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Detailed Reading for 2016 Horoscope

The forecast of the events likely to happen during the next one year is given below after taking into consideration the following:

  • Your birth Horoscope.
  • Main and sub periods ruling the year.
  • Transit position of major planets.

Effects of individual planets as per birth chart

High position.
Success after much effort.
Effeminate body.

Good material gain.
Fond of beauty and elegance.
Female associates.
Loss of wealth.
Fickle minded.
Ear trouble.

Inherits legacy.
Meticulous planning.
Decisive actions.
Highly extravagant.
Financial losses.
Hot temper.
Sharp and carping tongue.
Family troubles.
Poor vision.

High position and status.
Study abroad.
Prosperity in other countries.
Rise after marriage.
Spouse good natured and religious minded.
Virtuous acts.
Strong minded but poor to grasp.
Slow to form and change opinion.

Academic accomplishments.
Wealth through spouse.
Unfruitful expenses.
Fond of speculation and gambling.
Miserly yet profligate.
Loss if in business.
Loss of ancestral property.
Unhappy life.
Devoid of domestic happiness.
Lustful but changes later.
Accentuated sexuality.
Delusions of invincibility.
Rigid beliefs.
Given to anger.
Early demise of mother possible.
Weak constitution.
Decline in masculine vigor.


Gifted speaker.
Intent on public welfare.
Ascetic in late life.
Happy in other countries.
Gains through women.
Litigation over paternal property.
Attaches more importance to status and wealth than to love or affection.
Craves for recognition.
Break in education.
Undemonstrative affection.
Various enjoyments.
High position.
Fortunate after marriage.
Gain of wealth.
Success over enemies.
Sober intellect.
Worldly disposition.
Materialistic outlook.
Illogical arguments.
Loss through enemies and servants.
Loss of money.
Disease in anus.
All round general prosperity.
Break in education.
Lack of domestic bliss.
Poor health of mother.
Spiritual success.
Loss of wealth.
Unworthy friends.
Poor health.


The total effects of all planets can be different due to mix and match of the effects of various planets and their transits.

Year 2016: An Overview

·Moderate progress in career may occur.

Decent income but needlessly high expenses.

Inadequate accumulation of money due to mismanagement of funds.

Active social life but loss is possible.

Marriage, if applicable, may not occur during the year.

Marital life can be quite improved, if attended to in time.

Lack of adequate happiness of/from progeny.

Common functional ailments can get chronic.

Year 2016: Detailed readings:

Part One: The effects in the major areas of life are likely to be on the following lines during 2016.


2016 is a mixed year with quite a few opportunities along with some significant obstructions.

The main period lord Mercury period and the first sub period lord Venus [Venus ruling till 18 Feb 2018] are not well posited in your birth chart.

The next sub period lord Sun is strong and has good digbala but is highly inauspicious and is also under malefic aspect of Rahu.

Thus the period lords are unable to promote or protect your life events including career.

The transit chart is of mixed nature and can offer comparatively better results and also some opportunities and gains.

Transit Saturn or Rahu cannot offer progress in career while transit Jupiter will encourage both career progress and income.

Progress in current job career is not expected during 2016.

But a change to a better role in current job along with better compensation, or resumption of career [if not working now], may be possible.

Growth is more likely during the first half of 2016 [when your luck will get better] but the results will come later in the second half.

All these can happen provided you try very hard from the start of 2016 or from now and in a well controlled manner.

Take specific care about avoiding mistakes at work, as this is much possible and can invite major obstructions to any type of progress.

Also take care of all possible professional differences at work since many major disagreements with superiors and with colleagues can occur in any job [despite the fact that seniors will be per se quite impartial and fair and even supportive at times].

But superiors will also see many situations that will displease them much.

Your judgment and communication will remain highly inadequate due to your attitude.

This will invite needless criticisms, restrictions, oppositions and obstacles from your superiors.

You will need to maintain a rational and practical approach and continue to work very hard.


Income can go up to some extent during the year while it will be even more if it happens in the second half.

