Sagittarius Man & Aries Woman Match

If your partner is an Aries Woman:

You are intelligent, independent and energetic. You possess some attributes of men or you would be tomboyish in nature or appearance. An expert host and a good speaker – you feel satisfied as a career woman since you have a lot of energy and vigor and you balance both the areas efficiently. Your sense of appearance and taste are elegant and perfect. Only one thing is negative in you that is - a feeling of jealousy and competition not only in the matters of love but also in your social life. You are attracted by a strong, independent and confident man. Passionate and possessive men will suit you the best. Weak, sensitive and defenseless persons are not your choice. You are put off from them. You like a strong person who could tame your arrogance or who can boss over you.

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When you both are together:
Sagittarius is mute fire and Aries is cardinal fire. Both possess the same element of fire but Sagittarius is mute and Aries is cardinal. Both share friendly axis to each other that makes easier for both to understand each other without any effort. You both don’t have to make much effort to know each other as your tastes are matched to each other naturally. Both love adventure and have an open attitude to life. Sagittarius man has a quest for variety and Aries woman provide him with that. She is spontaneous and proves to be an exciting partner. Sagittarius man possesses great sense of humor and entertains his partner with interesting conversations. The time flies when both are together and enjoy creative conversations. Sagittarius man loves the sense of ‘self’ of his Aries woman as it promises him of his freedom too. You both respect each other’s identity and sociability too.
Both are fiery but Aries is cardinal whereas Sagittarius is mute. It is difficult to hold cardinal with combination of fire. If there is any difference then it means disaster because Aries woman could seldom hold her anger for long and the Sagittarius are known for their sensitivity to anger. If Sagittarius man is hurt he chooses the words that shatter the heart of his partner and may increase her aggression. But both these signs can’t hold anger for long.  It is easier for both to come back to normal life soon. Both are forgiving in nature and this gives support to each other. However, care is needed as the Sagittarian personality has an inborn philosophical nature and Aries woman is a little raw. But both are great explorers and this makes their togetherness exciting. A relationship between these two signs can last a lifetime. 
A long lasting and wonderful match - must go for it!


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