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It can be read under the following heads:

  •     Understanding Planetary Conjunction
  •     How a 4 Planet Cluster would form in Leo in your Horoscope
  •     Important dates when this combination would operate in your horoscope
  •     Significance of Total Solar Eclipse & how it effects life trends  
  •     The dates & the planets Solar Eclipse would effect
  •     Forecast based on 4 Planet & Solar Eclipse

a)    Based on houses it takes & effects
b)    Based on Signs it takes place & effects
c)    Based on the planets placed in the houses it effects
d)    Based on the Nakshatra it takes place in
    Opportunities because of the cluster and eclipse
    Precautions and remedies
    Suggestions on how to use the 4 planet cluster and solar eclipse for your advantage

Understanding Planetary Conjunction:

Your birth chart reflects the arrangement of 9 planets around 12 houses, as recorded at the time, place & date of your birth. However the planets continue to move or transit in their orbit around Sun casting different affects at all times on the planetary configuration of your birth chart.

The promise of a chart is delivered when while transiting 2 or planets get arranged in a specific location in your horoscope.  When that happens, their resultant effect can make an ordinary looking chart deliver highly benefic & powerful results during that period itself.

 When 2 or more planets come together or conjunct in a horoscope, during their transiting motion, the effects are greatly enhanced benefiting the native. This is what we commonly call as the effect of conjunction of 2 or more planets in transit.  

How a 4 Planet Cluster would form in Leo in your Horoscope:

 On 28th August, 4 planets cluster together in the royal Leo sign in your horoscope.  Here the retrograding Mercury that is moving backwards rapidly towards this cluster joins the conjunction making it even more unsteady.  This period would also see the high energy conjunction of Mars & Rahu, the dragon’s tail on the 27th August within the same orb.

Important dates when this combination would operate in your horoscope:
The above combination will form in the manner given below.

    Transit Sun will be in Leo sign from 17 Aug 2017 to 17 Sep 2017.
    Transit Mars will be in Leo from 27 Aug 2017 to 13 Oct 2017.
    Transit Mercury will be in Leo from 21 Jul 2017 to 27 Sep 2017, while Mercury will be retrograde from 13 Aug 2017 to 05 Sep 2017, a critical period.
    True Rahu will be in Leo until the end of Aug 2017; while Mean Rahu will be in Leo till 18 Aug 2017 (results of both will be effective).
    Overall the combined effects of the cluster in Leo will actually operate from 28 Aug 2017 to 07 Sep 2017

The significance of Total Solar Eclipse & how it affects life trends:

    During the important transits of four planets through vital areas of your horoscope, you will also need to appropriately handle the effects of the solar eclipse occurring on 21 Aug 2017.
    The effects of solar eclipse will occur not only on this date but will also extend to six months from the date.
    In your birth chart, the solar eclipse will occur in the 12th house [of expenditure and abroad and spiritual way] from your ascendant and in the 2nd house (wealth, speech, food, family, bank balance and eyes) from Moon sign and these houses will remain specially activated and sensitize during these six months.
    The eclipse can make many changes that can influence the above areas.
    The need for paying attention to the solar eclipse is to simply harmonize your actions with the change of planetary climate.
    During this period, you should take care of your finances and focus on the safety of your valuables as you may suffer some losses due to theft during this period.
    You may have to be extra careful to avoid trouble from enemies. Moreover, you are also likely to be humiliated and some unseen problems might crop up in your field activity.
    You are likely to progress in your career with an increased recognition from the employer or authorities. There is an increased chance for promotion or better employment or better employment.
    You feel energetic and enthusiastic, and will experience a heightened ability to overcome obstacles, resolve the problem, and overcome possible obstruction from adversaries.
    Your work is most likely to be successful and bears fruit

The dates & the planets Solar Eclipse would effect:

    The solar eclipse will occur on 21 Aug 2017 in Leo [where the cluster of 4 planets is located].
    Thus the solar eclipse will affect/influence Sun, Moon, Mars, and Mercury and also Rahu in transit in Leo by direct conjunction in the 12th house from your ascendant Virgo and transit Ketu in Aquarius in the 6th house from ascendant by the opposition.
    Solar Eclipse will also be in adverse trine with natal Sun in Sagittarius, in the 4th   house from the ascendant.
    The influence of solar eclipse on the above planets can be adverse if you cannot balance out the good energies with the negative ones.
    However, if you can maintain calm and intelligent discipline, the solar eclipse can bless you with many options for benefit as the 12th   house of foreign will be much activated.

Forecast based on 4 Planet & Solar Eclipse:
Based on houses it takes place in & effects:
The 4-planet cluster and solar eclipse occur in the 12th   house from the ascendant and in the 2nd house from Moon sign.  


    Sun in 12th   house from ascendant, will indicate travel and meet people related to religious or spiritual activities.
    Stay away from your known enemies and be careful of unknown ones. However, this period may also give you few new and worthy friends whom friends whom you would treasure for life.
    Handle your finance carefully as money needs extra attention during this period. Be cautious to avoid any loss of wealth.
    Transit of Sun in the 2nd   house from natal Moon brings a positive boost in your professional and personal life.
    You are likely to progress in your progress in your career with increased recognition from the authorities.


    Mars in the 12th   house from ascendant will demand hard work, results of efforts, obedience to seniors, team spirit and care of health and care in driving.
    Work should be on a smooth sail and you are likely to succeed in matters of importance. Your new endeavours would also see success.   
    Mars in the 2nd   house from Moon will give creativity and intellectual proficiency.
    During this period, Mars will move through your third house from the moon. This brings in good times and could be regarded especially well for financial gains. During this time, you are likely to make money in your trade and profession.


