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Planetary Conjunction in Vedic astrology

In the most basic terms, planetary conjunction occurs when two or more planets occupy the same house. But what happens when planets are conjunct in a house? They DEFINE your life in a nutshell. A conjunction can be benefic or malefic, depending upon several factors such as the nature of the planets involved, their relationship with each other, and the house/sign they are placed in. The strength of the planet is also taken into account, like whether the planet is combust, retrograde or direct.

There can be as many as 5 or 6 planets in the same house but such is a rare occurrence. These are in fact the most difficult horoscopes to interpret. Care must be taken in determining how the planets affect each other. There could be a Yoga or a planetary combination) forming due to the conjunction but if a malefic planet is operational in the same house, the Yoga may not fructify for the native. On the other hand, when multiple weak or malefic planets get together in a house, presence of a benefic could balance the situation. Nevertheless, its power would be low due to malefic influence so the horoscope can only be considered average.

Conjunction of multiple planets in one house indicates the focus area of your life - the house where most of the planets are placed. Nevertheless, there could be some misbalance in the personality of the native due to the strong pull of a single house. The lord of house where conjunction of planets takes place is also under the spotlight. If it is positioned well, it casts a benefic influence upon the native. It tends to make other planets strong too. However, if it is weakly posited or under malefic influence, it may only deem negative results and may worsen the situation.

Before we discuss the impact of various planetary combinations, take a look at the chart below.
The conjunction of planets in this chart takes place in the 11th house (governing income and expansion) so the focus of the native would be on expanding income.

Mercury being the lord of 5th house (education) would boost earnings from intellect and learning. And since it’s the 8th house lord too, it may give sudden gains but at the same time, health issues and hurdles in life may occur, more so because it is placed in an enemy sign.

Moon is the lord of 6th house (difficulties) and is placed in Sagittarius in the 11th, so the native will struggle, but will put in hard work and beat competition to shoot off income.

Sun, being the 7th lord in friendly sign will give earnings from partnerships and spouse.  

Venus, which is 4th and 9th lord is the Yogakaraka for this horoscope, will give ample opportunities to earn well. It is placed with Moon and Sun, its natural enemies so it’s positive effect will slightly be lessened but still Venus is very benefic for this horoscope.