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How Does Saturn’s Transit to Aquarius Affect You?


While the taskmaster sets its course towards Aquarius, a sign that’s known as Saturn’s own, it carries along several changes to your life. How does Saturn transit to Aquarius affect you, based on your Ascendant Sign? Read the free reports by Indastro to prepare well in advance!


Saturn transits to Aquarius on 29 April 2022

As is known, Saturn is a slow-moving planet that takes around 2.5 years to cover one house/zodiac sign. Therefore, the effects of Saturn transit on its natives are not only extraordinary and intense but also long-lasting! A planet feared for its ‘prakop’, according to Vedic astrology, Saturn is the planet of one’s Karma and Justice. Saturn, or Shani, acts as a balancing scale in our life and the Universe as a whole.

Now, since Aquarius is ruled by Saturn, the upcoming transit becomes all the more important for its effects on the twelve (12) zodiacs. And while the effects can tip towards the positive or negative scale, depending on your sign, you’ll be delivered the exact results of your karma!

At Indastro, we dive deep into the effects of this transit- the opportunities it brings and the challenges you’d have to overcome. And here’s the bonus, the reports consist of free suggestions and remedies to strengthen your opportunities and freeze your challenges.

With predictions based on your Ascendant Sign, what’s there to wait for? Check out the effects of Saturn’s transit to Aquarius right here!


Saturn will influence your houses of career, income and gains. You’ll find several opportunities for professional growth, however, be ready to face unexpected delays! With all your hard work and effort, keep a check on your frustration level which might otherwise adversely affect your undertakings. However, avoid shortcuts for monetary gains!




Saturn is likely to influence your houses of fortune and career. It is keen to bring positive changes to your professional life and future endeavors. However, the planet will always keep its eagle eyes on you, especially during its retrograde. Step with caution, and do not fall on the wrong side of the taskmaster!


Saturn’s transit bears influence on your house of accidents, longevity and suddenness, and the house of fortune. While there could be rollercoaster moments in your career, there’s also a lot of travel and opportunities to network and expand your horizon! Stay patient and keep calm - for there’s a long road ahead!


Saturn’s all over Cancerians during this transit, influencing your house of marriage, relationships and partnerships, and that of accidents, longevity, and suddenness. The planet will also leave its mark on your house of career, bringing probable changes to your workplace. However, there could be several challenges along the way - prepare well!


Influencing your house of diseases, debt and enemies and that of marriage, relationships, and partnerships, Saturn will heavily impact the roaring Leos. Further, a probable influence on your career and business might bring in delayed results for your efforts. However, stay positive, work along legal and moral guidelines, and everything shall fall in place.


With its influence on your house of children, education, creativity, and good deeds and the house of diseases, debt and enemies, Saturn will lead to the advent of new ideas and creativity for the valorous Virgo. However, with the taskmaster set to play, be prepared for tough times and challenges ahead.


Saturn influences your house of native land, mother and childhood while also touching upon the house of children, education, creativity, and good deeds. Rejoice, for the transit is set to bring in immense growth in your career and a promotion might be on the way. If looking for a new job, there’s no better time to find one.


Saturn’s transit in Aquarius will influence your house of communication, and that of your native land, mother and childhood. It is set to bring in mixed results for your career, and ring in growth and prosperity. However, stay cautious, for a stressful relationship with your boss/senior could throw you off track.


Saturn will influence your house of wealth and family, and the house of communication too. However, it might also bring in average results for your career and might lead to misunderstandings or compatibility issues with your boss. Further, work-related travels and a change of location are also a probability.


For Capricorn, Saturn influences your house of self and that of wealth and family. It is set to bring expected career outcomes, and lead to enormous growth and gains in your professional life. In fact, a salary hike might be in order. However, stay vigilant and do not indulge in wrongful means for monetary gains.


Influencing your house of losses, hospitalization and salvation and the house of self, Saturn’s transit to your sign is as auspicious as it can get. The planet will bless you with desired outcomes and career stability. You are bound to scale up the professional ladder and attain the respect and honor of your colleagues.


Saturn will influence your house of gains and that of losses, hospitalization and foreign land. It is set to shower in gains for your career and will lead to a good time at the workplace. If you own a business, relax and rejoice, for the chances of growth are high. However, Saturn in retrograde might bring in some challenges, therefore, be prudent.

While these are general predictions based on one’s Ascendant Sign, outcomes are also influenced by an individual’s detailed birth chart. For personalized reports of Saturn’s transit to Aquarius based on your birth chart, click here.