Taurus Man & Sagittarius Woman Match

If you partner is a Sagittarius Woman
It is a fiery sign. Independence, bold and expansion are your keywords. You love helping others. Travel is your passion and you love to make friends. You are energetic, ambitious, jovial, quick, clever, and explorative and open to new ideas. You have so much in your mind and you do not like limit line, as ruler of your sign is Jupiter – a sign of expansion. You are open and straightforward and sometimes it may be felt as rudeness by others. For you love is an enjoyable game and you are in it till you find it interesting. You often mix pleasure with love. You do not like the demanding partners as you want to enjoy your independence as well as of the partner. You are so quick in action that if you find that you do not like your partner or you have just made a wrong decision then you will take no time to go for a break up - not even giving a chance to your partner to make up the things. For you it will be over and you will walk on to the future instantly. Past will be then of not much concern to you. You like flowing with the life and time. On the other hand, if you want to remain in the relation you will add the existing problem as a humorous episode of your love life. You have a sacrificing nature but you love yourself more than you love others. Your intelligence and charms attract men soon but you are not a flirt type. Looks do not matter you. It is the intelligence and honesty mixed with spirituality that touches the depth of your heart. You appreciate and respect the life as a gift and want to live it full with zeal.

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When you both are together:
Taurus is Earthy and Sagittarian is fire. In the beginning nothing wrong is felt until you have spent some time together. Bull loves stability whereas Sagittarian is a true archer. Sagittarian woman loves to go out, easily mixes up with all, likes to party, make friends and socialize whereas Taurean man is somewhat shy. Actually you both share some common qualities and some completely contrasting ones. You two are indeed very different people. Taurean man should know what is happening at his back and this may irritate the typical archer. You both have something to teach each other. Taurus being a fixed sign loves stability and Sagittarian – a mute sign teaches flexibility to him.  Taurus, its ruler - Venus is practical which may upset Sagittarian woman. She will like to spark up the slow and steady Bull and this may really upset him as he will compromise in anything but with his laziness. After all, Bull needs a complete rest after some hard work. If serenity and placidity is disturbed he will not feel comfortable with his partner. He never likes to be pushed again and again. The major difference lies in daily habits and attitude but on romantic level you both have quiet a passionate time together. Sagittarian finds the magnetism of Taurean personality- its charm, patience and his sensuality, totally irresistable. Taurean man also gets attracted by her versatility and adaptability and of course her great  knowledge may impress him a lot. The colours of adventure and fun that brings Sagittarian woman into Taurean’s life make him smile.

When fire meets earth their connection can be steamy and extremely passionate. As Sagittarius is mutable and loves sociability as well as easy to change herself according to situation and that may confuse stable Taurus being a fixed sign. You both can get along well if you two exercise some patience and keep in a mind that you both can learn a lot from each other. The major problem in the relationship is the general trends which a Taurean man may find it difficult with Sagittarian woman- a habit of changing attitude suddenly or sometimes telling lies. For Sagittarian woman it may be just being practical but for a Taurean it is nothing less than deception. If you both understand that you have a lot to learn from each other and you both can adjust together then the relationship will run harmoniously otherwise it will be just dragging each other for the rest of their life.   

Advice for Sagittarian woman:  Taurean man will accept your platonic relations with other men and will also keep a sharp eye on it but will never accept infidelity. So tell him each and every thing truthfully. Any lie or hidden fact may create doubt and that may be the end of the relationship.

This relationship is generally satisfactory one in the beginning where you both keep each others’ respect and till you both learn from each other but after a while will start to drag.

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