Scorpio Man & Scorpio Woman Match

If your partner is a Scorpio Woman
It is a watery sign. The eight sign of natural zodiac relates to mysticism. Intensity and extremes are your keywords. Therefore, you are a woman with a mysterious personality. You are not so much beautiful but yes, you possess a certain attraction, which catches the attention of men often. Scorpio is the symbol of extreme behavior. You will show your extremes of emotions. If you love someone then it will be highly intense and if you hate then it will be on its extremes. When you are powerful, nobody can challenge you but on the other hand, if you feel weak you will scream in the sleep and need other’s presence besides you. You possess all colors of contradictions of a human nature. You also do not know how you will react at that moment but whatever your reaction is – it is intense. You are a straightforward woman and do not think what others may draw opinion about you. On the surface, it is difficult to judge your love or passionate nature but in fact you possess a magnetic personality with turbulent passions deep beneath. Forgetting and forgiving are the two different parts and in your case, you will neither forget nor forgive the unjustified behavior with you. Not only the unjust but also the helping hand you receive from others- you will try to repay it generously. Many people may think you a simple and a good follower, which you are certainly not. You want to overpower others without letting them notice. You will keep the secrets and your ambitions until you are successful at it. You are loving, warm, sensitive, jealous and over protective. If your lover is playing hide and seek game, you will reply him in the same language and try to beat him and if he is approaching straight away, you will reply him back twice or thrice of his strength. In any case, you will not give up. You are fair and fine in all games.

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  • Basic number of point out of a total of 36.
  • Thinking compatibility.
  • Weather generated due to being together.
  • Growth in society due to marriage.
  • Sexual attraction & satisfaction.
  • Children.


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When you both are together: 
You both share the same Sun sign. This has both positives and negatives. You both share the traits of suspicion and jealousy which is deeply rooted in your natures. Though you both are loyal to each other and this is a positive ray in the relationship which keeps a check on the negative traits. It is like that you both have similar nature so it is natural that you both understand each other very well and hence it may also be possible that you both try to play the same role in the relationship and compete with each other. When you both are in harmony, you will make a very good couple – but its chances are less as you both may want to hold the supremacy. But when you both would be on the opposite sides then your neighbors have to find a place to hide themselves from the blast around. You both have violent likes and dislikes that may differ from each other. Being a man your traits would be louder than that of your partner.  Your partner may not be loud but she would not leave the matter unless it is resolved. She will not compromise and give up no matter however loud you be or how much violent you may get. The arguments could be strong enough to degenerate into actual physical fights. However, when you both are at good mood, then there’s no couple with the physical chemistry as the you two.You both are intense, passionate and have a burning desire at the same level and this physical closeness would make your bond of love strong. You don’t need the help of words in such a case. This physical bond would maintain the strength of your love and sustain your relationship too.
Both possess the same Sun signs and that makes you obstinate, possessive and highly jealous. No doubt you both have intense feelings but the plus point in you both is that you are loyal to each other. And this is the basic ground for any relationship and for you both this is the first and the foremost demand from each other. So, you both should work in this direction. So that no misunderstanding crops up to create any distance. For that you both are suggested to discuss daily happenings and chores with each other and your mind should be crystal clear to your partner. You both possess intense traits. However, woman may not show it with that much strength and keep the things in heart till they explode. You both are stubborn and conflicts may occur due to intense jealously of you both that may lead to withdrawn brooding moods. It is suggested that you both make some effort to achieve balance and it is not difficult as you possess strong will power. When you see that the discussion is leading to confrontation then the man is suggested to leave the room, take a stroll and observe both the sides of the coin. And again discuss with a cool mind and weighted words. Harmony will certainly be achieved then. As the woman is sensitive and once she breaks her barrier it is difficult for her to control herself or keep the tongue in limit. Therefore it is suggested to the man to come ahead and make some effort in balancing the relations. The positive traits of trust and the cosmic attraction will make you both close to each other. You have the potential to be each other’s best friend. So just suppress the negative traits to make this relationship work well.  
Needs lot of adjustments - if you can do it then go ahead!

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