Scorpio Man & Virgo Woman Match

If your partner is a Virgo Woman:

Virgo is an earthy sign. Servitude, purity and selflessness are the keywords for Virgo woman. You are hardworking and caring in nature. You will never let go anything puzzling and will reach the depth of the matter until it is solved. You are careful so you will always be cautious to get involved with a wrong man. You will tread the ladder of love slowly and patiently till you establish your faith on your lover. This may make your lover to have to wait long for your decision. If he is serious then he will certainly wait for you. You will not like to waste your time for a light date or just for having experience or fun. Instead you will like to sit at home watching TV or reading a book. Others may think you as a less passionate or sometimes unromantic, but this is not the case. You better want to wait for the one who is right for you. You will test him You are calculative before you are into a relationship but when once you trust your lover, you will leave all your calculations behind and then your major focus is on your lover only. You want to be one man woman only. You will be so confident of your love that you will never feel jealous or possessive of him as you know that you have already tested for it earlier. Now he will be yours! You are full of good qualities but passion for perfection and to reform others – for their own good- may make them feel tortured or helpless. This may lead them to dislike you then. Avoid criticism as much as possible. You like sweet conversation but can slip and say something unpredictable and annoying which can be intolerable for your partner, which you can forget later on. You hate words wrapped in formal introductions. If someone has to say then he should be straightforward about it. Puzzled words and dual statements irritate you as the imperfection around.

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  • Weather generated due to being together.
  • Growth in society due to marriage.
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When you both are together: 
Scorpio is watery fix and Virgo mutable earth. Both Sun signs share sextile axis and that indicates natural friendship in between. However, earth and water are good friends till water remains in its limit. Here also in this relationship both of you can lead a contended relationship. Your passion would bring out romance in her. She is practical and analytical and sometimes may also become dry when she is too much practical. Your intense emotions will balance it and bring back the romance in her life. You expect loyalty and she when commits herself to a person would remain with him always. Your differences are there to complement each other. Her devotion and concern for you would win your heart easily. She is able to bring out your gentler side. It will be easier for you to understand her and you need not wait for her words. Her transparency and manageable attitude make you easy to do so. You are impressed by her mental abilities and intellect. She is drawn to you by your mystical personality and commitment. She wants stability and security she finds in you. Besides all these positive signs you both have some differences too. Virgo is basically a sign of perfection. To bring this perfection she can’t stop criticizing others and for that she cannot spare her partner too - who resents to be criticized. On the other hand you are always there to pick the faults of your partner and blame her for your own faults. The negative traits if not corrected will certainly spoil the harmony of the relationship.
Scorpio is fixed water and Virgo is mutable earth. It is generally observed that Virgo woman is easily dominated by her partner. And it is good for the relationship as she enjoys being dominated by his partner. This would go alright if the things are in control. As soon as the man wants to break the line of control, he can expect problems in the relationship. And one of the problems is when he inadvertently makes the Virgo woman question her own intelligence. Therefore, it is suggested for the man to understand the limits and not to question her intelligence or her qualities. This will create doubt on her mind for herself only. This may lead to frustration building within her though she may not be able to recognize the cause of it. She is weak in understanding the emotions of inner self. Your rational discussions with her could make her aware of presence of sympathy and feelings inside her. Your intense behaviour and obstinacy may upset her a lot. You like others to be perfect. Here you have to understand that nobody is perfect and the level of perfection differs from person to person. You are suggested to give some space to your partner so that she could breathe easy in the relationship and enjoy it too.
Virgo woman is suggested to be flexible and understand the moods of her partner. he loves to dominate and is suggested to understand this behaviour as he is possessive and may have fear in his mind of losing his love. But do not submit yourself and so that you don’t become weak, otherwise it would be his game to see you cry and he would enjoy this game every now and then. You must learn to stand up and fight back. Don’t let his temper rise as he may lose his tongue and utter some harsh words which hurt others. He does not like hearing high pitched voices.Try to explain things indirectly and suggest the outcome. In other way- diplomacy would work out better for you.

Can get along well with some adjustments!


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