Leo Man & Leo Woman Match

If your partner is a Leo Woman:

Leo is a fiery and an authoritative sign. Honest, independent, passionate are the key words for lioness. It is easy to recognize a Leo woman in a crowd. Crowd! No – you will never become a part of the crowd. In fact, you will be there in a corner- away from other people. A lioness hates crowd. After all she is a royal one and does not like to be a part of ordinary people or crowd or a queue. So there you are, with the most expensive tastes and royal gait. You are attractive and have a number of male friends than female ones but you will not let them get much close to you. You will never compromise with your dignity and pride. You are smart to handle them. A person stronger than your social image or having name with any honor will really impress you. Praises, admiration with affection puts your tender passion on. Then you will attend your partner as a king. When you love someone you love him wholeheartedly. You have a full reservoir of romance and you expect the same from your partner. You love to be with a partner who has a dominant, royal and powerful image in the public, but behind the veil you will love to dominate him. You play to win. It hurts you when you know that your opposition has cheated you. It is hard for you to believe on this fact. That is why you don’t want to run in the rat race. Especially, if you fear to lose the game. If you find contesting yourself with others to win someone special’s heart, you feel it is better to drop it. Let others compete- I am not the one to be in the queue. A little suggestion for you is to not flow with the flattery, instead have an open mind for creative criticism.

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  • Basic number of point out of a total of 36.
  • Thinking compatibility.
  • Weather generated due to being together.
  • Growth in society due to marriage.
  • Sexual attraction & satisfaction.
  • Children.


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When you both are together:
You both share the same Sun sign. Both belong to fiery and fix sign. An ambitious pair. You both love to be noticed and share the limelight. Each of you has a great issue of self importance such that it is difficult to give room to another’s ego. Therefore battle of egos can be found between you two. You both may unknowingly compete with each other and this is the weakest point of all. This combination is like a union of two similar energies – if they work together, they can do anything and if work against each other – can create a great rift between you two. But one thing is certain that love to share fun and enjoyment. Emotionally you both are passionate, romantic and caring. You both are perfectly compatible in understanding the moods of each other. When in love you both are superb. You both are on the same plane where it comes to enjoying the life at its fullest. Glamour and adventure are part of your life. When you both are together it is difficult to deny your energy. You have fabulous physical chemistry and you both are aware of it also. You are the best friends before you become partner. For you both trust and honesty is a great part in a relationship and if any of you forgets this, then you should be prepared for a wide gap appearing in the relationship.
Both are fire and fix. Which means - energetic and stubborn. Usually you both have quite a few differences to work out and mostly one of you will assume or would want to hold the dominant role in the relationship. Though Leo woman thinks that she submits herself to her Leo partner as he is the king but her body language may convey the ego and pride that may not be accepted by him. It is like ‘two knives in a case’. This relationship will not share too many differences except the problem of dominance. One of you may like to dominate each other and that may become more problematic if you add ego to it. If the wall of ego is raised too high, neither of you will attempt at breaking it down. If this happens then mind it that your Leo partner is not going to melt soon. You may have to show that your ego is really down and that really is a big problem for a Leo to do. But yes, Leo woman when in love can do anything to save their love life, as once committed, they will stay truly committed. If you two can learn the art of compromise then your passionate bond can be marvelous. There is only one suggestion for you both – give priority to love than to your ego and enjoy more closeness in the relationship.
Can get along well with some ego adjustments!

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