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2013 sees its second 5 planet combination in Taurus. We have Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, Sun & Mars in Taurus in the second half of May, although the effects of this combination would be felt over the next 3-4 months due to concentrated energies in a single Zodiac sign.
Taurus is a fixed & earthy zodiac sign and this combination sits favorably here as Venus is in its own sign adding to support and strength.

Taurus in your birth chart falls in your 7th house, the house of marriage, relationships, trade, partnerships as well as foreign travel. From your Moon sign this combination comes in the 3rd house which denotes expansion, valor, higher status, fame and siblings. In some cases this signifies sports too.

This 5 planet combination would bring in a spurt in new business opportunities. There would be new projects and many new options for you during this period. Travel could come up or must have been undertaken in the past. Such travel will yield very good results in the coming few months. You will find an opportunity for a new relationship. There would be social occasions where you & your partners will be the center of attraction. Chances of a very serious relationship / marriage taking off during this period is very high.

This period is very peculiar as your sex appeal will rise. You will find many people from all walks of life attracted towards you.
You need to be very careful about what you speak & reveal about yourself as that could back fire upon you. Partnerships could get jeopardized badly if you are not able to control your anger and speech. Be alert while you speak, as distractions could make you dull & say things you don’t mean during this period.

Ego will be high & chances of indulging in one up man ship exist. Avoid that will life partner, lover as well as business partners.
Anger could rise at times and certain rash actions could bring in injury too during June. Be very cautious in sports, driving and any outdoor activities.
Health might be slightly lower than normal now.

Overall you can get the following advantages during this period:

1. Good chances of a new relationship or very good chances of mending marriage or existing love.
2. A new partnership.
3. Gain & growth through travel and a new business.

You need to be cautious about the following:

1. Insensitive speech that could sour opportunities.
2. Unnecessary aggression and expectation from loved ones
3. Ego & a confrontational attitude
4. Injuries and minor ill health.

Transit results:

Jupiter remain in Taurus till end May and will bring relationship and work happiness. It could pull your position down. From June Jupiter would move in Gemini from 1st June. It will bring a slowdown in finances & investments. You are likely to experience distances from Children. Interest would rise in religion, occult and spirituality.
At the same time gains from spouse, partner or in joint projects would go up. This period is essentially good for getting gains from others. You could get a gain from an ancestral property or an older investment made by you. If you are planning then buying a new property is possible too.

Energy & stamina could fall between 15th June & 16th July. Avoid very high activity during this period. After the 16th July, there would be a significant increase in your career progress and success till mid August 2013.

You will be able to control your temperament & speech after the 27th May. You will make multiple gains and see growth due to the effects of this special combination in June, July & parts of August.

Aggression in relationships will remain through this transit. There could be rashness or impulsiveness after the 23rd May and the anger towards partner / spouse could continue till 5th July. Thereafter too latent or hidden anger could spoil matters since you are likely to say aggressive things that you might regret later on. Expenses of self as well as partner would be high. A shopping spree of a partner could leave you short on money during this period.


This cluster of planets in your house of marriage & relationships could bring in a lot of energy and changes. You would do well to recognize the high energy and react positively. Keep your anger and ego ate bay. If you have any latent issues or biases against your life partner or business partner, then shed them. These biases could be the basis of wrong utterances and eventually disputes.
Improvements would come after mid July 2013 and therefore caution till such time is good.
You should try & maximize gains from joint areas of your life as there would be gains now. Do not miss opportunities or procrastinate. However avoid creating pressure or unpleasantness for spouse.

Astrological remedies : Make a donation to an orphanage between the 15th May & 1st June. Collect blue flowers and throw them in running water at dusk time or later to reduce the financial pressures. This should be done as & when possible till 10th July 2013.