Capricorn Man & Cancer Woman Match

If your partner is a Cancer Woman:

It is a watery sign. Sensitive, shy, moody, sympathetic are the keywords for Cancerians. Highly emotional and sensitive in nature. You are moody and change your moods often and frequently. As you are highly emotional, you are highly aggressive too. Your uncontrollable temper and rage makes others difficult to stay in front or with you then. You don't want to take risks in life. You want to be secure and stable in your life. This makes you selective and cautious to choose about your partner. You want to surrender your emotions to the one who keeps it gently and take care of you. You don’t want to get hurt as you know when once hurt, it is difficult for you to come up again. Your approach to love is slow, cautious- to avoid any heartbreak. You will analyze your partner deeply before entering into a relationship. But once you are in love you will stick to your lover always. In the beginning, as a true Cancerian, you will by shy, polite and your legs may also tremble when he approaches you. But once you are sure and secured about your love, you will hold him tight as glue that sometimes your partner may get fed up.  You have your own imagination of love life and sometimes that is unrealistic. You will like to walk down the street on full moon night with slow music. Work makes you feel jovial as it keeps you mentally busy and the next thing you cannot do without is love. You can adjust in any condition with your partner if he loves you dearly. The rest you will manage – to encourage him to make more money as the next security to your fears is finances. Love and money- both things are necessary for your survival. Love comes first, followed by money.

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When you both are together:
Capricorn is earthy cardinal and cancer is also cardinal but watery. Both are placed opposite to each other in the zodiac. Cancer woman is too emotional and Capricorn man is reserved in showing affection. His busy schedule and commitment to work may make Cancer woman feel bored. She requires a lot of attention and it becomes difficult for Capricorn man to do so. Her mood swings may upset him. Apart from some opposites they both share the value for stability and security. She finds it in her Capricorn partner. However her dependence on her Capricorn partner for finance or emotional support may worry him. He would like to make his partner independent. Both have strong will powers. Both are also concerned for the family & their responsibility towards it. They share traditional values too. Cancerian woman is perfect to give cozy environment whereas he provides passion and stability to her life. The dark moods can form the ripples in the serenity of this atmosphere particularly when both are in an off phase together, which is quite often. This relationship have many positives and negatives, but still both may miss each other when away.


Capricorn and Cancer both are cardinal but Capricorn is earthy whereas Cancer is water. Being an earthy element, a Capricorn man is practical whereas the Cancerian woman is a typical emotional woman. Both are just opposite to each other. These opposite characteristics are poles apart and they do attract in the beginning and form sizzling physical chemistry between you two. Cancerian woman is suggested not to depend on her Capricorn a lot and show her emotional weakness often. He gets upset with it easily. He would appreciate if Cancer woman becomes a little practical in life. Avoid expecting too much attention which may intervene the professional commitments of ambitious Capricorn. However, sometimes is necessary to pull your partner out of the boredom and make his life lively. Moreover he will also like this. You should just be smart enough to know the right time for it. The Capricorn man is suggested to contribute his ideas and support her in decorating the home. Cancerian woman loves to give beautiful and comfortable look to her home. She should also exercise some patience and willingness to understand the limitations of her Capricorn partner to express his feelings of love. This match can last long if some patience is exercised.
Can get along well with some patience!

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