Handling of finance will not be controlled or discreet despite past experiences of mishandling of funds.

Extravagant expenses and wrong investments are possible and will affect accumulation.

Strictly avoid speculative and other risky investments, high living, social extravagance and possible health issues due to anxiety arising out these.

Strictly avoid spending in dissolute manner and save as much as possible.

Do not take any advice or guidance from others [especially from your friends] regarding financial matters and handle these things with your own judgment and determination.

It is better to focus on savings than on investments during this year.

Love Life

There can be many new associations but you will do well to choose your associates with due care and caution.

Look for long term peace, happiness and security than immediate enjoyments or pleasures.

Unreliable association can develop and will demand mature handling of social life.

Marital Life [as applicable]:

If you are not married now, you may not get a good chance for marriage during the year.

If you are already married, marital life will see some opportunity to get better, especially till the middle of 2016.

But affected health of spouse will need attention.

Your perceptions, preferences and priorities may remain different from your spouse but you can be more flexible and can be ready to adjust with her.

Try to make a good start during the first half of 2016.

Done all these, various basic differences can start to come down through new understandings and practical outlook.

Sexual life can improve too, provided health of spouse improves.


This is an afflicted area.

If you have or get children, they may not enjoy adequate good health or good luck.

Happiness in the matters of progeny will remain restricted.


Primarily normal health will be maintained during the year but common functional ailments are possible.

Take care of UTI and eye problems.

Part Two:  Further breakup of the year 2016, to focus on more trends.

January 2016:

Slow progress in all matters.

Wrong decisions possible.

Displeasure and disfavor of superiors.

Take note of your surroundings.

Afflicted health.

Problems with eyes and stomach.

February 2016:

Hasty and very harsh speech will spoil good chances in many matters.

Inclined to take more care of personal matters.

Separation from family in the form of travel.

Over confidence will misguide you.

March 2016:

Sharp mind and quick thinking.

Creative ability will flourish.

Better support from seniors.

Loss of money through haste and greed.

Financial worries possible.

Stubborn and obstinate behavior.

Over confidence may lead you to face fraud.

All resources including any property will have chance to be harmed in the second half.

April 2016:
Displeasure of superiors will continue.

Much sexual passion.

Must act with discretion and avoid rashness and impulsive acts.

Need to be more proactive and diligent.

Domestic unhappiness, if applicable.

Decline of masculine vigor.

May 2016:

·Poor health.

·Many common ailments.

·Lack of vitality.

·Social indulgence.

·More and greater responsibilities may appear at work place.

June 2016:


·Embarrassment through enemies.

·Displeasure of superiors.

·Go for some light enjoyments to avoid bad effects of mental stress.

July 2016:

·Excitement in nature.

·Major differences with seniors.

·Avoid arguments.

·Social pleasures.

·Disfavor from superiors.

·Sudden fever.

August 2016:

·Time to improve attitude, efficiency and accountability at work.

·You must work as per orders.

·Good luck will depend on good judgment and cordial attitude.

·Team up with others and take others’ advice.

·Many new associations, not at all good for you.

·Stomach diseases.

September 2016:

·Many enemies develop.

·Quarrels with and loss through enemies.

·Sharp mind but over confident.

·Ill health of spouse, if applicable.

·Joint finances should be avoided.

October 2016:

·Differences in social life.

·Differences with colleagues at work.

·Displeasure of superiors.


·Negative speech.

·Many accusations against you.

November 2016:

·Climax in opposition from superiors.

·Difficulty in all undertakings.

·No work will be completed easily, smoothly or fully.

·Avoid ego, over indulgence and power struggle.

·Take very good care of personal health.

December 2016:

·Must cooperate to get cooperation.

·Start believing in team work and get involved in group efforts.

·Financial gains.


·Nerve related weakness.

Finance Report for two years [Till 10 Dec 2017]:

Suitable Area of Activity :

[This applies to next two years.]

For Service :

·You are suitable for many careers, as given below or a suitable combination of these.

