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Libra Career Horoscope - March 2017

Libra Career

Career would rise after 14th March 2017. However, businesses may see some ups and downs due to payment halts. Your business partner would render a lot of support this month. You could also land a new project from abroad after 22nd March, which could get you good income too. The last few days of the month are positive if you are looking to start something of your own. You would like to be self-employed and independent. If you prefer to launch a startup, you should not get funding but bootstrap.

  • Career would likely see a high level of activity as Saturn transits in Sagittarius and further dips back into Scorpio. Brace yourself for some unexpected changes, ask for your Career Transit Reading!

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As an employee, your relationship with co-workers would remain cordial this month. Boss however may be a bit too sceptical in the first half and you may have to work a little harder during that course to impress him or her. Marital issues could affect your work life too as you might struggle to concentrate. You may have to travel abroad this month for work reasons.

In fact, you would likely land some new opportunities from abroad so make a serious effort into this direction. You should keep your eyes peeled to spot opportunities of foreign associations. This is a highly progressive period for fields including dairy products, liquid items, silk clothing, poetry, and creativity. You would likely remain focused and understand your responsibilities quite well. However, your family matters would keep disturbing your concentration at work. This could be a key period for you career so pay attention and resolve domestic issues at the soonest possible to channel your energy to where you should.