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Moon Signs

Understanding Moon Sign

There are twelve zodiac signs in astrology. The placement of planets in these signs and houses can be different for everyone due to the continuous movement of planets in the celestial sphere. The sign where Moon is placed at the time of birth is called the Moon sign while the sign where Sun is placed at the time of birth is called the Sun sign. The latter form of astrology is popularly used in magazine columns.

Sun sign v/s Moon sign

Sun is thought to be the most powerful of all, having the most profound influence over human beings, but it majorly concerns our external personality than our inner self. It stays in one sign for around 30 days so while determining someone’s personality is easier by knowing his or her date of birth and using Sun sign astrology, it isn’t always the most reliable method. Moon on the other hand takes around 2.5 days to switch signs. It’s study allows us to determine the impact of physical, psychological as well as supernatural influences upon our mind more closely.  Sun is what depicts one’s outer personality, the way you project yourself to the world, Moon however, is the true representation of the inner self, what you actually are.

Why Vedic astrology values Moon sign?

Many a times you feel in life that other people are unable to perceive you in a way that you feel about yourself this is why some people see strikingly contrasting tendencies in their Sun sign and Moon sign personality.
Moon sign in Vedic astrology is considered equally if not more important than Sun sign. And this is because it helps to have a close and more accurate analysis of one’s personality and future events. Deriving a Moon sign requires exact date, time and place of birth of a person. And the reason why Moon is assigned a prominent place in Vedic astrology is because it represents mind and emotions, and due to its quick transitions, it affects our life more closely than any other planet. Its waning and waxing is often associated with mood swings.

 It is the closest planet to Earth and its 28 days revolution around Earth is often associated with menstruation cycle, mother and femininity. Moon essentially signifies one’s emotional makeup, instincts, behavior, temperament, interests, dislikes, and intrinsic qualities. It also depicts one’s mental health and peace of mind. Moreover, the daily predictions you read are derived on the basis of the position of Moon so you can imagine the kind of impact it has on our everyday lives. Moon in a nutshell is a representation of your true inner self while Sun is how you project yourself to the world.

What is my Moon Sign?

If you are wondering, “what is my moon sign?” the example chart on the left could help. Moon is placed in the second house in Virgo (represented by number 6) so Virgo is the Moon sign of the chart holder. You too can derive your Moon sign by having a look at your natal horoscope. If you do not have a natal chart ready, click here to find out your Moon sign.

Moon Signs