[Given in decreasing order of preference]:

·Advisory positions.

·Quality assurance.

·Quality audit.


·Executive positions.

·Liaison and coordination.

·Legal profession.

·Medicine and all allied areas.

·Health care services Industry.

·Scientific and technical services.



·Financial management.


·Jewelry industry.

·Sophisticated art.

·Transport industry.

·Polymer industry.

For Business:

For self-employment:

Suitable Method of Work:
Service or business or self-employment:

[The following applies to next three years.]


Not Suitable

Not Suitable

[For next 2 years]
Only Service

Investment suitable in :
[For next 2 years]

Savings/Bonds :
Most suitable.
Covers deposits in major banks, government bonds and securities.
Should invest to the maximum extent possible, throughout.

Real Estate
·Suitable for own use.
·Not suitable for investment purpose or resale.

Debt Instruments .

Equity & FOREX [direct investment] .
·Not suitable.

Mutual Funds
·Suitable but only in MF-s in low gain, low risk schemes.

Own business .
·Not suitable.


Any Combination holding back Monetary Success:
Yes, there are many combinations to obstruct generation of income and to cause loss of money or force wrong investment decisions on you.

Some of them are:

Jupiter, the main planet of financial growth, and the lord of ascendant and of the property house from ascendant is directly opposed by Saturn, the planet of financial contraction.

Jupiter is placed at the center of the nodal axis in your D_9 chart.

Jupiter, the karaka planet for wealth is placed in the wealth house from Moon sign.

Valid Sakata Yoga [Moon in the 12th house from Jupiter] while Moon is not in an angle from ascendant.

Moon, the planet of financial stability, is placed at the center of the nodal axis in your birth chart.

Saturn, the Yoga Karaka planet from Moon sign, is placed in the 8th house from Moon.

Venus, the lord of Moon sign, is extremely weak and inactive, with practically no digbala or auspiciousness.

Mercury and Venus, the lords of 11th house of gain and the 12th house of loss from Moon sign, have exchanged their sign positions.

Next 2 years [Till 10 Dec 2017]: A Financial Overview

·Income from career will increase during 2016-2017-2018.

·Many needless expenses and also various other needs will continue to put pressure on your finance.

·Medical expenses will be rising steadily.

·Handling of money may not be very appropriate or prudent.

·Loss through several indiscretions in expenses and investments will occur.

·Overall income will move from good to better but finance will not improve or may improve in a halting manner.

·This status can be bettered through more discretion and self control.

·Accumulate as much as possible during 2016 to 2018 since demands on your funds will keep increasing heavily from 2020-2021.

Year wise Forecast:
The results given below are based on the understanding that the guidelines for earning and investments given above are followed.

Otherwise results will vary WIDELY in degree and timing.

Year 2016:

·On the side of income, your growth possibilities may help you during the year.

·This is possible through a change of role in your current job.

·However your expenses will become much more than normal and most of these expenses will be related to some form of indiscretion.

·The expenses will be related to personal expenses and also the family and also some needless travel and social life.

·Medical expenses too can become quite high.

·You are not expected to cut down on avoidable expenses or to avoid needless expenses.

·Thus a certain degree of financial stringency will operate and this will remain during the next year too.

·Accordingly you will need to be more careful about where and how much you spend or do not spend.

Year 2017:
·During this year, your career can progress well and you may get a better position with a higher pay, with or without a change of job.

·However the demands on your funds will not come down in any way.

·You will choose to spend and invest the way you like at the moment and will go to one extreme or the other and will refuse to be ever on the middle of the road.

·Restrictive effects of Sade Sati will further encourage you to remain on the wrong side of financial prudence.

·Expenses related to various enjoyments, luxuries, pleasures, social enjoyments, health of self and spouse will be quite high.

·Your investment decisions will be hasty and often guided by parasitic

·Thus on the whole you will earn quite well but will not be able to accumulate much during the year.

·Not much improvement of finance is expected over the preceding year.

·Take care to save and invest in conventional manners and strictly avoid speculative or other risky investments.