Taurus Man & Capricorn Woman Match

If you partner is a Capricorn Woman
It is an earthy sign. Ruler of the sign- Saturn makes her mature in her disposition.  Materialistic, refined and elegant are the qualities you possess. You are misunderstood by your shyness. This makes your disposition uninviting to men. Your seriousness and ambitious attitude makes you difficult to understand the feelings and emotions of others sometimes. However, that does not make you selfish. You know how to control your desires so that you are able to lead your life in organized manner.  Self-made man – one, who climbs the ladder of success soon by himself, easily impresses you. Apart being from serious minded you are excellent to throw party and entertain your guest, as you are a good host also. You just flow with appreciation and flattery. Sweet words and flattery melts you down. Social life is much important to you. Dignity, self-respect, reputation and rank in society matters you most in the life – above anything in the world- even love. Love is not just a passing time for you. You take love and feelings seriously. When you love someone then it is from the depth of your heart even though you are shy or weak in exhibiting your love. Your love is so serious and deep-rooted that you embrace loneliness and depression when betrayed by your lover. Happiness in love is vital for you. You observe your man and even recognize his foot taps from the distance. Being high on discipline, you have a very practical, almost skillful, approach to love; but will been all-feminine once you have carefully decided to get into a relationship.


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When you both are together:
Both are earthy signs but Taurus is fixed whereas Capricorn is movable. Belonging to the same element you both are harmonious to each other in many aspects. Certain aspects like the practicality of life, emotions or even admiration for each other you find each other understanding easily. It will be sure a smooth relationship as you both share common traits and vision to life. In the beginning itself you will realize that there is some potential in the relation that may last long. You feel comfortable with each other pouring your heart to each other. Taurean man treads faster than Capricorn woman as Capricorn is the sign of Saturn - the slow mover. Saturnine personality no doubt assesses, analyze and then takes any decision. Patient Taurean waits for her Capricorn woman to decide as he is sure of the outcome. You both seek stability and thus this match is well suitable for you both in terms of stability and security in a relationship. You both will appreciate each other’s qualities which will boost up the spirit. Sometimes, Taurus man may get upset by the lack of sentiments or cold behaviour of her Capricorn woman as she is a saturnine personality which gives cold disposition. Her lack of verbal expressions or sometimes becoming too much practical may worry or irritate the Bull. But that is not a much problem as Taurus man knows how to bring your emotions out and break the barrier.

Sun of both is in trine position which makes an excellent pair for mutual compatibility. You both share similar tastes and perception and you are more than natural friends. You both enhance each other’s spirit whether it is on personal or social level. Just Capricorn woman requires to open her heart soon to avoid impatience of her partner.

Advice for Capricorn woman: don’t reply him back as this may fuel up his anger. It may make lose his temper and may hurt you. Instead, leave the room and discuss the problem when he is cool. Don’t raise your voice on hot issues. Be patient and cool in your demeanor. So that you can make yourself heard and he may understand you.

A smooth sailing!

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