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  • Your birth chart
  • Important divisional charts, D2, D9, D7 and D10.
  • Dasa periods.
  • Transit position of major planets with respect to birth chart and divisional charts

The report can be read under the following heads:

  • Effects of all planets
  • Year 2017-2018 - an overview
  • Year 2017-2018 - detailed reading - career, money, health, love, marriage, children
  • Analysis and brief results of all major divisional charts - D2, D9, D7, D10,
  • Dasa Analysis & Planetary Combinations Results
  • Effects of transit of sun ruling various months
  • Remedies
  • Lucky dates

Effects of individual planets as per birth chart



Religious bent of mind.




Much force of character.

Power of endurance.








Short tempered.


Strong family ties.



Financial crisis.

Unhappy domestic life.

Strong materialistic instincts.

Principles may be weak.

Devoid of bodily vigor.

Eye and dental diseases.

Tirelessly and consistently enterprising.


Authorship ability.

Fortunes from or through father.

Property in foreign land.



Not much liking for spouse.

Not much spiritual leanings.

High living style.


Much passion.

Tendency for self-importance.



Accidents in foreign lands possible.


Proficiency in mathematical subjects.

Strong memory.

Raj yoga [but often inactive].

Susceptible to what others think.

Late marriage.

Sickly spouse.

Loss of spouse.

No happiness.

Unworthy associates Impotency may develop.

Anger in temper.

Long life.


Worldly prosperity.

Property and conveyances.

Long living parents.






Power over enemies.



May be deprived of ancestral property.

Highly dignified bearing.

Actions and gestures on a grand scale.

Own master.

Fickle minded.

Fear of speaking in public.




Spouse beautiful.


Fond of travels.

Changeable affections.

Fond of sex.

Attraction for social gatherings and a good life.

Unhappiness in wedlock.

Putra Dosha [lack of or harm to progeny].

Ill health of spouse.

Losses through women possible.

Lack of rapport with others.

Weak health.

Phlegmatic problems.

Gain of wealth.

Gains through employment career.


Lucky after marriage.

Success over enemies.

Worldly disposition.

Materialistic outlook.

Wealth by deceitful means may be possible.

Questionable and suspicious dealing possible.

Loss of money through enemies.

Illogical arguments.

Troublesome servants.



Fairly wealthy.

Break in education.

Domestic peace marred.

Burdensome responsibilities on home front.

Duality of mind.

Weak health.

Spiritual progress during very late life.

Loss of wealth.


Partnership with shady and unscrupulous people.

Loss of real friends.


Accidents possible.


The total effects of all planets can be different due to mix and match of the effects of various planets and their transits.

Year 2017: An Overview
Business is not suitable for your chart.

Career will have an opportunity to progress through a change of role or area of work with more responsibility.

Progress over your good income from career will be possible.

Expenses will be high and this should be reduced.

Social life can be active but will remain unsatisfying.

Loss through soil life can occur easily.

Marital life may remain disturbed and not very happy.

Many differences are expected.

Health of spouse can decline.

Childbirth may or may not be possible.

In case you have or get children, they may not enjoy adequate good health or good luck.

Happiness of or from progeny will remain restricted.

Personal health may be disturbed.

Year 2017: Detailed Readings

Part One:
The effects in the major areas of life are likely to be on the following lines during 2016.

The year 2017 will be a mixed year in all areas of life but much better results are possible with simple reorganization of your ways and timing of speech and action.

Workload in career will be quite higher now without any additional infrastructural support.

The targets set for you will be very high and not easy to achieve.

Yet you will work quite hard and with total sincerity and honesty.

But there can be major differences with both colleagues and seniors.

Working dynamics will be tricky to handle.

Colleagues will be inimical and obstructive while seniors will be overly critical.

Thus your focus can be quite disturbed at times and you may get excited on certain occasions.

You will need to remain very alert and calm with sufficient self-control on your reactions and expressions under these situations.

