Pisces Man & Aquarian Woman Match

It is an airy sign. Aquarian woman is both attractive and seductive. Original, intelligent, inventive and thoughtful are the keywords for you. Your attraction even without make up that highlights the natural beauty- attracts the men towards you. Except your complexion, there is something special in you that attracts attention of others- may be your big or beautiful eyes. You are the woman of dream for men since ages. Anyone will feel lucky to have a woman like you as you have a sacrificing attitude towards the people to whom you love. You are truthful and honest towards your partner. You are friendly and social but many a times, you feel inconvenient or short of words to express your emotions in romance. You want to keep the feelings to yourself only- thinking of what your partner may feel about you or the fear of losing something in other’s hand. For you, a good friend will make a good partner. Someone much closer to you will find a real woman inside your cold disposition. You make your partner feel special and ready to sacrifice everything for him. Apart from these plus points, you possess some minus points too, including passing blunt remarks. In fact, you get bored of stale and quiet atmosphere and want to add spice to make it lively. It is hard for you to forgive those who have broken your trust or hurt you badly. You will keep the feeling of revenge against them in your heart.
You are stubborn and are not ready to listen to any one. Sometimes you start the critical conversation just for fun that may take turn of arguments- especially on the subjects on which you pose to be an expert. [Actually, you feel that you know about each branch of knowledge and nobody knows much better than you do].
When you both are together:
Pisces is watery mute and Aquarius is an airy fix. Both share inimical position in the zodiac that makes difficult to be with each other for long term. Pisces is mature minded and so is the Aquarian woman. So, you should not expect noisy quarrels or terrible earthquakes in between the two of them but there still lies the emotional dissatisfaction and differences in personalities which only widens with time. She is patient and will seldom show her inner self to others rather she would like to probe each and everything about her partner. However, Pisces man also wants to keep his inner feelings to himself which may upset the Aquarian partner. In the beginning of the relationship, she will be enthusiastic to handle the complex Piscean nature but as the time flies she may get surprised to observe his seclusion and could not know how to bring him out. She is social and doesn’t like to spend her evenings staying at home. She loves to chat on phone, internet and going out with friends, attending parties- just opposite to Piscean personality. There he may feel ignored and shut the door of his mind slowly from her unconsciously. Pisces man does not get the sizzling intimacy and passion from the cold Aquarian. At certain times, Pisces try  to be fussed over and cared for and most possibly,  this attention will get a great rejection- leaving him in world of dissatisfaction and pushing him more into the depth of his own inner self.  The wall of distance will rise slowly and nobody would be aware of it.

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Pisces is watery mute and Aquarius is airy fix. Both are very much different to each other. Air and water mix well but their rulers are also opposite to each other. Aquarius is a social sign and never comes out high with emotional turbulence. There Pisces man is suggested to open his mind and heart to his Aquarius partner. Spend some time together sharing the inner feelings. Do not shut yourself from her. Aquarius partner should also understand to give him space and emotional security so that he could lean on her shoulder. She should understand that it is a continuous process and keep patience. It is suggested to her not to ignore the importance of passion and desires of love by her partner. Any dissatisfaction – whether in emotional or physical contentment – may lead him to search new ways for him. Pisces man is suggested not to be dependent on his Aquarian partner. It is good to be independent – in mundane activities and emotionally as well. You both are suggested to accept the differences of each other and try to come on a moderate level to live your life harmoniously with each other.
Looks like two strangers living together- better avoid it!

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