Gemini Man & Aries Woman Match

If your partner is an Aries Woman:
You are intelligent, independent and energetic. You possess some attributes of men or you would be tomboyish in nature or appearance. An expert host and a good speaker – you feel satisfied as a career woman since you have a lot of energy and vigor and you balance both the areas efficiently. Your sense of appearance and taste are elegant and perfect. Only one thing is negative in you that is - a feeling of jealousy and competition not only in the matters of love but also in your social life. You are attracted by a strong, independent and confident man. Passionate and possessive men will suit you the best. Weak, sensitive and defenseless persons are not your choice. You are put off from them. You like a strong person who could tame your arrogance or who can boss over you.

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Covers following aspect:

  • Basic number of point out of a total of 36.
  • Thinking compatibility.
  • Weather generated due to being together.
  • Growth in society due to marriage.
  • Sexual attraction & satisfaction.
  • Children.


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When both are together:
Gemini is airy and Aries is fiery. Both are natural friends and support each other. You are likely to win over her from the very beginning. You find her interesting and attractive. You are a perfect passionate man for Aries woman. However, your fast moving energy that leaves or makes the path change in between love can disappoint her. You are headed towards one direction and she is to the other. However, it looks like a strange combination that the two different types of people are together but they will complement each other. You both possess a lot of energy and have common goals in life. You are a great thinker and you may take time to come to any decision whereas Arian woman is decisive. You are attracted by her independent approach to life as you also love to maintain your personal identity & your freedom, just like her.
She is attracted to your intelligence and may get off with your indecisiveness. But she will always be happy to help you out. Actually, she loves your intellect and likes to help you with the qualities by which she is able to complement your traits. Your spontaneity, wit and charm stimulate her even in your absence. Your mutual interests bind you together. You both are better combination to work together. Your Aries woman stimulates your mind with new ideas and your spontaneity never lets the enthusiasm go low or get bored of it.
You both form an excellent pair as you both possess a lot of energy that makes you lively and a lovely pair. Aries is ruled by Mars therefore possesses a lot of energy and passion whereas your Sun sign ruled by Mercury makes you a good communicator. You have to understand that your Aries woman may lack expression of feelings. Her feelings are exhibited through her passion. Sometimes you may feel absence of words may stimulate love. But you cannot expect the same from your Aries partner as she may feel lost in finding suitable words for her feelings. You both spice each other’s love life with your wild ideas. You love gossiping and discussing together to feel relaxed after the day’s work. You both never get bored in company of each other. Since your Sun is placed third from Aries and this is a position of ‘friendship’. You tend to encourage one another and are apt to share pleasurable activities together.
Special note for you: try to control your flirtatious nature as it will not be taken well by the Aries possessive and jealous nature. You may expect a storm then.
And for Aries woman: don’t get upset by the debatable nature of Gemini man as he just likes to drain his brain.
Though it is a strange combination but you both can have a good affair leading to a stable relationship!

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