Despite the fact that the year is not an easy one, you will deliver quite well and superiors will take note of this and will be inwardly happy with your performance.

However they will not like your dealings with colleagues and may think that your team work skills need improvement.

Yet you will get your due at work and will handle important projects.

During this year you will have strong chance of in situ change of role or area of work along with increase in compensation and this will be a very positive event to happen now.

You will get tasks that are well within your specialization and will give you an extended space for better work.

Your contributions will be appreciated and you will be financially rewarded.

However you will also face some restrictions on your work style and may be a victim of micro management from the top.

Change of job may be desired by you but this may not be possible or even advisable during the year.

The first quarter of the year will be very hectic but basically gainful but at the end it may cause sudden escalation of differences at work.

The second quarter will be slower and more peaceful when you will get opportunities to plan well for the rest of the year.

This or the next quarter will give you the extended or new role as indicated above.

The third quarter will start with differences escalating but you will soon get it under your control and will perform excellently.

The fourth quarter will be even, stable and will be more maturely handled.

You will be more confident now, but very discreet too.

The year will end with more satisfaction that what you expect at the start of it.


Income will be quite decent and will increase well too.

However your expenses will be too high as is seen from both D1 birth chart and D2 wealth chart.

You will not be careful or discreet about handling your funds.

There can be many needless and even dissolute expenses incurred by you.

You will not much care where, how and when you deploy your money.

You are also expected to donate more than enough into charities.

Wrong investment decisions, especially in speculative or other risky areas will cause loss.

This year is not suitable for investments in real estate.

Even sale or mortgage of landed property must be avoided.

Hold on to all assets that you have.

DO NOT invest in anything related to foreign countries or foreign currency.

Regular thrift and controlled investment decisions can bring decent growth in your financial health.

Love Life

Transit Saturn will be in 6:8 locations in both D1 birth chart and in

D9 Navamsa chart.

No new associations are possible in social life this year and no love or romance is seen.

Earlier associations, if any, will surely breakdown.

It is better to avoid social life and the expenses through it.

DO NOT LEND money.

Marital Life

If you are not married yet, marriage is not expected to occur in this year.

If you are married, marital life can have some issues despite Jupiter being in ascendant as its lord.

In birth chart, Mercury, the 7th house lord from ascendant is in the 8^th house while Jupiter and Mercury are in mutual 6:8 locations.

This can affect sex life and conjugal happiness.

Health of both can suffer and thus will affect sex life further.

D9 chart does not offer any relief in this matter.

Differences in tastes, priorities and preferences will be quite prominent and frequent.

Rahu with Moon in the 2nd house from ascendant will aggravate the issues in marital life.

But you will be able to surpass all these easily by keeping the health of both of you better and also by focused attention to marital needs and by spending quality time with your spouse.


This is a weak area of your horoscope.

Calculated virility quotient is negative at both D1 level and in D9 level.

There are many afflictions to the area of progeny as seen from D1, D9 and D7 charts.

Since relieving factors are not adequately present, childbirth can be fully obstructed or much delayed.

Children, if you have or get any, may not enjoy adequate good health or good luck.

Happiness in the matter of progeny will remain restricted.


Basically normal health is expected but it may gradually go down over the year.

Decline in masculine vigor can occur.

Hyperglycemia can be possible.

Part Two
- Analysis and brief results of all major divisional charts

1. D2 hora chart reading for wealth

Moon hora Cancer is occupied by Venus, and the nodes.

The effects of the nodes will cancel out mutually while Venus, placed in Moon hora is adverse for wealth.

Sun hora is occupied by Sun, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury.

Out of this, only Sun and Jupiter in this hora, are positive for wealth.

Moon, Mars and Saturn are quite negative in Sun Hora.

Mercury is neutral since birth time is not close to Sunrise or Sunset time.

Out of the unsupportive planets Saturn and Mars will cause more issues in the matters of finance.