    Mercury in the 12th house from ascendant offers a good time for mental work, success in attempts, good planning for handling work, domestic happiness, victory over enemies, and good relation with all provided you avoid being critical of them.
    Mercury in the 2nd house from Moon offers your relatives will also be happy with you during this planetary period
    Some of you may find older people exceptionally supportive. Friends will be helpful and more sympathetic than ever.


    Rahu in the 12th house from ascendant will offer gain from abroad activities.
    Health would require your constant attention. You may even develop some unknown ailments, which might take more than usual time to recover.  
    Rahu in the 2nd house from Moon will give a scholarship, pilgrimage, and religious ideas.
    You may travel abroad for education or higher training.
    The physical suffering is likely to cause much worry for you mentally. You may feel worried constantly and may suffer from deep mental misery.
     You may even become nervous mentally troubled and restless during this particular phase.

Based on Signs it takes place in & effects:

    Sun moving in Leo sign will make you much dignified, dominant, snobbish and haughty and much passionate.
    But you can be quite generous and creative too.


    Mars moving in Leo will make you highly enterprising with much self-confidence and vitality.
    But you will be much inclined to self-importance and vanity.
    You will be much combative but will have regard for elders and seniors.


    Mercury in Leo will make you strong minded but poor to grasp things well or fast and you will be slow to form and change your opinions.


    Rahu moving in Leo will cause loss of property and favour of authorities and cause bereavement.

Based on the planets placed in the houses it effects:

    The cluster of planets and the solar eclipse occupy Leo and will aspect Aquarius, the 6th house from ascendant and the 8th house from Moon.
    There is no planet in these houses in the natal chart and thus none can be affected.

Based on the Nakshatra it takes place in:

    The Nakshatra or star (in this case, it is Magha) in which the solar eclipse falls will also see restrictions on its effects.
    Generally, the effects of the Nakshatra and whatever it symbolizes will be spoiled for the next six months after the eclipse.

    In your case this will be negative for you since Magha star falls in the Sampat (wealth and prosperity) group of stars calculated from your birth star Ashlesha.
    Thus all forms and degrees of progress in wealth and prosperity will be obstructed, will be decreased in potency and occurrence

Opportunities because of 4 Planet cluster and Solar Eclipse:

    Handled with maturity and self-control, this period is quite empowered to create opportunities for career progress through change of job or through change or expansion of your role in current job.
    But such success will need good effort and right handling of events.
    In case you are not working now and are looking for a position, you can get a suitable option.
    Income from career will have good chance to increase.
    Mature and conservative investments are well supported and can bring you much gain through them.
    Your power of self-expression and creativity will be sharp and timely and you should use them to your advantage.
    Domestic happiness and health of spouse will need specific and timely attention.
    Children, if any, may not enjoy adequate good health or good luck and thus they too will need your attention and guidance.
    The events leading to all possible positivity will occur till 11 Sep 2017 and will start giving good effects and results gradually after this date.

Precautions and remedies:

    At this stage many temptations, confusions and finally unwise and hasty actions alternating with a tendency to procrastinate will develop to much higher degrees
    You will need to basically try to remain calmly focused on your own priorities and think well before you speak on or take any action in any important matter, especially in those related to all forms of relationships with special emphasis on marital and social life, matters of legal significance, professional equations, inflow and outflow of money, any new financial demands or commitments, any pending debts, taking loans and making risky investments.
    You may not get the support of others including siblings or friends.
    Lack of cooperation from all other people around you, at home, at work or in society, will be highly pronounced.
    Thus you will need to avoid expecting any help or support from any quarter and meet your needs based on your own initiative, and resources only.
    Otherwise, your problems and commitments will surely multiply.
    It is a time that demands a calm mind, logical thinking, planned action and above all strong determination.
    Strictly avoid communication failure and controversies with seniors and colleagues at work.
    Alertness and self-discipline will be the key areas that will demand continued attention.
    You will also need to take good care of your health and avoid overstraining yourself.
    If you can move along the lines suggested here, you can effectively come down most issues and in some cases, you may be able to even avoid them entirely.


    Chanting Mantras and meditation can be of great help. During solar eclipse, you should chant this Mantra:
    “Om Adityay Vidmahe Divakaraye Dheemahi Tanno Suryah Prachodayat”

Strictly avoid eating non-vegetarian food on the day of eclipse and if possible, maintain this restriction during the next six months.

Suggestions on how to use the 4 planet cluster and solar eclipse to your advantage:

    Precaution in actions and speech will be the most important element at this stage.
    For this to be achieved, you should go by the guide lines given below.
    Avoid arguments with all, especially seniors, colleagues, women and siblings.
    Do not expect any support even from the most dependable or revered people.
    Do not spend money or invest money without proper thinking and judgment.
    Do not take financial decisions based on advice of outsiders.
    Save very regularly without waiting for any situation to develop.
    Invest in time tested and conservative areas only.
    Strictly avoid any hasty, dubious or speculative investments.
    Do not spend in anticipation of any financial gain.
    Get money before you spend it.
    Do not invest borrowed money.
    Practice thrift strictly.
    Avoid all new financial commitments.
    Live a simple and disciplined life and opt for regular exercise.
    The downbeat points given above are basically for caution and care, and any positive action can increase the gains or positivity of any situation.