Pisces Man & Piscean Woman Match

It is watery sign. This is the last sign of zodiac. Imagination is the main characteristic of a Piscean woman. You like trying new things. You are calm and quiet in disposition and appeal men easily. You speak less but when you do speak it is somewhat confusing or with dual meanings or you leave it for your listener to understand it. It is not easy for man to draw you closely towards himself. Admiration, sympathy and love are the keywords, which can make you close to man. Candlelight dinner – beyond the world – fascinates you. Once you are in love you cannot take the man out of your mind. Though cold in disposition, you are warm at heart. You want to commit yourself only to one person but could not take that other man out of your mind to whom you are attracted. Infidelity is a sin for you [but sometimes sin also gives pleasure]. There is a fear of being deserted so you would not prefer any unstable relationship. You are sensual and filled with love which fills the life of your partner completely. You are sensual and possess great energy of love but it is hard to stimulate you. You welcome rather a slow and the tender approach. Since you are dreamy and imaginative, you experience extreme swings in love. Love is an important necessity for you.  You are considerate, loyal and always helpful to others. Your search is to find the essence and soul of love. When in love you care for your partner. You are a considerate lover for him. Due to your imaginative and compassionate nature, often people may take advantage of you. Your heart rules over your head so a wise, matured and strong minded person would prove to be the best partner for you.

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When you both are together:
Both share the same sun sign- Pisces- water and mute. Both are highly imaginative. This type of relationship has some plus and some minus points. Both are dreamy and understand the sympathetic and emotional demands of each other. Both are tuned to each other on emotional, physical and mental levels. It looks like an inseparable pair. Everything goes on well if all is well but in fact the similar traits may share different moods and then the secretive sides of their nature may face some clash leading to the conflict. Their tendency of being imaginative, unrealistic and also irresponsible nature can cause disaster for both. However, this imagination works like a spark in the love chemistry. Both experience the exhaustive and exciting love making that fulfills the yearn of love and passion in them. Both understand the need and can read the mind of each other beautifully.  Both share an extraordinary spiritual and psychic bond. It may so happen that the weaker one loses its identity into the stronger one. Anyhow, it is a highly emotional and psychic combination, good for spirituality and reaching the world beyond but not for social pursuits where both ignore sociability. Both love to be in each other to escape from the troubles in life. If any one of you has a stronger chart to support the other, it will be a stable and a long term relationship.
You both share the same sun sign Pisces that is watery and mute. This makes both of you dreamy and highly imaginative. You both understand each other without taking the help of words. However, both partners may suffer from the same personality traits and habits and the foremost is being imaginative. The dreamy world of both can get shattered by the reality of the practical world. As both of you lack practicality therefore it is expected that you would be lenient in career and financial managements leading to disaster. When the facts come in front of you, you both may turn defensive blaming each other. Here it is to be understood that blaming each other will bring no good to you and to your relationship. The weaker Piscean will soon find a way out for his escapism to a bar or to a friend who can take advantage of it easily. One of you should come forward and adopt an active approach towards life rather than choose escapism. Expecting too much from your partner should be avoided instead you have to gear up yourself to hold the reigns of practical life- then only you both can run together.
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