Taurus Career Horoscope - March 2017

Taurus Career

Your concentration level would be good at work but there could be some challenges in your way. Any new business expansion plans should be executed in the second half of the month. There could be some break or unexpected change in your career. Business also requires a cautious approach as someone could try to deceive you. Things would be much better concerning career growth after 14th March.
  • Career would likely see a high level of activity as Saturn transits in Sagittarius and further dips back into Scorpio. Brace yourself for some unexpected changes, ask for your Career Transit Reading!

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A pragmatic approach would certainly help you get the support of the authority as well as positive reward of efforts. You might get a new job or promotion this month and your organization would likely be located far from where you reside now. Your skills and confidence would help you land the job you want. Colleagues would be very supportive this month. A female associate would be the main reason behind your success.

This month could be quite progressive for fields of politics, secret services, government, agriculture or those related with chemical, poison, medicine or alcohol. You need to maintain your patience and keep realistic expectations in March though. Lady luck may be a bit slow in responding to your wishes so expect some minor hurdles. You are likely to keep a determined and industrious approach though, which would help a lot. However, you need to be a bit more polite during the month to keep away from quarrels. This is the right time to acquire a new skill and that might as well reward you in future.