Gemini Man & Pisces Woman Match

If you partner is a Pisces Woman
It is watery sign. This is the last sign of zodiac. Imagination is the main characteristic of a Piscean woman. You like trying new things. You are calm and quiet in disposition and appeal men easily. You speak less but when you do speak it is somewhat confusing or with dual meanings or you leave it for your listener to understand it. It is not easy for man to draw you closely towards himself. Admiration, sympathy and love are the keywords, which can make you close to man. Candlelight dinner – beyond the world – fascinates you. Once you are in love you cannot take the man out of your mind. Though cold in disposition, you are warm at heart. You want to commit yourself only to one person but could not take that other man out of your mind to whom you are attracted. Infidelity is a sin for you [but sometimes sin also gives pleasure]. There is a fear of being deserted so you would not prefer any unstable relationship. You are sensual and filled with love which fills the life of your partner completely. You are sensual and possess great energy of love but it is hard to stimulate you. You welcome rather a slow and the tender approach. Since you are dreamy and imaginative, you experience extreme swings in love. Love is an important necessity for you.  You are considerate, loyal and always helpful to others. Your search is to find the essence and soul of love. When in love you care for your partner. You are a considerate lover for him. Due to your imaginative and compassionate nature, often people may take advantage of you. Your heart rules over your head so a wise, matured and strong minded person would prove to be the best partner for you.

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  • Weather generated due to being together.
  • Growth in society due to marriage.
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  • Children.


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When you both are together:
Gemini is an airy and dual sign whereas Pisces is also dual but watery. The relationship will go on well but with many adjustments. Pisces woman is a good listener and docile and Gemini man will take no time to win her by his intense love and passion. She is easily lost in his wits, charms and love. And he also likes to be with her sensitive and feminine nature. Both are flexible in nature and enjoy with each other but still find something missing between each other. You may tend to interfere in one another's creative self-expression. There seems to be little matching of thoughts at one level at the same time. Even you both may say the same thing but the way of expression may differ and that may lay the foundation of ego conflict. Since Gemini man is somewhat impatient so he will come out of his expression soon without knowing the impact of it on his partner. And the Pisces woman - being sensitive in nature will take each and every word very seriously. But the Geminian mercurial personality may lose his patience of sticking on one thing for a long period. He may get tired off with these scenarios sooner or later. No doubt the love may exist between the you two but it may get eclipsed off with the emotional breakdowns of Pisces woman and since her partner loves her he may also get disturbed by this behavior off and on. Gemini needs freedom and Pisces woman needs endless admiration. Sometimes Pisces woman may find her partner superficial and cool in love. His craving to new adventures may make her feel insecure whereas Gemini may feel smothered by his partner’s unending demands. He is restless and she desires his attention. Even socially or in family upbringing both may find each other on different levels. Differences in attitude and ideas may make them more distant. Raising up of children or management of finances, both of them will have different ways and would like the other to follow their ideas. These two form a clash of moods with Gemini constantly changing their minds and Pisces their sensitive feelings.
Both Sun signs share square aspect to each other and it is not an easy aspect. The relationship formed between you two is somewhat challenging at times. You both are understanding but unpredictable. Gemini’s jokes or lightheartedness will prove to be more or less harmful to Piscean woman resulting in hurt, rather than amusement. Ruler of Gemini is Mercury and Jupiter for Pisces. Gemini is jovial, talkative and restless whereas Pisces being ruled by Jupiter is tranquil, stable and considerate. Your life goals may often be at odds with one another and this fact can deplete both of your senses of vitality.
Thus Gemini man is suggested to think before playing pranks with his Piscean partner. Don’t take things for granted and forget to express your love for her.
Piscean woman should give some room to Geminian’s jovial nature. It is suggested not to take things seriously if you feel ignored by him. Actually he is not ignoring you but his attention may be impaired for sometime. It is not that he doesn’t love you but he loves to roam around and have a look at his surroundings too. Don’t expect him to be hooked by you all the time. Expecting too much attention may bind the free Geminian. That may make him feel suffocated and he may try to get free from this bond. Therefore, giving him some space to breathe will make him feel healthier in the relationship. Otherwise, your relationship can easily become a love-hate one.
This relationship requires more of sacrifice and adjustments to make it stable.
Avoid it!

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