Thus inflow of money and accumulation of the same will depend mainly on Sun and Jupiter and they should be made full use of.

2. D9 Navamsa chart reading for marriage & love

Ascendant in D9 chart is Cancer.

Moon, the lord of ascendant, is placed in the 12th house of loss and bed pleasures.

The 7th house of spouse or partner is ill occupied by Rahu.

Saturn, the lord of the 7^th house, is highly ill placed in Leo Navamsa in the family house from ascendant.

Moon or Saturn do not get any benefic aspect.

Family house from Moon has debilitated Mars and Ketu.

Overall marital life will have chances of facing some substantial disturbances in the areas of compatibility and sex life.

3. D10 Dasamsa chart reading for career

Ascendant as well as Moon sign is Pisces while Jupiter, the lord of ascendant/Moon sign and also lord of career house from ascendant/Moon sign is debilitated.

Rahu adversely aspects Jupiter, carrying the malefic effects of Saturn.

The 7th house of professional relationship is much afflicted by Saturn and Rahu.

Thus career will be highly demanding but growth rate will be lesser than what you deserve and how well you perform.

Relationship with seniors and colleagues and also with others at work may not be encouraging or peaceful.

4. D7 Saptamsa chart reading for progeny

The 5th house from any reference point rules progeny.

Mercury, the lord of 5th house of progeny from Aquarius ascendant, suffers from Papa Kartari Yoga [PKY] between debilitated Saturn and Rahu.

The 5th house too suffers from PKY between eunuch planet Mercury and Rahu.

The 5th house from Moon in Scorpio, suffers from adverse aspect of Rahu while Jupiter, the lord of 5th house from Moon, is debilitated and placed opposite Rahu.

The 5th house from Karaka Jupiter, is occupied by eunuch planet Mercury while Venus, the lord of 5th house from Jupiter, is aspected by Saturn, another eunuch planet.

Thus child birth will be very difficult, and may not be possible.

5. 2017 dasa analysis

The main period ruling the year 2017 is Saturn and it is the 5th main period of your life.

This is not a positive period [as it is the Pratyak dasa or the main period of various obstructions and it rules for long till 18 Apr 2035].

The current sub period lord too is Saturn and rules well beyond 2017.

Saturn is strong and active but he gets adverse aspect of Rahu in your birth chart D1 and is square to Mars and Sun in your birth chart D1.

Also Saturn is a functional malefic planet for your ascendant Sagittarius in birth chart and has only 5% residential strength.

Saturn is ill placed in Sun hora in D-2 chart and in Leo Navamsa in
D9 chart.

In D10 chart, Saturn is placed in the 7th house [of professional relationship] from ascendant and Moon, and is ill placed with Mercury and Rahu.

In D7 chart of progeny, Saturn is debilitated and ill placed at the center of the nodal axis.

Thus the period lords are not able to adequately protect or promote your life events during their rule.

6. 2017-2018 planetary transits & combinations

Saturn in transit will be in in the 12th house from ascendant till 27 Oct 2017 and can cause some loss and various obstructions and delays and also lack of opportunities and appreciation.

These effects of transit Saturn will linger for about 6 months more after this date.

However transit Saturn will also be in the 11th house of gain from your Moon sign Capricorn [this is quite positive].

However transit Saturn opposite natal Saturn will cause mistakes in work and wrong choice of priorities in all areas of life.

Transit Saturn aspecting and square to natal Sun will create significant differences with superiors at work and obstruction to career stability and growth can occur.

Transit Saturn in mutual aspect with natal Mars will bring in serious and frequent discord with all and especially with colleagues at work place.

Transit Rahu in Leo will be square to natal Saturn, and will thus make most events of your life quite destined in nature.

Things will not happen the way you want to yet you will need to accept this natural flow of events to avoid exacerbation of all issues.

Transit Rahu in Leo will also promote the negative effects of transit Saturn.

