Taurus Man & Scorpio Woman Match

If you partner is a Scorpio Woman

It is a watery sign. The eighth sign of natural zodiac relates to mysticism. Intensity and extremes are your keywords. Therefore, you are a woman with mysterious personality. You are not so much beautiful but yes, you possess a certain attraction, which catches the attention of men often. Scorpio is the symbol of extreme behaviour. You will show your extremes of emotions. If you love someone then it will be highly intense and if you hate it will be on its extremes too. When you are powerful, nobody can challenge you but on the other hand, if you feel weak you will scream in the sleep and need other’s presence besides you. You possess all the colors of contradictions of a human nature. You also do not know how you will react at that moment but whatever your reaction is – it is intense. You are a straightforward woman and do not think of what others may draw opinion about you. On the surface, it is difficult to judge your love or passionate nature but in fact you possess a magnetic personality with turbulent passions deep beneath. Forgetting and forgiving are the two different parts and in your case, you will neither forget nor forgive the unjustified behavior with you. Not only the unjust but also the helping hand you receive from others - you will try to repay that too but generously. Many people may think you as a simple and good follower, which you are certainly not. You want to overpower others without letting them notice. You will keep the secrets and your ambitions until you are successful in it. You are loving, warm, sensitive, jealous and over protective. If your lover is playing hide and seek game you will reply him in the same language and try to beat him and if he is approaching straight away then you will reply him back with twice or thrice of his strength. In any case, you will not give up. You are fair and fine in all games.   

Love/Marriage compatibility report

Covers following aspect:

  • Basic number of point out of a total of 36.
  • Thinking compatibility.
  • Weather generated due to being together.
  • Growth in society due to marriage.
  • Sexual attraction & satisfaction.
  • Children.


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When you both are together:
Earth and Water support each other. Your Sun is placed just opposite to her Sun. Opposites do attract and complement each other in many ways as this is the right position for romantic relationships.  You balance each other and complement each other's deficiencies. As you both belong to fix signs so in spite of strong attraction there will be clash of egos and will powers. Remember one is an obstinate Crab and the other is a strong Bull. Therefore, it is suggested to respect each other’s personal autonomy if you want this relation to run harmoniously. Regarding romantic compatibility, you both are superb. There is a strong attraction and you both feel each other are important. Strong waves of magnetism exist between you two. As Sun symbolizes soul and when both are opposite to each other. Remember that the house of partner is always opposite to the house of self in a chart. Therefore you are attracted to each other and much closer to heart naturally. There is physical attraction and plenty of sensuality. Taurus man is impressed by quiet passion of Scorpion woman. You know that she can read your mind and thoughts properly. When you both get the same environment that works well for you both and also you both feel solid ground for your relationship then your proper family is formed.

You both find it difficult to express your emotions when in conflict. You are going to bring out powerful reactions from each other. This does happen frequently when people with Sun in opposite signs form a romantic relationship. Make sure to listen to each other. Taurean man will always tell the things in an indirectly manner first and if you don’t listen, he will gently remind you. But if you still don’t listen to him then you will find yourself nowhere to escape from his rage. In fact you both need each other but you both are weak in verbal expressions. Morally, physically, romantically you both form an ideal match. You both share a same sense of responsibility and commitment. The only thing you both need is to reveal yourself. So take some time out from your busy schedules and discuss something. Just discussions are the only way to pour each others’ thoughts and heart out and your love bond becomes stronger than before.

A great match!

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