paying attention to the solar eclipse is to simply harmonize your actions with the change of astrological weather.
Thus you must take sufficient care in making choices in and deciding on matters of the above areas with more caution and care.

In the course of activities of day to day life, the day of eclipse [and also the six month period from it] should be avoided for important new beginnings in material areas.
If you are thinking about starting a business, getting married, approaching your boss for a promotion, or expecting proposal from your boyfriend, then this period is not the time to do it [since the birth chart does not support these at this stage].
On the other hand, if you are thinking about going camping, going on a retreat, starting psychotherapy, ending a relationship, quitting a job, cleaning your house, or just spending some quiet time, then this period can be a good time to start.
In the decision making process also you will need to be careful about unexpected opportunities.
If, for example, you find your dream house, or someone makes you a job offer, it is generally a good idea to leave it.
Things which you are presented with at this time are usually either short-lived or develop unforeseen problems later.

However, if the thing that you are deciding is of an introspective or spiritual nature, then the eclipse and the 6 month period after that might indicate a positive outcome.
The Nakshatra or star [in this case it is Purbabhadrapada] in which an eclipse falls will also see restrictions on its effects.
Generally, the effects of the nakshatra and whatever it symbolizes will be spoiled for the next six months after the eclipse.
In your case this will be very positive for you since Purbabhadrapada star falls in the Naidhana [dangers] group of stars calculated from your birth star Ashwini and thus all forms and degrees of danger or threat to you will be much decreased in potency and occurrence and may be eliminated too.

Which aspect/ area of life would be high in focus with the combination:
The affected sign Aquarius is the 7th house from ascendant and the 11th house from Moon sign.
These houses mainly cover marital and other relationships including professional and social ones, and material and financial gains, discharge from hospitals or recovery from sickness or from debts, and health issues like urinary troubles.
These are the areas that will be acutely influenced and you will need to be anticipative and prepared for meeting them adequately.

Suggestions on what to do to get benefits from this combination:
You will need to primarily remember that the sign Aquarius is much afflicted by natal Rahu in your birth chart though Rahu is a co-owner of this sign but the house occupied is too important and delicate.
The current transit of 5 planets [Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Ketu] will move over this natal Rahu.
Thus many temptations, confusions and finally and unwise and hasty actions alternating with a tendency to procrastinate will develop to much higher degrees.
You will need to basically try to remain calmly focused on your own priorities and think well before you speak on or take any action in any important matter, especially in those related to all forms of relationships with special emphasis on marital and social life, inflow and outflow of money, any new financial demands or commitments, any pending debts, taking loans and making risky investments.
You may not get support of elder siblings or friends.
Lack of cooperation from all other people around you, at home, at work or in society, will be highly pronounced.

Thus you will need to avoid expecting any help or support from any quarter and meet your needs based on your own initiative, and resources only.
Otherwise your problems and commitments will surely multiply.
It is a time that demands a calm mind, logical thinking, planned action and above all strong determination.

Strictly avoid communication failure and controversies with seniors and colleagues at work.
Alertness and self discipline will be the key areas that will demand continued attention.
You will also need to take good care of your health and avoid overstraining yourself.
If you can move along the lines suggested here, you can effectively tome down most issues and in some cases you may be able to even avoid them entirely.

Suggestions on what to avoid:
Avoid arguments with all, especially seniors, colleagues, women and siblings.
Do not expect any support even from the most dependable or revered people.
Do not spend money or invest money without proper thinking and judgment.
Do not take financial decisions based on advice of outsiders.
Save very regularly without waiting for any situation to develop.
Invest in time tested and conservative areas only.
Strictly avoid any hasty, dubious or speculative investments.
DO NOT spend in anticipation of any financial gain.
Get money before you spend it.
Do not invest borrowed money.
Practice thrift strictly.
Avoid all new financial commitments.
Live a simple and disciplined life and opt for regular exercise.


Chanting Mantras and meditation can be of great help.
During solar eclipse, you should chant this Mantra:
“Om Adityay Vidmahe Divakaraye Dheemahi Tanno Suryah Prachodayat”

Strictly avoid eating non-vegetarian food on the day of eclipse and if possible, maintain this restriction during the next six months.