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Taurus Money Horoscope

Taurus Money
Money is on your mind this month! With Sun-Venus combination in your income house, your own needs and desires would remain under the spotlight this month. At the same time, you would also want your family to flourish with luxuries and possessions. Serious efforts would be needed to boost the income and you seem to be well ready for it. Time to rejoice if you are in a creative field as exalted Venus in your house of income and gain is going to be supportive to your efforts! You should trust your efforts when luck favours you, as luck & efforts together seem to make it a good month financially.

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Inflow of cash would be decent and easy, particularly for like travel, language courses, sales, teaching, counseling and religion. Speculative investments should be avoided as of now, and in fact, this applies to all huge investments. You could nonetheless invest in real estate after 14th April. Advice from experienced folks would be quite helpful in this regard.

You want to come off as a well-off person among your social circle, and to do so, you may end up spending a bit too much on friends after 10th. Some of your money would go into spiritual and occult efforts as well. Second half of the month is relatively much better in terms of income prospects, investment returns and gains. You could invest in your children’s name or may spend on their education. Income from foreign sources is also in the cards, but at the same time, you may also have to spend excessively in resolving foreign-related issues. Overall, financial graph would keep showing highs and lows at times but your lifestyle would remain affluent, no matter what.