Virgo Man & Virgo Woman Match

If your partner is a Virgo Woman:

Virgo is an earthy sign. Servitude, purity and selflessness are the keywords for Virgo woman. You are hard working and careful in nature. You will never let go of anything puzzling and will reach the depth of the matter until it is solved. You are careful so you will always be cautious to get involved with a wrong man. You will tread the ladder of love slowly and patiently till you establish your faith on your lover. This may make your lover have to wait long for your decision. If he is serious he will certainly wait for you. You will not like to waste your time for a light date or for just having experience or fun. Instead you will like to sit at home and watch TV or read a book. Others may think you as less passionate or sometimes unromantic, but this is not the case. You will better want to wait for the one who is right for you. You will test him. You are calculative before you are into a relationship but once you trust your lover, you will leave all your calculations behind and your major focus will be on your lover. You want to be a one man woman only. You will be so confident of your love that you will never feel jealousy or possessive of him as you know that you have already tested it earlier. Now he will be yours! You are full of good qualities but the passion for perfection and of reforming others – for their own good- may make them feel tortured or helpless. This may lead them to dislike you then. Avoid criticism as much as possible. You like sweet conversation but you can slip and say something unpredictable and annoying which can be intolerable to your partner. You hate words wrapped in the formal introductions. You prefer others to be straightforward. Puzzled words and dual statements irritate you as much as the imperfection around.

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When you both are together:
You both belong to the same sun sign - Virgo. So you both share almost the similar traits. The problems do not arise until you both are floating on the same plane. The things may get in bad shape when you both try your tendency of criticism on each other. According to your point of view the criticism is the base of perfection. And when you two same signs come together, the outcome is found in extremes either it is too much of perfection or too much of sluggishness. However, both are intelligent and analytical and want to improve your lives by organizing it. The main aim is peace and harmony. You both don’t like to waste the time and are a little bit miser too. This may make your life monotonous and dull after some time. The Virgo woman expects too much from her Virgo partner. Whereas you are shy and conservative when it comes to expressing your feelings. You will not open yourself unless you are sure. This may take lot of time. Remember your partner also shares the same sign Virgo and she expects you to open up your heart and also encourage her to open her up too. If it is done successfully then you both have amazing relationship together. She will devote herself completely and expects the same from your side. Your tenderness and care can make her a fantastic partner for you.
Virgo is mutable earth. You both belong to the same Sun sign. Therefore you both share similar interests. However, Virgo woman is more sensitive than you are as she expects a lot more from her partner. You both get along well unless there seems a difference with perception of ideas. You both have a lot of potential. The only problem with you is that you both are logical and choosy. You both are suggested to resist the critical remarks especially during intimate moments. Finding each other’s faults will slow down the enthusiasm resulting in conflicts. Virgo woman requires a lot of patience for her Virgo man. As he may take some time to open up. There lies unspoken understanding between you two. No doubt he loves you but his love may lie underneath his shy nature or logical approach. Whereas, Virgo man is suggested not to criticize his partner off and on. Discussions can help to express you out - so avoid criticism. Don’t expect your partner to be perfect on all sides. If you both could not hold your ideas of making each other perfect, then you may find yourself ignoring the other, thus losing the essence and harmony of this relationship.
Better to avoid this match!


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