Scorpio Man & Aquarius Woman Match

If your partner is an Aquarius Woman
It is an airy sign. Aquarian woman is both attractive and seductive. Original, intelligent, inventive and thoughtful are the keywords for you. Your attraction even without make up that highlights the natural beauty- attracts the men towards you. Except your complexion, there is something special in you that attracts attention of others- may be your big or beautiful eyes. You are the woman of dream for men since ages. Anyone will feel lucky to have a woman like you as you have a sacrificing attitude towards the people to whom you love. You are truthful and honest towards your partner. You are friendly and social but many a times, you feel inconvenient or short of words to express your emotions in romance. You want to keep the feelings to yourself only- thinking of what your partner may feel about you or the fear of losing something in other’s hand. For you, a good friend will make a good partner. Someone much closer to you will find a real woman inside your cold disposition. You make your partner feel special and ready to sacrifice everything for him. Apart from these plus points, you possess some minus points too, including passing blunt remarks. In fact, you get bored of stale and quiet atmosphere and want to add spice to make it lively. It is hard for you to forgive those who have broken your trust or hurt you badly. You will keep the feeling of revenge against them in your heart.
You are stubborn and are not ready to listen to any one. Sometimes you start the critical conversation just for fun that may take turn of arguments- especially on the subjects on which you pose to be an expert. [Actually, you feel that you know about each branch of knowledge and nobody knows much better than you do]. 
When you both are together: 
Scorpio is watery fix and Aquarius is also fix but airy. Both share square placement in the zodiac.  Scorpio man finds her intelligent and attractive in the beginning and both are good where friendship is concerned. When the relationship begins to grow deeper, both may realize their mistake and can infer that establishing relationship is certainly different than being friends. Scorpio is intense and demanding in love relationships whereas Aquarian woman is a bit cold and needs time to warm up. These are two different people with different mindsets. Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac which represents sociability whereas Scorpio always love to hide at home. When possessiveness fails to bind social Aquarian, then he may get frustrated leading to conflicts. However, Aquarius woman is never interested in fighting back and just thinks that her partner is out of his mind or is a little cynical. It may be due to the fact that Aquarius woman could not submit herself completely to her partner. But there’s no time left for Scorpio to repent on his decision now.

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Both signs are fix but Scorpio is water and Aquarius is air. Fix signs indicates stability. When this trait is taken in positive form it will produce good results, as you both will take many decisions and would rarely want to change them. Even if you both are undergoing  any adversary, you will seldom like any change. Both will have their own strong likes and dislikes. It is suggested for the Scorpio man to understand the love for freedom and sociability for his partner. He should give ample space to his partner to move in society, though he doesn’t like it to be social himself. He shouldn’t get jealous and pass any sarcastic remarks. This will create only distance between you and your partner. And the Aquarius woman is suggested to not to take the relationship just as a friendship. As deeper you devote yourself to your partner the better the will be. You have to understand that he loves you and that is why he is possessive about you. Never force him to go out with you especially in the get together or parties that belong to your friend circle where he may feel ignored and will not find any thing of his taste. He requires few close people with him and one of them is you. So devote as much time as you can. One thing more, he is jealous so never try to hide anything from him. Give him more importance than your friends. When you will understand his mind it will be easier for you both to live together harmoniously. Though it is difficult for a social Aquarian to change her mindset but the fix mode of your sign will help you do so.
Not a good match!

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