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Leo Money Horoscope

Leo Money
This seems to be a growth-oriented period for you. You may however, struggle to apply your confidence and carefree attitude in money matters. You could even hesitate in taking major decisions. But this doesn’t mean that there is nothing to be excited about on the monetary front. The month augurs well for you, particularly if you are involved in politics, psychology, beauty, arts, creative fields, music, hospitality, and finance.

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You would recover from earlier losses this month but should still avoid trusting others in money matters. Don’t expect a steep rise in income at this time. With efforts, slow and assured growth would be possible though. Some unexpected expenses could surface, forcing you to reevaluate your monthly budget plan. You may spend a lot in education related matters and your children too. You would also like to donate to religious places. If in business, you may apply for an expansion loan or startup fund at this point.

With these pocket-inimical activities, there could be some unexpected income down the road too! Profits could roll in from investments in real estate, travel or construction. A lucrative sale or purchase of vehicle is also on the cards. If you make serious efforts, you may also acquire ancestral property now. When in need, your partner would also support you financially.

This isn’t the most opportune time to invest in speculation though so beware. Having said that, planets give you a go-ahead when it comes to gold-related investments.