Sagittarius Man & Libra Woman Match

If your partner is a Libra Woman:

Libra is an airy sign. Communicative, logic, changeful and moody is the keywords for Librans.  You are beautiful and may have dimple in your cheeks.  You are sensitive and closely knitted to your loved ones emotionally. You are attracted to elegance, sophistication and style. You retract by gaudiness and showy disposition. Even you shun shabby look and dirty nails. You seek balance, so you get on well with other signs generally unless you observe unbalance or unjustified actions. Then your gentle nature may become offensive which can make you a harsh screamer too. Don’t drive when you are in a bad mood. It can make you a reckless driver. It is common for you to throw your things – even cell phone or an expensive showpiece in anger. Your anger will not vanish itself in time and you will keep it with you for long even if the other person apologizes. It is that you are beautiful, attractive and easily get hurt so you find new path for love. That is why most Librans are said to be flirts but actually, you yearn for love with passion and sensuality. So you search for it. Age is no bar for you if your partner possesses the quality of love, experience and of course, he should be rich too. You take care of even little things when you go out on a date. From an expensive car to the crystal ware and the posh atmosphere and of course, the quality of music, all this adds flavor to your mood. You will never compromise in style and environment. It is not the rule for your lover alone. It applies to you also as you will not go out when your shoes do not match with the dress. You will have a good range of fragrances in your wardrobe -one for every occasion. You will seduce your lover that makes him irresistible for you.

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When you both are together:
Sagittarius is fiery mute and Libra is cardinal air. Both these signs are placed sextile to each other which is the axis of friendliness. This relationship usually begins with friendship. Libran woman is beautiful and intelligent whereas Sagittarius is bold and versatile. These different qualities act complementary to each other. A Sagittarius man finds a good listener in his Libran partner whereas she will be carried away soon by his flattery. She’ll fall in love with his enthusiasm and he’ll adore her ability to keep up with his far reaching ideals. She loves his open mindedness and the way he expresses his feelings for her whereas he is attracted to her openness in intimacy. She will support him by making him feel relaxed and encouraging him and he will also support her by bringing out her creativity. Both these signs avoid confrontation. As long as you can communicate your needs, you will have a peaceful coexistence. Both enjoy the finer things in life. Their qualities act like a support for each other and work constructively for this relationship.


Sagittarius is fiery mute whereas Libra is airy cardinal. Both go along well generally. However, Libran woman is attractive and easily slips away with flattery. She is outgoing and friendly. It makes her surrounded by people, mostly men. This is certainly not digested by the jealous Sagittarius man though he claims to be supportive and not jealous at all! Hence it is suggested that the Libran woman should handle this situation by being with him all the time when in social get together. The other part is finances where they are constantly worried. Both are extravagant. Though Sagittarius man is somewhat thoughtful but Libran woman will never think before spending. Though both are weak planners, which will be evident from their accounts too. The best way to handle this problem is not to advise other partner for to be prudent but to cut back on your own extravagances that will be observed by the other partner. That is, one should give a practical lesson rather than force each other.
A good match - must go for it!

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