Your Love Compatibility Analysis for Free

Vedic Astrology helps us find our match on Spiritual, Emotional, Physical & Social levels.

The unique Compatibility Analysis we bring is thousands of year old & helps find out how your relationship will stand the test of compatibility on:

  • Sexual desires & satisfaction
  • Cerebral & mental aspect
  • Social Adaptibility
  • Financial success
  • Ego/ domination
  • Children & flourishing of family
  • Instincts & thoughtfulness

Astrology Compatibility

Your Instincts & luck govern your Love Partner!

Love & relationship you experience in life are destined and based on your instincts & perception of what you find attractive & sensuous. To some, physical choices like strong & muscular or petite & dainty are important. To others, intelligence, social status & affluence attract more. These choices are based on your INSTINCT, which inturn is due to planetary influences in your horoscope. For instance, an influence of Venus & Mars in horoscope would make you look for relationship heavy on sexual appeal & the result would be a search for a physically attractive and virile / fertile mate. Whereas the influence of Jupiter & Mercury would make you get attracted by intellect & noble virtues. Saturn or Rahu influence would find darker complexion, unkempt look & unconventional relationships very attractive. 'What will my life partner be like' would help you with clarity on what you wish for (your instinct) & what you would attain in life.

'Relationship Analysis' helps you match your potential life partner in terms of instincts and luck.

Relationship Analysis

  • Strengths & weaknesses of a relationship.
  • Information about the long term prospects & quality of the match.
  • Areas of compatibility & incompatibility between individuals...more

What will my life partner be like?

  • Physical & psychological description of your future love partner/life partner.
  • A better understanding of your own love nature.
  • Astrological remedies for a great love life ahead.
  • Complete confidentiality...more

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