Libra Man & Leo Woman Match

If your partner is a Leo Woman:

Leo is a fiery and an authoritative sign. Honest, independent, passionate are the key words for lioness. It is easy to recognize a Leo woman in a crowd. Crowd! No – you will never become a part of the crowd. In fact, you will be there in a corner- away from other people. A lioness hates crowd. After all she is a royal one and does not like to be a part of ordinary people or crowd or a queue. So there you are, with the most expensive tastes and royal gait. You are attractive and have a number of male friends than female ones but you will not let them get much close to you. You will never compromise with your dignity and pride. You are smart to handle them. A person stronger than your social image or having name with any honor will really impress you. Praises, admiration with affection puts your tender passion on. Then you will attend your partner as a king. When you love someone you love him wholeheartedly. You have a full reservoir of romance and you expect the same from your partner. You love to be with a partner who has a dominant, royal and powerful image in the public, but behind the veil you will love to dominate him. You play to win. It hurts you when you know that your opposition has cheated you. It is hard for you to believe on this fact. That is why you don’t want to run in the rat race. Especially, if you fear to lose the game. If you find contesting yourself with others to win someone special’s heart, you feel it is better to drop it. Let others compete- I am not the one to be in the queue. A little suggestion for you is to not flow with the flattery, instead have an open mind for creative criticism.

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When you both are together:
Libra is airy and cardinal whereas Leo is fiery and fix. Air supports fire to spread - so both have natural friendly elements. Libran man is romantic and social and Leo woman is also social and charming. Both crave for attention in social gatherings. You may put your Leo woman at the centre of gathering and she would love this style of yours. She would also make you centre of attraction by her affection and generosity. It is difficult for you to resist her magnetism. On the other side the Leo woman is attracted by your charm and wit. You both have ability to express yourself and understand each other. In fact, every time, he will come up with new and creative ways to tell her how much he loves her. In return, she will shower him with attention, appreciation and care. This pairing will truly be a powerful one. Her constant demand for admiration may sometimes make Libran upset. It is difficult for Libra to stick to one situation for long. He demands variety along with style. But the hale & hearty Leo woman proves to be too much for Libran sensitivity.
You both are addicted to social attractions. This would not be a problem unless there is a feeling to compete or there’s any ego tussle between you two. The best way is that both of you should be able to satisfy each other’s social needs. The strength of the relationship lies in your ability to communicate with each other. Discuss the things that are disturbing you and come out with a solution. Leo woman may begin with her emotional outbursts, but when done she is able to discuss. She enjoys a good fight and wants to win it too. Her basic aim is to clear the air between you two. This may disturb peace loving Libra and find her unbalanced and uncongenial. Sometimes he may feel her irresponsible and unloving. And if these adjectives are delivered to her she will certainly try to clear the doubts. Till then she would not like to go ahead. Listen to her first and you will find that she is like an innocent child within, who just wants to be pampered by you. The main problem that is faced by Leo woman is that she may find her Libran man appreciating or looking for beauty around. Leo woman is possessive and may also feel jealous of this that can lead to confrontations quiet often. 
Overall, a loving relationship between Leos and Libras may be full of extreme peaks and valleys when it comes to compatibility. It can either be a very compatible match or a ruined one if you work on the opposite directions.
Little adjustments can make this relationship superb!


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