Transit Jupiter in Virgo till Sep 2017 and then in Libra, will be very positive throughout and will promote your career, home life, material gains, prospects of property and also your overall luck.

On the whole, the total effects of the major transits will be mixed but can certainly be made better with calmness, focus to right areas, right attitude and communication, patience and flexibility

Part Three
- effects of transit of Sun ruling the various months

September 2017

Slow progress in all matters.

Wrong decisions possible.

Displeasure and disfavor of superiors.

Take note of your surroundings.

Afflicted health.

Problems with eyes and stomach.

October 2017

Hasty and very harsh speech will spoil good chances in many matters.

Inclined to take more care of personal matters.

Separation from family in the form of travel.

Over confidence will misguide you.

November 2017

Sharp mind and quick thinking.

Creative ability will flourish.

Better support from seniors.

Loss of money through haste and greed.

Financial worries possible.

Stubborn and obstinate behavior.

Over confidence may lead you to face fraud.

All resources including any property will have chance to be harmed in the second half.

December 2017

Displeasure of superiors will continue.

Much sexual passion.

Must act with discretion and avoid rashness and impulsive acts.

Need to be more proactive and diligent.

Domestic unhappiness, if applicable.

Decline of masculine vigor.

January 2018

Poor health.

Many common ailments.

Lack of vitality.

Social indulgence.

More and greater responsibilities may appear at work place.

February 2018


Embarrassment through enemies.

Displeasure of superiors.

Go for some light enjoyments to avoid bad effects of mental stress.

March 2018

Excitement in nature.

Major differences with seniors.

Avoid arguments.

Social pleasures.

Disfavor from superiors.

Sudden fever.

April 2018

Time to improve attitude, efficiency and accountability at work.

You must work as per orders.

Good luck will depend on good judgment and cordial attitude.

Team up with others and take others’ advice.

Many new associations, not at all good for you.

Stomach diseases.

May 2018

Many enemies develop.

Quarrels with and loss through enemies.

Sharp mind but over confident.

Ill health of spouse, if applicable.

Joint finances should be avoided.

June 2018

Differences in social life.

Differences with colleagues at work.

Displeasure of superiors.


Negative speech.

Many accusations against you.

July 2018

Climax in opposition from superiors.

Difficulty in all undertakings.

No work will be completed easily, smoothly or fully.

Avoid ego, over indulgence and power struggle.

Take very good care of personal health.

August 2018

Must cooperate to get cooperation.

Start believing in team work and get involved in group efforts.

Financial gains.


Nerve related weakness.

Part 4: Remedies for best possible results

A. Remedy for childbirth or welfare of progeny:

Chant “Om Dhatre Namah” every day, 108 times in each session, morning, day and evening.

Continue this till conception occurs.

Change the mantra to “Om Vidhatre Namah” after conception is medically confirmed till safe delivery of the child.

Just in case you have a child, chant the second Mantra only.

B. Remedy for all other areas of life:

Chant “Om Durgaoii Namah” every day, as very frequently as possible, the more the better.

Even silent chanting will do.

Part 5: Fortunate dates during 2017

01, 07, 08, 09, 10, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 19, 23 & 24 Jan 2017.

01, 02, 03, 04, 06, 08, 10, 11, 13 & 18 Feb 2017.

07, 08, 10, 14, 15, 17, 18, 19, 24 & 25 Mar 2017.

01, 02, 03, 05, 08, 11, 17, 18, 19 & 30 Apr 2017.

01, 05, 06, 07, 08, 13, 15, 16, 18, 19 & 29 May 2017.

01, 03, 09, 10, 11, 12, 14, 16, 17, 26 & 28 Jun 2017.

03, 04, 05, 06, 08, 11, 13, 14, 28, 29 & 30 Jul 2017.

01, 02, 03, 04, 07, 08, 09, 14, 15, 24, 26, 27, 28, 29 & 31 Aug 2017.

01, 02, 03, 05, 06, 10 & 11 Sept 2017.