Pisces Man & Capricorn Woman Match

It is an earthy sign. Ruler of the sign- the Saturn makes her mature in her disposition.  Materialistic, refined and elegance are the qualities you possess. You are misunderstood due to your shyness. This makes your disposition uninviting to men. Your seriousness and ambitious attitude makes you difficult to understand the feelings and emotions of others sometimes. However, that does not make you selfish. You know how to control your desires so that you are able to lead your life in an organized manner.  Self-made man – the one, who climbs the ladder of success soon by himself, easily impresses you. Apart from being serious minded you are good at organizing the parties and entertain your guests, as you are a good host also. You just flow with the appreciation and flattery. Sweet words and flattery melts you down. Social life is important to you. Dignity, self-respect, reputation and rank in society matters to you most in life – above anything in the world- even love. Love is not just a pass- time for you. You take love and feelings seriously. When you love someone it is from the depth of your heart even though you are shy or weak in exhibiting your love. Your love is so serious and deep-rooted that you embrace loneliness and depression when betrayed by your lover. Happiness in love is vital to you. You observe your man and even recognize his foot taps from the distance.

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When you both are together:
Pisces is watery mute and Capricorn is earthy cardinal.  Earth and water mix rarely with each other but they don’t act opposite to each other either. Jupiter is the ruler of Pisces and Capricorn is ruled by the Saturn. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and Saturn for contraction- the opposite qualities. However, both share friendly positions in the zodiac sign that attracts both together on a friendly axis. He is attracted to her perfection and she is impressed by his emotional vulnerability- which soon fades away when she spends some time with him. If no one tries to dominate the other, this relationship will last longer. She teaches him to become over imaginative and he will help her to become lovable. Piscean’s strong and intense emotions will melt her cold disposition and make her feel the importance of love in life. He is not organized and she loves challenges to show her efficiency. She would love to take care of him and perform her duties of being a partner well. No doubt, stability is certain in this relationship.
Pisces is watery mute and Capricorn is cardinal fix. Pisces is mostly emotional and sensitive sign whereas Capricorn is practical in nature. Both are opposite in nature but since they share friendly axis they both can share these traits to complement each other’s deficiencies. She is serious in fulfilling her responsibilities whereas he is intuitive and imaginative. She doesn’t like his becoming dreamy and take things lightly. She should understand that he looks calm to handle the things but in the inside he is a worried person. She is advised not to become arrogant and lose her temper.  He may get upset of the frequent aggression attacks. She should understand and respect his intuitiveness and imaginations. Both will do much better and make their relationship stronger when they learn to respect each other differences and don’t interfere with them. However, you both are so mature minded that you both just don’t feel the need to dominate each other. He is suggested to shower his passion, love to her, and bring her out from the cold shell.
A long- lasting match!

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